Young Israelight 5782/2022
12-13 Shevat January 14-15
Upcoming Youth Programming this Weekend
Tu b'Shvat Lecture
The lecture is being sponsored by
Jennifer and Avery Fischer in memory of Avery’s father,
 and grandfather of Noah, Gabe and Eva,
Abraham Fischer, Avraham Lieber Ben Efraim,
    in commemoration of his 9th yahrzeit on Tu B'Shvat. 

May today’s learning serve as an Aliyah for his Neshama and may his memory be a blessing.
New Kosher Establishment in Westchester
 We are pleased to announce that the following store is now under the supervision
 of Rabbi Asher Schechter.
SoBol Acai Bowls
93 Quaker Ridge Rd New Rochelle, NY 10804
Most of the products are PARVE, however, a few of the products are DAIRY and NON-CHOLOV-YISROEL. A sign disclosing the DAIRY items will be available.
Tent Update
With the cold wintry weather fully upon us, we have had to take down the large YIS Tent in the back of our campus as we did last year. In its place we have secured a 900 square foot tent (30x30) with windowed walls and a heater. The walls will have openings on 3 sides to enhance airflow and ventilation while davening within it. We hope that this heated tent will be a space that people - who wish to remain outside of the Shul building for Tefillah for health/safety precautions - can feel comfortable to daven in. All attendees in this heated tent are required to mask while inside and no food or drink will be allowed within it. Of course, the NYS mask mandate (while not eating/drinking) remains in place throughout the Shul building.
While we are aware that Covid cases are surging in our region, we also believe that our spiritual & communal lives should be able to continue along with the many other aspects of our lives (professional, social etc.) - so that everyone who wants access to a secure, comfortable and warm space for Tefillah can be able to do so at YIS.
Shabbat Shalom.
Board of Trustees Meeting
Annual Congregational Meeting to follow at
January 31, 2022
Notice of Annual Meeting of the Members
of the Young Israel of Scarsdale
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Annual Meeting (“Congregational Meeting”) of the Members of Young Israel of Scarsdale (the “Shul”) will take place on Monday, January 31, 2022 at 9:15pm at the Shul, 1313 Weaver Street, Scarsdale, New York, in the Clingman Social Hall. 
(1) to elect officers for one-year terms beginning February 1, 2022.
(2) to elect a single trustee to fill a vacancy in the Class of 2024.
(3) to elect trustees for the Class of 2025.
(4) to consider such other business which may properly be brought before the membership.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the “Nominating Committee Slate” of nominees is as follows:
Executive Committee Members / Officers:
1.    Stu Zisholtz, Co-President
2.    Ari Weinberger, Co-President
3.    Irit Tratt, Executive Vice President
4.    Jonathan Katz, First Vice President/Secretary
5.    Pamela Lauchheimer, Treasurer 
6.    Susan Schneider, Vice President 
7.    Daniel Essner, Vice President
8.    Melissa Schwechter, Vice President
9.    Steve Smith, Vice President 
 Trustee to Fill Vacancy in Class of 2024:
1.    Jeffrey Goldgrab
Board of Trustees Class of 2025:
1.    Joe Bednarsh
2.    Margo Marans
3.    Jeffrey Berger
4.    Danielle Mendelsohn
5.    Jason Ingerman
6.    Arnie Wilson
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT nominations by petition may be made in accordance with Article XI Section 2 and Section 3 of the Amended and Restated Constitution and By-Laws of the Young Israel of Scarsdale effective as of December 18, 2014. In the event there are nominations by petition, notice of such nominations shall be given by the Co-Presidents to the congregation no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 24, 2022.
Thank you.
Stu Zisholtz and Joshua Rosenbaum, Co-Presidents
Steve Smith, Secretary
Cemetery Plots
The Young Israel of Scarsdale maintains a dedicated section at Beth El Cemetery for members and their families. If you are interested in purchasing burial plots please complete the ShulCloud Form or contact Marsha Lustig at If you wish to obtain information about Beth El Cemetery, please click here Beth El Cemetery.
Current COVID-19 Guidelines
As Governor Hochul and the New York State Department of Health issued new COVID requirements for indoor establishments, including houses of worship and, in accordance with our understanding of the current mandates, we have determined that effective immediately, face masks will again be required within the shul building for anyone over 2 years of age who is medically able to tolerate wearing a mask. This applies at all times in the building, except while eating or drinking. Members are responsible to notify their guests of these requirements.

We are asking for full compliance in the spirit of community and Achdut. Our shul is full and vibrant again, and we have chosen the policy that helps keep us safe, while remaining open and welcoming to men, women, and children of all ages.

Important YIS COVID Related Announcement
We have created an e-mail address at to make it easier for individuals who have been to shul to self-report COVID-19 cases. The e-mails will only be sent to a small group (including a medical professional) who will then determine appropriate steps to be taken, if any. As always, reports will be kept confidential unless the individual elects to be identified to assist in contact tracing.
Our community is honored to have the following young men and women affiliated with YIS families serving as IDF Soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers always: Simcha Bryks, Yaakov Eyal, Cfir Feinberg, Ori Feinberg, Ahron Finkel, Shlomo Fried, Miki Hill, Michael Kesselman, Daniel Mestel, Gabriel Mestel, Eden Shmuel.
Weekly gathering of women in our community who recite Tehillim in the merit of people who are in challenging circumstances. 
YIS has had an operational Mikveh for more than 40 years. It is convenient and a strong statement of our commitment to religious ritual. Please support our Mikveh which is open every evening by appointment for women. The Mikveh number is 914-472-0946.
Shiffy Friedman is available to answer women's questions regarding Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha, family planning and other intimacy-related matters.
"YIS Assists" lends available Sabbath-compliant electric scooter, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.
to shul members.

Established by the Aspis and Bryks families in memory of Israel Friedrich,
Yisroel Meir ben Mordechai and Thelma Herskowitz, Tova Leat bat Yitzchak Tzvi Hacohen 
Donations go to: Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County. All items should be clean and in good condition. Contact Scott Greenbaum: 914.723.1797

May your efforts be a z'chus
for the Refua Shelaimah of 
Aharon ben Henya Hadassah
Meal Pick-Up and Container
Drop-Off at Sinai Free Synagogue. Contact Caron Gelles for more information: 914.668.4350

Please pick up at the shul office.
Courtesy of Sandra and Ira Greenstein.
Will be illuminated every year on the yahrzeit. Cost: $750. Contact Ken Chorzewski: 914.235.0860.
In order to assist with observing a Yahrzeit date in future years, please click below to complete the Yahrzeit form. Alternatively, you can log into your Shul Cloud account.
Community Calendar
Westchester Jewish Council
46th Anniversary Gala,
Honoring Marc Klee, Jennifer Sokol and RPW Group: Robert Weisz and Andrew Weisz 
Saturday night, February 5th
To register and make a donation toward the Gala please go to