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Avoid mishandling earliest communications between business buyers, brokers, and sellers.
You'll buy the right business the right way (sooner at less cost) if you adequately conduct preliminary due diligence. It usually precedes submitting your LOI/HOT to potential sellers..

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There are books for buying a business. This one focuses only on the search,
because you can't buy if you can't find worthwhile opportunities.

The Good, Bad and (really) Ugly CIMs and CBRs - (Viewer Discretion Advised)
It's rare to see well-written, finely-crafted CIMs/CBRs that adequately disclose information about businesses for sale. See and listen to how I and M&A transaction attorney Scott Weavil dissect some of the worst and one of the best-of-the-best. It can help you judge the scope and transparency of what brokers/sellers present to influence you when it counts most: Upfront.

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Register now for Oct. 26 Q&A on Zoom:
Q&A ― How Pre-LOI Due Diligence Can Crater Deals
Too many deals fall apart before the LOI / HOT
(or upon submission of it) because of the mishandling of the kinds of due diligence
that happens early in the communications between buyers, brokers, and sellers.
And sometimes lenders. And maybe, thanks to lawyers and accountants.

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Knowing what to do is important. It's more important to know how to do it.

News: "The next big cyberthreat isn't ransomware. It's killware. And it's just as bad as it sounds"
This article may help you evaluate the risk for the business you want to buy. Especially if it can be impacted by this: “Liability for loss of life. Cybersecurity experts have begun warning government and corporate leaders that they could be held financially or even legally liable if breaches of computerized systems they oversee are found to have had a human impact.”

Here's something you or someone you know can emulate:
How I acquired 12 small businesses and then combined them into a new company, franchised it and then sold the company. In less than 2-years. That, and more, in the podcast "Top M&A Entrepreneurs" hosted by Jon Stoddard.

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The best CIMs/CBRs do quadruple-duty.
  1. Test, upfront, the broker/seller transparency; their willingness to disclose what's most important.
  2. Roadmap due diligence.
  3. Foundation of business plan, which you'll need for financing.
  4. Foresee transition from seller-to-buyer.

The CIMs I reveal, in the recordings of my webinar, does it for you. So you can focus on verification and evaluation. You won't have to waste (as much) time and money trying to pry information out brokers/sellers.
But beware. Don't let the shine blind you.
  • Is it lipstick on a pig?

Listen to what my clients are saying:
Business owner, seller and searcher: Dan Precourt
(Unidentified for now) Corporate Executive

Cash flow? Isn't now is a good time for everyone in business or wanting to buy or sell a business to squeeze more cash out of the pipeline? Do it more profitably using this. Lots of people have used it for decades to increase the cash flow of small businesses 10% to 25% within 90 days.

"Ted, we know what you do in business, but who are you?" Being More Than My Business

SMB M&A new podcast series Transforming Potential No-Deals to Done Deals
2021 Insights for Business Sellers and Buyers
Seeing opportunity. Avoiding trouble. What's happening and coming during the pandemic and financial crises.
My 50 interviews of leading dealmakers.

You (or people you know) are invited to podcast with me. 10-minutes max.
I'll handle all the production. And then we'll publicize your dealmaking capability.
Searching but not completing business acquisitions?
Pretend you're looking for a job.
Would the owner of the company you want to buy hire you to run it?
This question is particularly important for buyers wanting sellers to finance part of their purchase.
Too many searchers fail to convincingly demonstrate, upfront, how they can successfully migrate from what they’ve been doing to what they want to do.
Solving that dilemma is one of the most important things I do for people who hire me to help them prepare and then find worthwhile businesses for sale. Sooner. More safely.
How Buyers Think
and How Owners Use the Buyer View
to Prepare & Sell Their Small or Midsize Company
Answers to 20 questions, from one of our most popular seminars.
This is definitely not for the faint of heart. No sugar coating or kumbaya language.
It’s what you need to know before entering the dealmaking field.
If you want to avoid unnecessary trouble and costs.
Listen (42-minutes.)
Complimentary E-Books
There’s not much more needed right now than for SMBs to improve their cash flow.

The ultimate DIYer action plan.

My (seriously playful) booklet.
Here's what I do for searchers and buyers:
I enable buyers of profitable small and midsize businesses
in the USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K.
to be the 1st choice of brokers and sellers,
which results in more-profitable done deals sooner
with less aggravation at lower cost.

Read my how-to books.
And then let me help you deploy my proven best practices.

My YouTube channel: How to Buy the Right Business the Right Way.
U.S. Small Business Administration

Service Spotlight
Searcher and Search Evaluation
Want to buy a business . . . sooner?
You (or your clients) can substantially lessen risk and the time searching for business acquisitions.

Savvy Buyers Avoid Buyer Competition!
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It’s always a good time to search
for SMBs to buy
(without making commitments).
It’s usually a good time to buy
IF you buy mature, profitable
and fairly-priced businesses
with sustainable competitive advantages.
AND if the deal is done in the
context of economic circumstances.
AND your terms of purchase are
flexible enough to handle what’s coming.
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A really big tip for business buyers:
 Don't buy a company if it won't position you to grow by M&A.
Otherwise you might be buying a job.
And unnecessarily coping too much with your competition.
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