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Fear and decision-making during COVID-19

How emotions inform choice during the pandemic

April 12, 2021

I am afraid of a lot of things, though probably not more than the average person. I really do not like small closed spaces, and I have a disproportionate fear that any ache and pain can become a terrible illness. I fear economic insolvency. And I have been thinking a fair bit about these fears in the time of a global pandemic. Fundamentally, I have been trying to ask myself: what role does (or should) fear play in our decision-making? How do we reckon with the role fear plays in shaping our choices?

The only thing as powerful as our grief is the love we have for those we've lost, says photographer Caroline Catlin. In this meditation on the intersection of life and death, Catlin shares how her personal journey with loss drove her to capture the elusive moments of grace and beauty that exist even in the hardest moments imaginable.

Caroline Catlin's research in behavioral health and developmental trauma has inspired her to incorporate art into the process of caregiving and therapy, as well as to work on reforming the way health, illness and disability are portrayed in the media. She is fueled most by gratitude, community and sour candy.

While the end is in sight, we still have work to do. We have to make sure we continue being kind to ourselves and others and to remember that what is needed by all of us, for all of us, is a continued sense of kindness, support and strength.

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