March 3-17
You've Got Mail!

Email: You can't live with it and you can't live without it. How you set up your mail on your devices matters. Do you know that you have a limit to how much mail you can store? When you run out of space you stop receiving your Email altogether. Now, that could be a good thing, but for most of you, it would not. What I am finding is that most of your settings are set to never delete anything so you become an Email hoarder. The Email police will eventually find you and spank you by not letting you get anymore mail. Continue reading to make sure your settings are how they should be....

Gmail: Most of you have a Gmail account. If you do not, I encourage you to get one. Google has done a great job making sure that your mail just works with little effort from you and that's how it should be. No one in their right mind want's to fool with SMTP or SSL settings. To create an account, just go to and click on Gmail. If you are on your iPhone or iPad, just download the Gmail App from the App Store and set up an account within the App. It doesn't take long and it just works no matter where you are, no matter who your cable provider is, or no matter what device you want to use. Once you get a Gmail account, you will need to adjust your settings to make sure your Email doesn't get bogged down.

  • Mac: If you haven't set up your Gmail account on your Mac, just open Apple Mail from the Dock, enter your Email address and password and your Mac will put in the correct settings for you. After you start receiving your mail or if you already have set up your account, go to Mail in the Menu bar in the upper left hand corner, and drag down to Preferences. Click on Accounts in the Tool Bar at the top. Now click on your Gmail account in the side bar. Where you want to focus on now is the Mailbox behaviors tab. Click on it and you will see several drop down menus.
  1. Drafts Mailbox. This Mailbox can cause you lots of trouble by duplicating draft Email messages over and over again. You must change this setting by clicking the drop down menu and drag down to Drafts On My Mac. Problem solved.
  2. Sent Mailbox: This is where your Sent mail is stored. The default is to store it in Gmail Sent Mail which is on the Google Server. Saving it here will allow you to view your sent mail on all your devices. Click on the drop down menu and drag to Google > [Gmail]Sent Mail
  3. Junk Mailbox: This is where you can also run into problems. Use the dropdown menu to Choose Google > Junk (Gmail). This will leave the junk on the Gmail server. Next, go the dropdown menu below where it says Erase junk messages: drag down to When quitting Mail. Most of you have Never selected and your entire Email limit could be filled with nothing but junk. Make sure to change it.
  4. Trash Mailbox: Trash should be just that.... TRASH! Use the drop down menu to change this setting to Google [Gmail]/Trash. The second part of this mailbox is when to Erase deleted messages. Use the drop down menu to choose When Quitting Mail. Having Never selected will just get you in trouble.
  5. Archive Mailbox: What this mailbox does is it takes your mail out of your Inbox and stores it in the Archive Mailbox once it is read. This keeps your Inbox clear but saves your mail. This drop down menu should be set to [Gmail]/All Mail. Click on the red button in the upper left hand corner to save your settings. Now that you have your Mac set correctly, we have to work on you iPhone.
  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Gmail. You will see the buttons you have selected to sync with your phone and the Account. Tap on Account then Advanced. We will do what we did above but just on the phone.
  1. Drafts Mailbox: Tap on it then tap Drafts > ON MY IPHONE. This will keep them from duplicating. Tap Advanced.
  2. Deleted Mailbox: Tap on it then tap ON THE SERVER > Trash. This will put your deleted messages in the trash on the Google Server which will automatically delete in 30 days. Tap Advanced
  3. Archive Mailbox: Tap on it then tap ON THE SERVER > All Mail. This will remove your mail from the Inbox and put it in the Archive Mailbox until you are ready to delete it. Tap on Advanced.
  4. MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO: Make sure you select Deleted Mailbox. This is why some of you only see Archive Mailbox and not the trash can when trying to delete mail on your iPhone. Now tap on Account > Done > Accounts > Mail > Settings and you're done.

Other Email providers. No matter who you use for Email service such as Yahoo, Comcast, AT&T, or any other, follow the settings above to make sure you are deleting what you should and keeping what you need. Any and all Email providers have a limit as to how much mail you can have. Google limits you to 15GB. Don't be an Email hoarder and adjust your settings accordingly.

  Going straight to the server: There are some things that you can only do from a computer using a web browser such as Safari. Communicating directly with the server gives you more options. Here's how:

Launch Safari and go to and log in with your Email address and password. Now you will see all your Email in the browser window. On the left hand side under the red Compose button, click on All Mail. Now look on the right side  of the tool bar at the top and it will show you exactly how many Email messages you have archived. You could have thousands so don't be shocked. Click on the number and you can see the oldest first just to see how far back they go. If you no longer want them, check the boxes on the left then hit the trash can. You can do 50 at a time by clicking on the box at the top of the tool bar. Next, let's check some settings. Click on the gear on the right hand side of the window and drag to Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see exactly what percentage of the 15GB of space you have use on Google's Server. Click on Manage underneath the number used, then on View details. This will tell you exactly what is taking that 15GB of storage. You may have Google Photos stored there and not even know it. By logging into the server and managing and deleting your mail from here, you can really clean it up. You can log onto any Email server the same way and check it's contents. It's a good thing to do once in a while just to see what's really there. Clean it up before you reach your limit and your mail comes to a screeching halt. 
Browser Hijacks
This is still a problem! Print this out so you can get out of this yourself. If your Mac tells you that you that you have a virus and to call a number to fix it for about $200, STOP! Do not call the number! Do not invest in Security Software for the Mac either as this is a Scam NOT a virus! Here is what you need to do to remove it:

1. Quit or Force Quit Safari by holding down the Option Key and clicking on Safari in the dock and drag up to Force Quit.

2. Launch Safari while holding down the Shift key to start it in Safe Mode

3. Go up to the word Safari in the Menu Bar at the top and drag down to Preferences

4. Find Privacy in the Tool Bar and click on it.

5.Click on the bar that says Remove All Website Date

6. Quit Safari then launch it again as usual

SWMMUG Meeting

The SWMMUG presents Spring Training. Part 1 is April 4th at 6:00pm and is on how to create a PayPal and eBay account. Part 2 is May 2nd on How to buy and sell on eBay. You won't want to miss them!
I'll see you this Tuesday at the South Haven Memorial Library at 6:00pm.
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