April 2018
Helping successful people expand their awareness and make deeper connections so that they may lead more powerful and balanced lives.
Despite the chilly temps, there are signs that Spring has finally arrived like daffodils sprouting up to make us smile. I hope that our upcoming events and classes will also bring a big smile to your face.

Let me ask you something- have the past few months been challenging? I want to reassure you that you're not alone! This has been an especially emotional shift for us too, and it's all about cycles. Much like that daffodil that blooms, rests, and recharges for it's next bloom; we are also constantly moving through cycles. The good news is that it's always changing. The better news is that it reminds us that we must rest, in order to be renewed (this is us giving you permission to rest). The best news is that spring brings with it powerful energy to help us move onto the next part of the cycle with grace.

So get comfy, stretch out, and smile. Join us for some recharging and learning and then spread the resulting renewed joy!

We Wish You Light,
Kristi, Amy and Andrea
Upcoming Events
3 Medium Event
April 28, 2018
7 pm-9 pm
Center for Holistic Healing and Art
263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

An opportunity to re-connect with your loved ones in Spirit and receive messages of love and comfort through Amy, Andrea and Kristi. This intimate gathering gets up close and personal. Don't miss out, only a few tickets remain! Read more.
All That Is
Metaphysical Playground~
A Deeper Path to Mediumship
Thursdays May 17th - June 28th

Classes will cover what we mean by “All That Is”, how to tune in to different energetic frequencies, what living your life connected to infinite possibilities looks like.   Take one or take them all and save $30 when you sign up for the whole series.
Find the info for all the classes along with the discounted rate HERE.

  • What Is All That Is?
Thursday May 17th
  • Tuning In
Thursday May 31st
  • Infinite Connections
June 7th
  • We Are All Connected
Thursday June 21st
  • You Have Arrived
Thursday June 28th

Usui Ryoho/Holy Fire Reiki II
Usui Ryoho/Holy Fire
Reiki Master - Teacher

Taught by Andrea Kukulka, RMT
Center for Holistic Healing and Art
263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA

Usui RyohoHoly Fire Reiki II

Usui Ryoho/ Holy Fire Reiki Master- Teacher Course
Student Reiki Share
Service Spotlight
Light Connection
Light Connection is an energetic healing that is so intensely powerful that it requires two practitioners to hold space for it!

This is the healing modality for you if:

*You're actively working on a bigger and better version of yourself.

*You're feeling you need help to get to that next part of your journey.

*You want to remove obstacles in your way.

Ongoing Events and Classes
Channeled Meditation with the Ascended Masters
Center for Holistic Healing and Art
263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA
Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm
Join Melanie Sprague as she provides a guided meditation with messages from Spirit specifically for those in the room. Read more here.

$15/class Multi-class discount available.
Pre-registration required . ZenByMelanie@gmail.com
Adult Art Classes with
Kristi Johnston
Center for Holistic Healing and Art
263 N. Main St., Mansfield MA
Wednesdays 7-9 pm
Join Kristi Johnston for instruction in watercolor, acrylic or pastel painting. Read more here.

$20/ class Multi-class discount.
Pre-registration required. kndjnstn@comcast.net

Art lovers ages 7-12 are invited to join Kristi Johnston for multi-media exploration beginning May 8, 2018. Read more here.

$85/ 4 class session. Supplies included.
Pre-registration required. kndjnstn@comcast.net
Contact Us to Book Your Appointment

Andrea Kukulka: 508-261-5999 AndreaHealingMedium@gmail.com
Kristi Johnston: 508-208-5419 kndjnstn@comcast.net
Amy Antonellis: 781-437-7526 WiseMeadow@gmail.com
Melanie Sprague: ZenByMelanie@gmail.com

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