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Ted Leverette shares about financing, valuing, selling and buying small and midsize businesses.
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Searching for businesses to buy can be frustrating.
But it doesn’t have to be . . . if searchers deploy best practices to handle the initial communications and interactions between searchers, advisors, brokers, sellers and business owners.

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Complimentary Online Seminar (Zoom Audio/Video)

October 2, Wednesday, 11 a.m. eastern (16:00 U.K.)

"Street-Smart Negotiating for Buying a Business"

Disco Ball, Fastball, Hardball, Softball, Dodgeball?

Learn which and when to play or avoid.
How to avoid being taken.
Nourish win-win relationships when the going gets bumpy.
Spoiler Alert: Expect a few surprises that you will like. 

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October 2 - Wednesday
11:00 a.m eastern: USA & Canada
16:00 hours: United Kingdom
Lecture and Q&A - Audio/Video/Handouts
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Coming Up – Presentations by Subject Matter Experts

  • Q&A pertaining to search, screening of opportunities and initial due diligence.
  • Fine art of recasting financials.
  • Street-smart valuation techniques.
  • Answers from attorney involved with M&A, corporate and securities law.
  • Tax aspects for SMB buy/sell transactions from CPA involved with mergers and acquisitions, exit and succession planning.

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Want to buy a business . . . sooner?

A really big tip for business buyers:
  • Don't buy a company if it won't position you to grow by M&A. Otherwise you might be buying a job. And unnecessarily coping too much with your competition. (See below.)

Earlier Seminars
If you’ve missed any, contact Ted Leverette for more information.
September 18:  
How to FIND business opportunities
(not merely search and compete against buyer competition).
  • One of the most productive FINDERS will explained how his outreach evolved generating worthwhile opportunities free of buyer competition.


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