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There is a growing demand for junior volleyball events that raise the bar, and offer a quality product for the participating clubs, coaches, athletes and parents. For the past several years, the JVA has been strategic in deciding where and when to host events. In our mission to grow and develop junior volleyball, one catalyst is events. The southwest is the next destination for JVA to make an impact with the 2020 JVA Southern Sprawl.
The JVA is pleased to announce the 20 female indoor junior volleyball athletes selected as 2019 Ultra Ankle® JVA AthLeaders. These student athletes are at the top of their class, and along with academic excellence, they exemplify outstanding volleyball performance, leadership, responsibility, and selflessness.
Ready to see the best of last month’s club volleyball highlights? 🏆 Good. JVA Top Plays from April are below!

Every month we’ll feature the best five highlights in club volleyball! To enter your highlight for May use the hashtag #JVATopPlays to name your Hudl highlight or share it to social media.
No Billboard? No Problem! Billboards are great but aren’t in every marketing budget. 

Marketing can be overwhelming because there is so much out there, but don’t let it intimidate you! A club director does not need years of experience or an infinite budget to attain your club's marketing goals. Here are three ways to successfully market your club within a small budget.
Entitlement is unfortunately becoming more prevalent in youth sports today, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Young athletes feel as if they “deserve” certain consideration regardless of preparation or effort. Parents, coaches, mentors, grandparents, leaders of young people are all influencers on youth athletes. Here are five ways to prevent entitlement among your team and individual athletes.
Setters touch the ball more than anyone else in a volleyball match, therefore it's critical that coaches find ways to get their setters as many setting repetitions as possible. Even more important, is the quality of the touches on the ball, so the setter is developing proper habits to be able to deliver a clean, hittable set. Here are drills to train proper setting habits, and eliminate the bad ones.
There is no greater or more important person than a coach. And while I often state that everyone is an athlete, but our office is just different, everyone is also a coach. When things go bad with people and society as a whole, my belief is that there was not a coach by that person's side to guide them and point out the blind spots in their life. Everyone needs a life-changing coach.
Liberty Elite Volleyball Wins JVA Club of the Month
A club volleyball team from Washington County had not won a bid to Nationals since 2012. The athletes were not being pushed, and something had to change for the kids in the community. Three past collegiate volleyball players came together to make a change. Liberty Elite Volleyball Club was established in 2017 to give the youth more opportunities to develop volleyball skills at a very affordable cost. Learn more about our winning JVA Club of the Month.
There are many opportunities for young athletes to compete through recreation leagues, school leagues and travel ball, but there are fewer opportunities for young athletes to receive quality training in the physical elements of performance. Jumping, hand-eye coordination and agility footwork are three physical elements that are critical when introducing volleyball to an athlete of any age. Let's take a look at how to develop each element in your club or at home.
Empowered Pro Beach Juniors  (Fort Wayne, IN) shares a 4 phase progression that trains athletes stay alert for a ball that is sent over on one or two contacts.
Helpful Reading and Resources
The NCAA’s new Division I recruiting rules are officially in effect. After moving up the start date for DI campus visits last year, the NCAA has adopted additional rules to curb the growth of early recruiting and normalize the college search for student-athletes. The biggest change is that these new rules limit the timing and nature of communication between college coaches and athletes. Here are the three updates you need to know about and how to guide prospective student athletes when important questions come up. Read more.
From Our Partner 431sports
For many Club Directors, Fan Wear, or Spiritwear, has become an essential part of the club operations. Fan Wear can serve a club in many ways but one benefit of Fan Wear is often overlooked: Fan Wear is a fantastic way of fundraising. In fact, it can be the best way to fund raise. Here is some useful advice on utilizing Fan Wear as a revenue generator for your club. Read more.
Proper hydration and nutrition for volleyball players from Dr. Chis Koutures
The fast-paced and intense nature of volleyball requires bursts of maximal activity for up to several hours per match or practice. To help meet the physical and mental demands of a volleyball player, let’s look at some practical options for pre-activity, during matches/practice, and for post-activity. Read more.
Join AOC in Las Vegas this June!
From Our Partner, Art of Coaching Volleyball
13 exceptional coaches, three sessions at a time, on-court training, one-on-one time with the presenters, and all of the drill ideas you could ever need ... all held in the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! AOC's Vegas clinic is a MUST for any coach looking to spend a weekend learning from volleyball's best and having a blast. Get tickets to reserve your spot at the clinic today!
Ultra Ankles vs Lace-Ups
From Our Partner, Ultra Ankle
Today we are comparing two very popular ankle braces designed to help prevent the ankle injury – the Ultra Zoom by Ultra Ankle and the lace-up (tie-up) style ankle support available from many companies. There are a few major differences between these two ankle brace designs which cause them to fit and function dramatically different.
The AVCA is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 AVCA Club Awards
From Our Partner, AVCA
In 2016, AVCA launched the Club Awards program to honor and recognize ten deserving coaches in the youth/club volleyball community. The AVCA Club Awards Committee will select a Club Coach of the Year in each of the seven girls age divisions (12-18), a Beach Club Coach of the Year, a Boys Club Coach of the Year and a Club Director of the Year.  Links to nominate a club coach or club director are featured HERE.
How Volleyball Clubs Can Impact Others
From Our Partner, The Side-Out Foundation
Is your club volleyball team looking for a way to impact others? 

Check out this article about how club volleyball's connection to the cause is drastically impacting those living with stage IV breast cancer.  READ HERE >>
Krossover Joins the Hudl Family
From Our Partner, Hudl
We’ve added Krossover to double down on our commitment to provide teams more powerful tools, faster breakdowns, and higher quality video. Read more.
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