State Trauma Program Updates
National Trauma Data Standard (NTDS)
2020 Changes
The National Trauma Data Standard is an effort to standardize the data in the National Trauma Data Bank. As you all should be aware, a new updated version of the NTDB Dictionary is released every year.

The Wyoming Trauma Program has been in the process of making the necessary changes to comply with the 2020 National Trauma Data Standard.

The Patient Registry and the Wyoming Data Dictionary have been updated to ensure compliance with the changes that took place for all patients entered into the registry on or after January 1, 2020. Changes to the current Registry Inclusion Criteria are in progress and we will provide an update once we have completed the necessary changes.

If you have questions regarding changes to the NTDB Dictionary, please contact the Trauma Program staff WTP Manager, Kelli Perrotti, at or WTP Specialist, Aundrea Brown, at
AIS 2015 Update in Trauma Patient Registry
As you all know, the Wyoming Trauma Program has made the decision to update the patient registry from AIS 2008 coding to AIS 2015. While we have had a lot of progress throughout the state, we are still in the process of switching some hospitals over.

Currently, 24 hospitals have been switched over to use AIS 2015. That leaves only 4 hospitals that are still working to get through 2019 charts before I am able to make the switch.

If you are one of the 24 hospitals that Aundrea has already been in contact with and we have already switched your registry for your hospital to AIS 2015, please continue through the newsletter.
If you are one of the four hospitals that has NOT been updated to use AIS 2015 within your registry, please see the very important information below :
It is vital that you do not start any charts for 2020!
  • Once the registry for your hospital has been updated with the AIS 2015 coding you will be notified via email to proceed with your 2020 charts. 

Every single chart from 2019 will need to be started (at least the demographics to identify the chart).  
  • This is very important because once the update has been completed for your hospital, charting from the date of the switch, forward, will be AIS 2015. 
  • Any charts that are started prior to the date of the switch will remain AIS 2008 coding (regardless of the incident date.)
  • Along with starting all 2019 charts, it is recommended to create a few "John/Jane Doe" charts just in case you have any straggling 2019 charts that you may have missed or did not start prior to the switch.
  • If you do not end up needing the additional "John/Jane Doe" charts, be sure you delete them later. 

Once you have confirmed that ALL 2019 charts have been started, please send an email to Aundrea Brown at
  • Once that email is received, Aundrea will make the switch in the Patient Registry for your hospital and you will be notified via email to proceed with your 2020 charts. 
Welcome New Trauma Coordinators to the Wyoming Trauma System
The Wyoming Trauma Program would like to welcome the following 3 new Trauma Program Managers to the Wyoming Trauma System for this quarter!

  • Aspen Hamel at South Lincoln Medical Center - Kemmerer

  • Erica Stitgen - St John's Hospital - Jackson

  • Michael Simoneaux - Niobrara Health and Life Center - Lusk

Contact information was sent out on the ListServ, please join us as we welcome our new colleagues to the Wyoming Trauma System!
Wyoming Trauma Program Rules are Under Revision
We are currently in the process of revising the rules for the Wyoming Trauma Program. This project will take more than a year to complete, and we need your help. We would like your input with regard to the rules. What would you like to see change within the Wyoming Trauma System?

Within the rules, there will be a "new" specific chapter relating to Performance Improvement. While we know that this is one of the most challenging parts of a Trauma Program, it is vital that you provide your input.

While we have provided multiple opportunities for you to provide feedback, this form is another opportunity to participate in the process. This survey will remain available to you through the duration of the process, and you may comment as many times as you would like.

Please keep in mind that it is extremely important for you as a stakeholder in the Trauma Program to be a part of this process as these rules will apply to you. Make sure your opinion has been documented by clicking on the button below and providing your feedback.
What's the Data?!
Strategic Planning - Where is the Trauma Program Headed?
If you had the opportunity to attend last years Trauma Meeting during the 49th Annual EMS & Trauma Conference, you know that we took some time getting your feedback as it relates to the Wyoming Trauma Program and what we can do to improve the Trauma System in Wyoming and what we can continue doing to help you out in the field. It is vital that our folks around the state stay engaged and help through this planning process as these changes will effect you in some capacity.

We discussed many different topics during this discussion and we are excited to let you all know that we have taken your thoughts and are creating a "Trauma Plan" based on the feedback you provided.

Please be looking out for more information coming soon related to strategic planning of the Wyoming Trauma Program. We will update you all as we get further along into the planning process.
50th Annual Trauma & EMS Conference
August 19-22, 2020
Would you like to have a part in the 50th Annual EMS Conference? The Office of EMS is looking for vendors for the upcoming conference!

´╗┐If you would be interested in joining in on this amazing opportunity as a vendor, please get in touch with Scott Logan,  

Registration is not yet available but will be available soon. Please be looking out for further correspondence regarding the big 50th Trauma & EMS Conference! We look forward to providing additional details as they become available.

If you have any questions related to the conference, please call the office at
307-777-7955 or visit the Office of EMS website by clicking the link below.
We Want to Hear From You!

Your ideas are important! If you have an event coming up or if you have anything you would like to share in an upcoming newsletter, please email WTP Specialist, Aundrea Brown, at .
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