You’re in control. Or they are.
100 Questions for Buying a Business
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You don’t have to ask all of them; but knowing them will help you detect the answers without asking. These questions are for negotiating, especially when the other side is not delighted with your requests or proposals.
100 Questions to Uncover the Truth and Get What You Want
"Street-Smart Negotiating for Buying a Business"

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Some of the other topics:
The most important question 99% of searchers don't ask.
Using questions to bridge disagreements.
Controlling negotiations.
Don’t leave the meetings without this.
What searchers should disclose, how and when.
Weasels and other nogoodniks.
Minimizing frustration.
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 Spoiler Alert: Expect a few surprises that you will like.

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October 30 - Wednesday
11:00 a.m eastern: USA & Canada
16:00 hours: United Kingdom
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Ted Leverette, Business Buyer Advocate ®, (and sometimes guest presenters) will respond to questions and comments submitted here, now, or online during the conferences.

Coming Up – Presentations by Subject Matter Experts

  • Q&A pertaining to search, screening of opportunities and initial due diligence.
  • Fine art of recasting financials.
  • Street-smart valuation techniques.
  • Answers from attorney involved with M&A, corporate and securities law.
  • Tax aspects for SMB buy/sell transactions from CPA involved with mergers and acquisitions, exit and succession planning.


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A really big tip for business buyers:
  • Don't buy a company if it won't position you to grow by M&A. Otherwise you might be buying a job. And unnecessarily coping too much with your competition. (See below.)

Earlier Webinars
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September 18: 
How to FIND business opportunities
(not merely search and compete against buyer competition).
  • One of the most productive FINDERS will explained how his outreach evolved generating worthwhile opportunities free of buyer competition.

October 2 and 16
Parts 1 and 2 - Strategies and Styles:
Street-Smart Negotiating for BUYING a Business

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