Please join us for the second Salon of our Spring 2019 Season
Anne Elliott
Life Lines:
Archives of Experience

Sunday, April 28 @ 3:00PM
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It might appear that I have developed two distinct and unrelated types of work. There are a common threads that unite them.

Some of my work is inspired by nature at its most extreme: the terrestrial forces and dynamic systems that convulse and reshape our planet.  Traditional landscape seemed inadequate to capture our experience of such magnitude, I resorted I resorted to three dimensional and abstract forms, even room sized installations. These works are quite unlike my intimate, representational paintings, drawings and collages that depict emotionally charges human situations. These situations can be humorous, desperate, revealing, painful or potentially transformative. They are intentionally ambiguous allowing the viewer to supply his or her own meaning. Most recent are my linear black and white drawings of friends and family. I call them "Life Lines" because they focus entirely on the lines etched on aging faces.

Certainly all my art is about extremes, extremes of nature and of human interaction. But I myself could not connect these disparate ways of making art until I recognized the formal concern that is central to both impulses - my fascination with line. Line defines the land's contours, the paths of glaciers and lava floes. My early paper installations were actually line drawings in space. Lines indicate the walkways of the Mogao Caves and the Silk Road leading to them.

The lines on our faces are like maps of our individual life journeys. Lines trace the routes we have followed and the routes we hope to travel. People refer to their 'lines of work.' Lines are archives of our experience. They bear witness to our being.

Lines are what connect all the threads of my work. 
Above: Good Dinner Spoiled

Below: Vivian
Above: Volcano

Middle: In and Out the Window

Below: Mogao Caves
Above: Tornado

Below: Marian
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04/28/19 3:00pm - 04/28/19 5:00pm

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