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Here's a taste of what you might have missed:
Aired live Sept. 2: Following her own sexual abuse at the hands of her parish priest and his subsequent trial, conviction and extradition to his home country, Faith Hakesley has written a devotional with practical steps for healing from trauma for anyone struggling to advance from victim to survivor in his or her own journey to healing. Hakesley discusses with Dr. Christine Bacon her forthcoming book about her experience: "Glimmers of Grace: Moments of Peace and Healing Following Sexual Abuse.”
Aired live Sept. 9: This black retired D.C. homicide detective has seen some incomprehensible things that would have shaken most others to the core. But my guest, Rita McCoy, survived intact, by the grace of God. One image she may never shake is that of her child being sucked from her body into a canister during the abortion she still regrets. On the job, McCoy has stepped around countless black corpses; she says, "We were killing ourselves." One corpse was that of a baby microwaved by her crack-addicted mother. McCoy attributes none of this to systemic racism but rather to sin, and she notes how "BLM is an offense" to her. Warning: This was a very graphic and candid conversation.
Aired live Aug. 19: Jesse Romero, retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and author of several books, including “The Devil in the City of Angels,” has seen it all. Having witnessed diabolical satanic activity, participated in exorcisms and had his own life saved supernaturally, today Romero is a high-powered ball of evangelical energy. In this fascinating interview, Romero discusses the influence and instances of satanism in L.A., where as a 21-year-old police officer he encountered it for the first time; his work in the largest prison system in the world, and the serial-killers and satanists he encountered there; and how his life and faith were forever changed by it all.
Aired live Aug. 14: Author Christine Watkins discusses her bestselling book "The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience." This powerful page-turner describes the coming “Illumination of Conscience” spoken of in the Bible as well as through numerous mystics over the last five centuries. Watkins captivates the audience with details on how the book came to be and the purpose of chronicling all these messages from Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph and God the Father as a warning before this final act of His Mercy.
Aired live Aug. 13: Joseph Sciambra gets real with his testimony about his holy conversion from life as a gay-porn star and prostitute to the new path that God has him on today as a Catholic missionary helping others to overcome same-sex attractions and any persistent attachments they may have to the gay/homosexual orientation.
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