Welcome to this month's Eleven. By this time next month we'll have a new president and I am working to make sure his name is Joe Biden. btw, if you didn't enjoy the recent forest fire smoke vote for Democrats down the line. Republicans have been fighting against doing anything about climate change for years. Vote them out!

For those in the Portland Metro area, Robin Denburg and I are hosting a virtual voting party on Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm to discuss all the important Portland local races, Secretary of State race, and local & Oregon initiatives. Please join us to share your perspective on who to vote for. Please forward this newsletter to anyone you like. Here is background on voting parties often go and ideas on how to organize one of your own - though they're of course different on Zoom...

Focused on Oregon or local SE & NE Portland candidates & ballot measures
Tuesday 10/20 7pm PST
FB Event to invite folks

Join me on Tuesday 11.3 5pm-11pm PST
FB Event to invite friends
From Robin Denburg"Don't take anything for granted. National polls are meaningless in determining swing state results. Be optimistic but - it's still quite tight in PA, MI, WI, AZ and unfortunately even in NV. Don't assume swing states will vote like the west coast. Keep the foot on the gas pedal - call swing voters, write to swing voters, and dig deep to donate money."
It's the life-blood of campaigns. First, before I make recommendations - if you're waiting til the last minute to donate - it does nothing for a campaign. Right around now campaigns are locking in their final budget and ad buys. Last minute money may possibly be used, but going big by donating now - today - is what is most helpful.  

I've been told my Senate suggestions are like Moneyball - putting money on your highest return on investment. I'm also focused on how do we get to 50 or 51 seats as 49 is still a loss. Strategically if you have money to give there are two campaigns in particular and a few additional ones that need more money to win. Those are Bullock in Montanaand Bollier in Kansas. Both races are consistently polling neck and neck. Both are winnable. If you could just pick one it's clearly Bullock for Montana as the money will go the furthest in that market.  

The second tier is Gideon in Maine and a new suggestion is Al Gross in Alaska (for more on AK click here).  And if you have a lot of funds then Greenfield in Iowa, which is winnable but has ample funds

Some will say what about Arizona or Colorado - both are safely Dem wins. What about NC and SC? Both Dems have more money than they know what to do with it. What about KY or TX - while they may feel good the candidates I've listed above offer substantially better options for victory. Instead consider using funds for the best path to 50 or 51 seats.

Or what about donating to Biden? His campaign has massive amounts of money ($466M as of 10/1/20). Feel free to donate to the campaign (do it directly to them, not to a surrogate Biden group) but your money is better spent elsewhere IMHO. Volunteer hours are what Biden needs.

Honorable mention - the Lincoln Project.  A bunch of former Republicans who are supporting Biden and Democratic Senate candidates - their ads are cream of the crop. They are efficient, effective, and strategic with their funds. They are fantastic and need more funds to get more air time in swing states. 

Don't have money to give? OK, how about 2-5 hours a week? You can make phone calls. Send texts. Hand write letters. coordinates these efforts. When you sign up ask explicitly to target voters in PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ and FL. Other states just don't matter to get to 270 electoral votes.

Time is running out for for You to make an impact. I hope that we get through the next four months, and beyond... We are living through a very scary period, the result of voter apathy/ignorance, racism, and a terrible Democratic Presidential campaign in 2016. Your money and time can stop the fascist onslaught and allow for a better brighter future."

Thanks, Robin!
You could be doing this for your community, too :)

Years ago I followed the advice of a fellow marketer regarding social media and accepted the friendships of thousands of people I didn't know. The idea was that everyone would become an audience for my marketing business (part of which was teaching classes on how to use social media). Over the years my work has shifted away from social media, and after watching the new documentary The Social Dilemma, it occured to me that it is a great time to reconsider the # of "friends" I have = 4,470.

I recommend doing this next step

A couple days ago I clicked on "friends". From that viewpoint one can see all of the people one is connected to. Then, I started culling. I'm at 2,330. It's interesting. Beyond saying goodbye to a lot of people I barely know (if at all), I'm also coming across people who I haven't thought of in a while and am reaching out to say hi and reconnecting. I've always found FB useful as a networking/staying in touch tool.

I thought I'd share this since I'm finding the process interesting. If I've culled you and you want back in just send me a friend request :)

Since I'm touching on a business topic, I wanted to share that my friend Jan Keck is teaching people how to become better virtual facilitators - ie, making Zoom work better. He's an incredible teacher and friend who I met at the World Domination Summit years ago. If you're curious about his class, click here - use the code Albert100! for $100 off. A couple of my friends have taken his training (I feel like I've been training with him for years) - he also created the Ask Deep Questions card decks.
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Well, that ought to do it for this month's Eleven. I suspect I'll send you one more note before the election. Please make sure you're registered to vote. Make sure all your friends are and let's all VOTE!

Take care, lots of love,

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