YIS  Youth  
and Teen
Kef Baboker
  Supervised informal play for all children in the classrooms 

Teen Minyan

Grades 3-6
Lower Level
Youth Lounge
Club Kef
Boys and Girls, 
N-3rd Grade
 Formal & Fun
Youth Tefillah
& Educational Programming

"Pre-Teen Minyan"
Yaakov Bemmerheckavich
& Meals
for our  
Bnei Akiva  
Click here If you are
interested in hosting
our Bnei Akiva  
for Shabbat meals. 
Robyn Shapiro
or Pamela Lauchheimer ( Pamela.lauchheimer
if you have any questions.
YIS Yoetzet Halacha
Shiffy Friedman
Shiffy Friedman
 is available at all
times to speak with
 women and answer questions regarding Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha,
 Family Planning
and Other Intimacy
 Related Matters.  

As Jews, we very
 often celebrate
and commemorate
 with food and
 communal spirit.
If you have an
upcoming life-cycle
 event, think about  
sponsoring a Kiddush!

To place an order

and find out pricing  

please contact

Ariella Kleinhaus


Seudah Shlishit Sponsorship
If you are planning
 to sponsor a
Seudah Shlishit
for a yahrzeit or to
mark some other
 special occasion, 
please contact   
Stuart Benson, 
A Dedication is a meaningful way
 to share a simcha, 
memorialize a
 loved one or connect
 with a fellow
 while supporting our Kehillah. 
The following
 opportunities are
 Mazal Tov Card
$18 (suggested)
Siddur $36 
Chumash $54 
Leaf on the Tree of Life $360 
Yahrzeit Plaque $750 
Tree of Life Stone $5,000
Memorial Plaques
A memorial plaque
 takes between
 8 to 10 weeks to
 come back from
 the caster.
To place an order
for a plaque
contact Ken
 Chorzewski at
(914) 235-0860.

Deliver Kosher
to Homebound Older Adults

The YIS Sisterhood

is looking for  

volunteers to deliver

kosher meals to homebound older


 Meal Pick-Up and

    Container Drop-Off  

 at Sinai Free Synagogue. 

Deliveries will be

made in Southern Westchester.

  Please contact
 Caron Gelles for more information: 668-
Daf Yomi Resources

links to daf yomi

calendars, information

and on-line


 YU Torah

Daf Yomi Page,  

daf yomi shiur given

by Aryeh Leiboiwtz  

and links to daf yomi shiurim given by  

other Rebbeim

Rabbi Rosner's  

Daf Yomi Shiur,

an in-depth look  

at the daf

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink's
Daf Yomi Shiur,
a fast paced run
 through the daf,
and no prior Gemara experience is necessary.
Safety Reflector  
Safety Reflector Belts
from the OU.
If you would like to order
click here.


Update Yahrzeit Information in Shul Cloud
If you have suffered the loss of a family member and wish to be notified of the Yahrzeit please log into ShulCloud with your username and password.  Once you are in  your account click on the Yahrzeit Tab, 3rd tab
from the left  on the top. Click Add Yahrzeit. This will take you to Create New Yahrzeit. The fields are self-explanatory. For accuracy of the notification, it is important to know if the deceased died before or after sundown. You will then receive a ShulCloud generated notice by email or hard copy if no email address is on file from the Synagogue prior to the date that the Yahrzeit will be observed.
   If you are unable to log in or need help  to input the information into the system please contact Marsha Lustig who will be happy to help you.
Torah Reader
Dr. Barry Weintraub
  Kiddush Sponsor
Young Israel of Scarsdale 
Seudah Shlishit Sponsors
Lisa and Andrew Siegel on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Lisa's father, Israel Rubin, Ezra ben Asher

Friday Morning Kiddush Sponsors  
Edna and Tom Krausz on the occasion of the yarhzeit of Tom's father, Josef Krausz, Yosef ben Moshe and Tom's mother, Anna Krausz, Rachel bat Moshe Hacohen

Leslie and Ken Schwartz on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Ken's father, Morris Schwartz, Moshe ben Abraham

Barbara and David Wachtenheim on the occasion of the occasion of the yahrzeit of David's father, Alan Wachtenheim,
Avraham ben Shlomo Yosef 
Friday, May 11        
Mincha 7:00pm
Shabbat,  May  12      
Main Shul
Pirkei Avot
Shabbat Ends
Latest Kriat Shema 9:16am  
Teen Minyan
Teen Laining: Gavi Tropper, Will Trump, Seth Halper and Henry Weinberger

Mazel Tov
Howard Aubrey on the Auf Ruf of his son, Gregory and his upcoming marriage to Natalie Golan.

Joy Reich and Jonathan and Jaime Reich and Heidi and Scott Greenbaum and Helga Luden on the marriage of their children, and grandchildren, Alex Reich to Shelby Greenbaum.

Railey and Steven Landau on the birth of a granddaughter, Emma Shiran and to the parents, Danielle and Benjamin Ludman.
Shavuot Torah@Twilight Returns!
Shabbat/Shavuot, May 19th
 Torah@Twilight Early Learning Program 6:30pm-11:30pm

 Communal Yom Tov Dinner 9:00pm
All Are Invited!

There will be something for everyone -
Men,Women, Children & Families.

Special Guests: Rabbi David and Yael Goldfischer, PELLA, Rabbi Morgenstern, Rabbi Klinger and friends...

