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Oct. 14, 2013

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Journey Sunday School (the "real" Young Adult class)
This month we're looking at the BELHAR CONFESSION that comes to us from the Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa. Why study this? Because the PCUSA, of which we are a part, is considering including this contemporary Confession of Faith as part of our Book of Confessions (part I of our Constitution). Belhar was written to speak out against the sin of apartheid in South Africa and focuses on the three main themes of: reconciliation, justice and unity. Join us for this great conversation led by Sarah Cooper Searight in the Journey Sunday School Room, 331 at 9:45 AM.
Faith on Tap, Oct. 16 (tomorrow!) led by Chris Currie
Faith on Tap
Shot through the heart and you're too late, darlin', you give 'evangelical' a bad name....cue Bon Jovi music in the background.


Okay, that was my lame way of introducing the topic for this month's faith on tap. 


Evanglical--what is it does it mean? 
What are its origins?
Is it a bad word? 
A negative thing? 
A good thing?
No idea?
Who are evangelicals? 
Is evangelical a noun or a verb?
Do you consider yourself evangelical?  Why or why not? 
Why does any of this matter?


My hope is to have robust discussion of this term, around this term and all the cultural baggage it entails, which I hope eventually leads to a constructive discussion about how we can reclaim, claim, rehabilitate, and make use of evangelical for positive and fruitful purposes.
Young Women's Cirlce PW #6, next meeting Oct. 22
Ok, so this is officially a Presbyterian Women (PW) Circle for young women, that gathers in very unofficial ways. Gone is the standard Bible Study curriculum in place of thoughtful and faithful conversation about where God meets us (or where we'd like God to meet us) in daily life, marriages, families, work space, etc. This group of young women meets every other Tuesday, at various homes of those in the group. This is a very open group, and new people are always welcome! Next meeting is Tuesday, October 22 at the home of Sarah Lowder, 583 Unadilla, at 6 PM.

Breakfast Sign-Up
We know that 9:30 AM is EARLY on a Sunday morning, but we want to see you for Sunday School. Your presence makes our discussion that much better! So what if all you had to do was get up, shower and get dressed- and we had breakfast waiting? Let's get a list going of (simple!) breakfast sign ups so that there is food waiting, and maybe just maybe if we get you to sign up, that means we know you'll be there to join us that morning!:)

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