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Why so much fertilizer_
Why do farmers use so much fertilizer?
It's become such an environmental problem that the federal government is now considering tying the amount of fertilizer a farmer uses to how much he receives in government support payments. Why do farmers have to use so much fertilizer?
Get ready to be nudged
Get ready to get nudged 
Before he was a regulatory czar for former President Obama, Chicago University professor Cass Sunstein defined the concept of "nudging" consumers to make healthier food choices. Now, based on research he's done in Europe, you can expect the not-always-so-subtle concept of nudging to come to a supermarket near you. Here's why.
Soda has become tobacco_
Think you've heard it all about sugar and tobacco?
Just when you thought the comparisons between sugar-sweetened beverages and tobacco couldn't get any stranger, now a new term has come into the political debate that makes it clear: There's nowhere to hide when it comes to soda taxes and regulations. Why they say sugar is now a danger to us all.
Goat_ the other red meat_
The other red meat
Driven by rising immigrant populations in the United States, it's been one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. livestock industry over the last two decades. Is this old, new meat what's for dinner?  
Saddle maker to the state_ and the world
Kearney's saddle maker to the world
When you start life using a saddle box as a crib, the craft is in your blood. Kearney saddle maker Lyle Henderson picked up the trade at 12 years old, and 3,000 saddles later, each of his efforts is a working-class work of art.   
Look out Warren Beaty_ Charlie Rich did it better 40 years ago
Stand aside, Warren. This is how you do hosting right 
We can understand Warren Beaty's embarrasment at blowing this year's Academy Awards announcement for best picture award. But for those of us who remember country music awards ceremonies from years past, there's no comparison to this gin-soaked performance by Charlie Rich.
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