Introducing the Presence Collection from New John Nissen
October 2015
DK showroom
We here at DK Display wanted to take the opportunity to invite you to view the new collection from New John Nissen, Presence, in our newly renovated showroom.  Despite the exterior we are open and look forward to your visit. 

 Introducing the Presence Collection 
from New John Nissen
Presence Image
Presence Image
"Presence" the elegant new collection by New John Nissen, offers an assortment of unique poses reflecting female seduction. 

The Presence collection is offered in a full figure, 3/4" torso, and 1/2" bust form with  numerous head, foot and color/finish options. 

These carefully hand crafted mannequins create depth and interest within visual installations .

DK Display Invites you December 2nd-4th to our showroom for the world premiere of this new collection.  

Presence Image
Showroom is open while under renovation.
147 West 25th Street,  New York, NY 10001
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