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         Giving more than money to those you love: 
                      What you have learned is as valuable as 
                                  what you have learned.
                                                              Susan Turnbull 
T o my colleagues,

You can learn a lot from an obituary, as I was reminded in reading the NY Times feature called  Overlooked tributes to famous women of the past whose deaths hadn't been noted in its pages in the past. 
What struck me were the details that marked the eras they lived in: having 10 or 11 siblings; being the daughter of a slave; losing multiple family members to illness and early death. 
I hear people say their life hasn't been that interesting or that their families already know everything, so it's pointless to take the time to talk about or capture any of it. How untrue that is!  What is ordinary in one generation often seems extraordinary to the next. 

Be the one to remind your clients that their legacy is more than money. It's also the wealth of what they carry in their heads and hearts and memories. It will all be lost unless they take steps so share it. You know this

Be the one who helps them realize the fullest expression of their legacy.
We're here to help you do that,
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Susan was engaging and entertaining 
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                                           Rod Riggins,The Dallas Foundation

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