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If you have plans to be in Oregon this summer, please include  

The Architectural Heritage Center in Portland on your agenda.  

The center is located in a beautifully restored 1880's building in SE Portland.   

In addition to CJ's work, the center currently has two great exhibits  

showcasing their architectural collections and lost buildings of Portland. 


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A solo exhibit featuring new paintings, drawings and poetry by CJ Hurley




Friday, August 5th 2011 � 6-8pm


on exhibit through October 5th 



 "Houses, Landscapes, Flowers, & Dreams" is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and poetry. The poems and art unite in an interactive & symbiotic relationship; the poems enhancing the art and the art giving visual substance to words. Many of the paintings have companion drawings of the same image demonstrating how vastly different the mood of an image can be by merely changing the medium. 


Nature is the inspiration for this collection of words and images and urges people to view our environment differently. CJ's goal was, "to create a substantial body of work that evokes some sort of neo-romantic sentiment regarding nature and humanity's place in it".



   "Experiencing nature, the landscape, and the built and natural environments that surround us has the power to transform our being. But truly the most powerful part of the experience is our personal interpretation of it. The artist's responsibility is to interpret the world, not merely to document it; to imprint the stamp of their own experience upon everything they create, and therefore make every subject they tackle new and fresh through their conception. Real magic comes when a viewer encounters the art and makes their own deduction of the artist's conception."  -CJ  



On exhibit in the gallery at the 

 Architectural Heritage Center  

701 SE Grand Ave.  

Portland, OR 97214






    Special thanks to Bridgeport Brewing, BridgeportLogo  

the sponsor of the opening reception



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We are thrilled to announce that CJ has been awarded a professional development grant by the Regional Arts & Culture Council !   



The grant will allow him to professionally document his work in the Houses, Landscapes, Flowers and Dreams exhibit while it is on display.  He will be hosting a series of lectures and poetry readings in conjunction with this effort.  All events will be free and open to the public, dates and details TBA.  



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