We have funds to help you, the professional.
We hope you are doing ok during these difficult times.
We want to help you ensure that your underserved child and family clients are able to participate in on-line school,
virtual visits, tele-counseling, foster care meetings and court hearings. And just as importantly, that they have food, transportation and housing. One Can Help's primary focus is to provide the resources that make meaningful access to justice possible-
but that includes meeting basic needs and other supports to help kids.
Together we really can improve lives!
Every day we receive requests like these:
"My client's two boys are in the process of being reunified with him. He recently lost his job due to Covid. He really needs help with food while he is in this transitional process. " SW
"My client age 2, was recently reunited with his mother who is still in the early stages of recovery. Her son has gotten too big for the pack n' play. Mom is experiencing financial difficulties right now and can't afford a new crib and second hand stores are closed.
She is on her own with no supports." Attorney
"The family I am working with received one chrome book from the school. But there are three kids in the home and they all have to
be on-line at the same time." Attorney
My client grew up in foster care and is now a mom. She recently found an affordable apartment but can't afford the security deposit. She has a job at a DD and can pay rent if she can move in. Right now she is in a shelter and really needs to move out." SW
You make change possible!
"...The youth was very excited and grateful when he received his laptop. He was able to continue with online classes. He has also been able to start mental health services through tele-health.
This has helped him transition back home from DYS
with the appropriate services, and be successful." Attorney
One Can Help is a 501(c)3 operating across Massachusetts.
We provide the missing resources at-risk youth, foster children and underserved families urgently need to remedy juvenile court concerns,
improve difficult lives and build brighter futures.
Watch videos of impact here.
Please forward to colleagues -and those interested in your work.
Meaningful access to justice
requires meaningful access to resources.