Followed by Learning in the Late Night/Tikkun Leil Shavuot
11:45pm - 4:30am
Full program details to come.
YIS Academy of Jewish Studies
presents a lecture w/
Rabbi Chaim Rapoport

Sisterhood Closing Dinner
Please save the date for the
Sisterhood Closing Dinner

June 5, 2018
Sisterhood Event
Sweat & Sip

Please click here to sign up.
Youth Shavuot Raffle Auction

 YIS Heritage Mission to Poland 2018
Please join us.
For those of you who still need to sign up, you can do so by clicking this link.  Though some people still might be able to join afterward, the deadline for registration is May 15th.

Looking forward to meeting with you,
Steve Halper - shalper@optonline.net 
Stu Zisholtz - stu@zzllp.com.
Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern
Shacharit w/ Hallel 
Sunday,  Yom Yerushalayim   6:45am & 8:30am
Teen Minyan 9:00am  

M,Th   6:35am

Tuesday, May 15
Rosh Chodesh Sivan
Shacharit 6:30am

 W,F   6:45am  
Mincha/Maariv 7:50pm 
Misheberach for our Chayalim
Our community is honored to have the following young men and women affiliated with YIS families serving as IDF Soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers always.
Cfir Feinberg
Abby Fried  
Yoni Hill
  Michael Kesselman
  Benny Mestel
Olivia Schwartz  
  Daf HaShavuah 
 Sundays, 7:30 am
Rabbi Jared Rosenfeld

Gentleman's Kollel
Sunday 9:00am
Women's Tehillim   
 Mondays, 9:30 am
at the home of
Vicki Bienenfeld

 Sefer HaChinuch 
Monday Morning
following services  
Rabbi Klinger 
Talmud Themes
Mondays, 8:00 pm
Rabbi Froimowitz
Mishnah in the Morning
Masechet Rosh Hashana 
Tuesday morning
following services
 Hersh Wolf
Rabbi's Chumash Class
Tuesday 8:00pm
Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern 
Gemara B'Iyun
Wednesday Morning
 following services
Rabbi  Morgenstern

Livin' On A Prayer
Wednesday 8:00pm  
Rabbi Klinger  
  Living By The Code
Of Jewish Law
Thursday morning
following services
Rabbi Klinger   

"This Week's Parsha"
with the Rabbi 
Friday morning
following services,
w/bagels, lox &
full breakfast
Rabbi  Morgenstern 

Mishnah Berurah
Shabbat following the  
Hashkama minyan
Dr. Steven Keller 
Parashat HaShavua  
Shabbat following  the  
  Hashkama Minyan
Pirkei Avot  
  Shabbat 40 minutes 
before Mincha 
Richard Bienenfeld    
Chesed Corner
Do you have guests  
for Shabbat or Yom Tov 
 who can't walk to shul 
 on their own?
Is someone in your
family recovering from
 an accident?
offers to lend the following items to YIS families:  
Sabbath-compliant electric scooter, wheelchairs, transporter chairs, commodes, walkers , canes,  
shower chairs
 and a Hoyer Lift. 
Please contact the
shul office to borrow
 any item or contact
 Howie Bryks
 (bryksh at aol.com)
if you have
 questions or would
like to donate additional items.
YIS Assists established
 by Chanie and Howie Bryks
 in memory of
Chanie's mother,
 Thelma Herskowitz,
Tova Leah
 bat Yitzchak Tzvi Hacohen
and by  
Sharon & Harold Aspis
 in memory of
 Sharon's father,
  Israel Friedrich,  
Yisroel Meir ben Mordechai.
DOROT is looking for
 volunteers of all ages
to visit socially isolated
seniors in Westchester.
Volunteers are matched
 with seniors based on
common interests and
 availability. If interested,
 please contact
Monica Aboodi
at 914-450-2165 or mgaboodi@yahoo.com.  
If you would like to get rid of:
* All clothing
* Linens
 Get rid of the mess
and get a mitzvah!
In addition to a mitzvah,
 you will receive a valuable
tax deduction as well!
We are collecting these items for an  
organization called
All items should be clean
 and in good shape,
 clothing should be
up-to-date and
 still fashionable.
Remember: you are
giving these things to
 a 'close relative,' and it
costs the organization
 money to sort
and dispose of poor
Currently Scott Greenbaum is not able to take your donations to Monsey. Volunteers would be appreciated. Please contact Scott if you are able to help: 
914-723-1797 ;
leave a message
 if we are not home.
May your efforts  
be a z'chus
 for the
Refua Shelaimah of  
Aharon ben Henya Hadassah

Young Israel of New Rochelle
Sunday evening, May 13 at 8:15pm, Rav Dr. Yonatan Grossman of Bar-Ilan University and Herzog College will give a shiur in Hebrew in honor of Yom Yerushalayim.

Yonatan Grossman, one of Israel's brightest young Bible scholars, is currently writing a new commentary on the Chumash ('The Noam Series'). Dr. Grossman earned his MA in Jewish Philosphy from Hebrew University and his PhD in Bible from Bar-Ilan University. He is a senior lecturer at the Department of Bible, Bar-Ilan University and at the Department of Bible, Herzog College, Alon Shvut. He has taught at Midreshet Lindenbaum and Midreshet Migdal Oz.
Join us on
Monday, June 4 at 7:00 pm
for "Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor: A Jew and a Muslim on the Future of the Middle East," with Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi in conversation with Imam Abdullah Antepli, moderated by author Abigail Pogrebin.  The program, sponsored by UJA-Federation and The Jewish Week, is hosted by Beth El Synagogue in New Rochelle.  To register: