MAY 2020
I hope this finds you safe and healthy. In these uncertain times, now more than ever we need to find tools to help us build resilience and optimism. I know it can be hard to think about being optimistic especially after watching the evening news, but for our health's sake, we need to dicipline our focus to find a healthy balance of "being informed" and "cultivating JOY." I have been doing a 7 minute facebook live musical guided meditation every week as my way of offering my time in service. I am excited to shift these weekly 7 minute meditations to my YouTube Channel this month. SO be sure to subscribe!
My YouTube Channel
I will be releasing my weekly 7 minute musical guided meditations on my YOUTUBE Channel as well as new songs starting mid May. If you aren't already, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and be sure to click on the picture of the bell so you are notified when a new video is posted. Subscribe HERE

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The “Soulful Forest” grew from a friendship between myself and my dear friend and children’s writer Terry Murphy. In 2013, our shared desire to create a “safe place” for children where kindness, inclusion, and a celebration of diversity was ubiquitous, our collaboration resulted in the “inner utopia” where a little girl named Sydney (inspired by Terry's grandaughter Sydney) becomes every child’s “guide inside.” Within this magical space, which adults will recognize as a metaphor for the internal dialogue of mindfulness meditation, Sydney’s message is clear: when the world outside is scary, you can retreat to your own internal safe space of the “Soulful Forest.”

Bedtime SOS! Restful Sleep Package To The Rescue!
Years ago my dear friend Terry Murphy and I created a special place called "The Soulful Forest". It was inspired by our shared passion to create a place where kids can go to explore their inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as exploring the power of kindness, inclusion and compassion. Terry wanted to WRITE about it and I wanted to SING about it!
HAVE A CHILD IN YOUR LIFE? OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES?We are so excited to offer this special "Bedtime Package". This package includes a bedtime story "Soulful Sydney Explores Diversity" AND my Musical Guided Journey "Restful Sleep". You can purchase HERE .For more information, visit
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My 20 minute musical guided meditation "Aligning With Your Life Purpose" is available for download!!! It features two gorgeous songs "Trust The Wind" and "Dream Bigger" by David Friedman and an inspirational song titled "If I Were Brave" written by Jana Stanfield and Jimmy Scott. I'm really excited to be using my voice in a way that feels purposeful AND brings me so much JOY! You can purchase your download HERE

Connecting With Your Soul
Even with our crazy busy schedules, now more than ever, we still need to stay as connected as possible to our own calm, center. So I decided to create this short meditation in hopes that it may help you connect and still have time to tackle your TO DO LIST!

MY Story YouTube Video
Meeting composer David Friedman was a dream come true. Sometimes in life you are forced to "let go" and "surrender" HOW your dreams are going to happen. That is exactly what I did. To hear the WHOLE story, watch this YouTube video!!
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