You are cordially invited to
ECDI’s Food Fort 2.0 launch and ribbon cutting!
— October 18th, 2019 —


Food Fort 2.0
1700 Old Leonard Ave
Columbus, OH 43219
The Food Fort, a 24/7 kitchen incubator and initiative of ECDI, is a practical and supportive space for aspiring chefs in need. It's a communal facility where passionate food-based entrepreneurs can collaborate and learn how to make their dreams into reality. ECDI realized many of the Food Fort members were ready to "graduate" from the original space but were not yet ready for their own operation. Food Fort 2.0 will act as the perfect liaison, serving as a transitional space for those moving into a brick-and-mortar space. ECDI is dedicated to making it easier for all entrepreneurs to reach their goals. The Food Fort 2.0 will enable all food entrepreneurs an innovative place to stabilize and scale guiding them towards financial independence. 
Events Include:

Resource Fair

Access to Capital Panel:
Funding Your Small Business

Tour of Food Fort 2.0
Anchor Tenant:
Lisa Gutierrez ,
Owner of Dos Hermanos Tacos
Coming to ECDI in 2012, Lisa Gutierrez had big dreams. Through her hard work and the support of ECDI, Lisa has grown her business into one of the most popular food-based businesses in Central Ohio . Featured at Columbus events such as: Ohio State football games, Columbus Crew soccer matches, and a residence at the Ohio North Market, Lisa has shown what a driven individual can accomplish with the help of ECDI and the Food Fort.
Thank you JPMorgan Chase!
We would like to highlight JP Morgan as the lead sponsor of the Food Fort 2.0 Social! THANK YOU for your constant efforts supporting ECDI, the Columbus community, and its entrepreneurs.