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WAPI for the World
One child dies from a water-related disease every 21 seconds .
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WAPI's have been distributed to 21 countries around the world. Your donations and prayers have made this dream come to life. For those in need of safe water, we have three established WAPI production and distribution locations in Honduras, Happy Valley, OR and our central production center located in Vancouver, WA. Since Bob Tait started to make WAPIs, we have donated and distributed over 55,500 units around the world. We have dedicated individuals who volunteer their time assembling all WAPI's by hand. As our ministry grows that number is rapidly increasing helping to clean the world’s water. “WAPI for the World,” in handing out WAPIs, has made a tremendous impact on the many villagers we have served as a whole.
Spread the Word  
How can you help this cause? 
  1. Spread the word about this global effort, 
  2. Deliver and distribute WAPIs to individuals who need better water to survive in the US and around the world, 
  3. Carry a WAPI in your emergency preparedness kit. 
  4. If you are traveling or know people who travel to other countries, entertain the idea of obtaining a package of 50 or more to be distributed to families, individuals, communities and/or ministry organizations. All that is required is one WAPI per family regardless of how many family members. 

The growth of WAPI for the World is building swiftly. We invite you to be one of our partners. If you have any questions or are interested in making, receiving or donating WAPIs, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help bring WAPIs to your organization, have a workshop at your location, or facilitate a youth project to make WAPIs. We are open to ideas.

When to use a WAPI?
  • Everyone should have a WAPI in their emergency pack. 
  • When camping, hunting, bicycling or hiking on the back roads.
  • When your city says to boil your water, pasteurize instead.
  • WAPIs are used in the process of pasteurizing water as well as juices, cow, goat and other milks.
  1. Know someone who is interested in knowing more about WAPI for the World? Please forward this email to them.
  2. If you would like a WAPI, you may purchase one or more for $2.00 each. Also, we package larger orders of 50 for $100. To order please respond to Margo at margoWAPI@gmail com.
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