We had a fun-filled February!! We started with Groundhog Day...then, learned all about dental hygiene when Dr. Chung came to visit our school. We completed an activity helping us choose between healthy and unhealthy foods. We celebrated friendship on Valentine’s Day with a yummy treat of friendship fruit salad. Each student brought in a different fruit to share. We celebrated Black History Month and learned about Jackie Robinson and Garrett Morgan and created crafts to celebrate their accomplishments. We created a craft for President’s Day by building log cabins just like Abraham Lincoln lived in. 

We learned the letters O, P and Q this past month and created a letter of the week craft for each one: O is for Olaf, P is for penguin, and Q is for queen. 

In Language and Literacy, we focused on identifying words that are alike and those that are different. We celebrated the holidays during February by reading many great books. 

In Math, we focused more on recognizing the numbers 1 through 10. We also sorted conversation hearts by color on Valentine’s Day. 

We have been busy writing letters this month. We practiced writing by tracing D, P, B, R, and K in our books. We also learned to write the numbers 3 and 4 this month.

When the students aren’t hard at work, they have a wonderful time socializing with one another. The students are getting along great and enjoy their playtime together. Babies, Mr. Potato Head, Matchbox cars and the kitchen play area are among their favorites. 

Miss Amanda
Miss Carole