Volume 02 Issue 5 | November 2017
Mansfield Then & Now Video
Really! You've never seen these views of Mansfield. Something new for everyone.
Upcoming Event
Join us for a fascinating look at Mansfield “Then & Now” with your time travel guide, local historian Joyce M. Tice. Explore the street fronts and back alleys and the stories they hold, stories they can tell us about our home town. These photos capture the evolution of our town and the stories will reveal the lives of the everyday Mansfield resident from the 1860s to present. You might think you know the history, but do you really? 

Remember & Celebrate Mansfield past and present with us at our 61 North Main location Thursday Nov. 16 at 6PM or Saturday Nov. 18 at 2 PM. A five dollar donation is suggested. Additional showings can also be arranged for your group or club.

We want a crowd like this one to see our show.
Remember These?
The Smythe Park Steps and the Phone Booths - They were always here and then they were gone.
phone booths
The History Center on Main Street
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