October 1st, 2020
October Newsletter

2021 will prove to be a year of continued expansion! In addition to our new Transitional Youth Housing program, we're starting a Youth Center and a Resiliency Camp, all of which will serve foster and juvenile justice transition youth.

See our Amazon Wish List and find ways that you can help. If you cannot donate financially, we encourage you to promote our efforts by sharing the links below with your friends, family, and community members.

Program Updates
Transitional Youth Outreach

Read about the new and exciting updates for our Transitional Youth Outreach Program!

A great new opportunity has arrived, and we want to share it with you! Click below to hear the whole story.
Foster Adoptive Services

If you would like to Donate and make a foster teen feel special this year!
Parent Aide Success Story!
Click below to read about an amazing success story that cultivated through our Parent Aide Program!
Thank you to the Shrum Family
Thank you to the Shrum Family for your donation!
Since the start of their foster care and adoption journey, Gilbert and Nichole Shrum have donated to Onward Hope. The couple adopted their two kinship placements last year on April 22nd after over a year of fostering the twin boys. This month the Shrum's celebrated the transition of their twins into "big boy beds" and donated their cribs to our Teen Parent program. Thank you to the Shrum family for your continued support in the work that Onward Hope does and the youth and families we support!
Community Outreach
Dynamic Board and Volunteer Recruitment
Join our community!

Do you have a desire to give back, affect change, and make a difference in others' lives? Onward Hope relies on strong leadership to drive growth and achieve its mission. Board members and volunteers are a crucial part of our organization's growth and development to reach goals that assist with day to day operations, events, programs, fundraisers, and so much more!

Apply for board membership, sign up to volunteer, and share what you've learned about our community's services and opportunities. 
If you can't give your time and want to help, follow, like, and share our social media, sign-up for our monthly newsletter, or participate in our fun fundraisers! 
Volunteer Highlight
We thank this diverse group of volunteers for going above and beyond the call of duty by volunteering their time on our Big Move Day! With over 150 volunteer hours provided, we had 25 amazing volunteers show up to help with the move.

We will forever remember this historical expansion into offering Youth Housing services and the many hands that assisted in the process. 

Our goal is to fill the 22 available beds within two weeks of opening on October 1st, 2020. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of Empowering & Connecting Youth & Families Today for a Strong Future Tomorrow. 
Essential Needs
Baby Items

It is crucial that babies get the resources that they require. Donate below to help us provide these products.

Individual health and maintenance can be difficult for some to acquire. Check out the link below to learn more.

The human body needs food and water to survive. If you would like to help your community, click here to donate.
Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Tax Credit
Onward Hope is an approved Qualifying Foster Care Agency (QFCO). This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Our Identification Number is #10048. Executive Council Charities will match up to 25% of your donation to Onward Hope. Click the following link to find out more information!
Events & Dates
Trunk or Treat - 10/31/2020 @ 5:30 pm

Painting with a purpose - 11/21/2020 @ 7:00 pm

Holiday Hope - 12/19/2020 @ 9:00 am
A Message from our CEO
Hey everyone,

I wanted to bring you all some exciting news on behalf of Onward Hope; we are moving! Yes, you heard that right. Our new office will be located on 14th Avenue and Camelback rd.

We have been waiting to let you know, but the time is finally here. Our new office is only a mile away from the new houses for the Transitional Youth Program. This year has been so unpredictable, but that hasn’t stopped us.

We wish you all well. Stay safe!
Did you know?
Arizona leads the nation in the number of children per capita in group or shelter care. Six hundred children a month are removed from their homes, and the number is growing at a rate of 100 per month. As of July 2019, there are over 13,400 children in foster care in the state of Arizona.
Now Hiring!

We are hiring multiple Parent Aides! The Parent Aide intends to expand its care-giving capacity, in order to provide parental guidance to all parents whose children have been removed by DCS. Onward Hope is accepting applications from caring individuals, who can work with our team to provide the families with an organized, personalized, and result-oriented process according to family needs.

Onward Hope, Inc offers a Transitional Youth Outreach Program that enables youth who have been involved in foster care or the justice system to receive support, encouragement, and gain crucial life skills under a coaching and mentoring relationship.
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