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Dear Golden Friends,
It's a Golden Partnership! This issue of our Golden Oldies Gazette we wanted to showcase our partners at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue (HBGRR) in Elverta, California! Homeward Bound was founded in the year 2000, based on a dream and a promise made to their founders’ beloved Golden, Chelsea. Since then, they have rescued, healed, placed, and provided sanctuary to more than 8,500 dogs.

From eight acres of countryside, they have carved out a peaceful sanctuary, Sugar Shack Acres Sanctuary, where the dogs can run, play, train, and be love d on their journey to their forever homes. For those whose health issues have rendered them unadoptable, they are welcome to live out their lives with us in security and dignity.
The power went off this week...and the GENERATOR kicked on! What a blessing to know this is in place thanks in part to a generous donation from the Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center in Massachusetts. They have been such an amazing supporter of our mission . — Deborah Haggerty, HBGRR

Thanks for taking the time to get to know HBGRR and for your devotion and support of Golden Oldies in need from coast-to-coast... throughout the year.

"Last year GRSRS&EC donated a beautiful library

Sometimes it nice to grab a book and hang with the dogs in the garden or Sugar Shack Acres."

— Deborah Haggerty, HBGRR
HBGRR's May 2018 The Heart of Homeward Bound newsletter featured a thank you to GRSRS&EC!

Our fellow rescuers at the Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center (GRSRS&EC) sent a gift to cover the cost of a year’s worth of food for our senior and special needs dogs who reside in sanctuary at Homeward Bound or in permanent foster care. GRSRS&EC’s mission is to provide lifelong support for seniors, special needs, and hospice Golden Retrievers rescued by their group, approved sanctuaries, and nonprofit Golden Retriever rescue programs nationwide. They have become steadfast friends and supporters of Homeward Bound.

Rescue is not an effort accomplished alone. We are so grateful for the gifts of these organizations in support of the dogs and our shared mission of rescue.

If you'd like to review HBGRR's newsletter, click here!
Thank You for All YOU Do for the Senior Goldens!
The winner of our "Filled with Love" Supper Bowl Donation Contest, First Quarter Donation event recipient, generously donated the item back to the program to be used as a future gift. The second quarter recipient of our token of donor appreciation will be drawn June 30 th .

Sky’s Helpful Hints   
Information that is incredibly important to read and then pass on to others.

"REMEMBER always put a lint roller in your or your child's pocket, sports bag, car, dog training materials, and hiking supplies. You can then quickly roll the tape around clothing and hard to reach places such as hairlines, ears, back of neck and yes...you can even check more "private places" on your body too. Remember to check your dog/horse's mouth and gum line.Ticks love to be in grass and other vegetation."
— Sky Pugila

If you have a question for Sky to answer, email jepgoldens@yahoo.com.
Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.
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Joan Puglia, Founder/President