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Bo 5781
9-10 Shevat January 22-23
Sale of New YIS Cemetery Section – Beth El Cemetery, Paramus, NJ


Our Jewish ancestors have always sought to provide an honorable and proper burial for our loved ones. A proper burial is considered a ‘Chesed shel Emet’, a true loving kindness bestowed by the living on the departed, stemming from sincere devotion and fidelity to those we hold dear.
In keeping with this sacred Jewish value, we would like to inform you that it is now possible for members of the Young Israel of Scarsdale (YIS) community to purchase burial plots at a discounted price through the Shul. These plots are in a newly purchased YIS section of up to 200+ plots at Beth El Cemetery in Paramus, New Jersey.
For many years, YIS has had burial plots available for its members and their families in a designated section at Sharon Gardens, in Valhalla, New York. These plots were procured several decades ago and the inventory has now been depleted. To address the needs of our growing congregation, we explored all viable cemetery options in the Connecticut, Westchester and New Jersey areas that would be able to accommodate a bulk sale to our YIS family including Kohanim. Beth El Cemetery which is located approximately 35 minutes from our community, was able to meet our needs. Placement of headstones is available at this cemetery.
It is a cemetery that is utilized by many Shuls such as ours and befits the respect for Halacha and dignity we seek for all of our members who seek a sanctified Kevurat Yisrael, Jewish burial.
While we understand that this may be a difficult decision to make at this time, all too often families have not planned ahead and must make decisions in the midst of their grief and stress, emotionally and financially. YIS is offering an early discounted price of $2,500 per plot during the initial 90 day sale period beginning today, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 increasing thereafter to $3,000 per plot for the foreseeable future.
We encourage you to consider purchasing your burial plots today to give you peace of mind and the following benefits:
  • Relieving you or family members of the strain of last-minute burial arrangements;
  • Ensuring that family members may be buried in close proximity to one another;
  • Receiving an affordable price for burial plots at inception and thereby, saving money by avoiding future price increases;
How to Purchase
Please complete this Shul Cloud Form with the requested information. Once in receipt, the YIS office staff will be in touch with you on arranging the purchase and final documentation. If you wish to obtain information about Beth El Cemetery, please click on the following link Beth El Cemetery. If you have questions about burial privileges or need assistance with funeral planning before or at the time of the death of a loved one, please contact Rabbi Morgenstern ( or Young Israel's (Executive Director) Marsha Lustig at (914) 636-8686 x101. Please note that the purchase price of a plot does not include burial opening charges, ongoing or perpetual maintenance and other cemetery imposed charges. Initially, Ben Friedman and Linda Zucker will each have authority on behalf of the Synagogue to direct the cemetery to open a grave site in time of need, and they have committed that one of them will always be available. Other and/or additional persons will be substituted or added for this purpose as the need arises.
Beth El and Cedar Park Cemeteries were founded over 75 years ago and have a long tradition in providing for the Jewish community. Jewish families from the entire New York metropolitan area have selected these cemeteries for the burial of their family members. Beth El Cemetery offers a variety of options including single graves, double graves, and family plots in a beautiful park-like setting.
Address: 735 Forest Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652
3rd-7th Grade Kids & Parents,  
Please join us this Saturday night (1/23) from 6:20-8:20pm for a very special Drive-in Movie!! Get comfy in your car while we serve you pizza and snacks. Cars will park in the shul parking lot and you will be able to tune into the movie using your car radio. The movie will be The Karate Kid (the original version). Make sure to stick around after the movie for a quick shmooze with the Rabbi about how The Karate Kid relates to Torah and Mitzvah observance! Masks do not need to be worn in your car but if you plan on sitting outside of your car, you must wear a mask.
 Please sign up here. Can't wait!!
Join us for a special zoom Tu B'shevat celebration on Wednesday, 1/27 from 5:00-5:45pm! Open to all kids through 5th grade. The program will feature some Tu B'shevat Torah Learning, a fun game and some hands-on planting! That's right- I will drop off the supplies at your house before the event. The planting kit is meant for indoors and will include all necessary tools and ingredients for planting microgreens! Here is the zoom information. 
Meeting ID: 928 6563 1457
Passcode: 626595
Please click here to reserve your spot! You must sign up by Friday before Shabbat.
 Sponsorship Opportunity 

The shul tent is used on a daily basis for davening and is serviced by 6 heating units.

If you are interested in sponsoring propane refills for all 6 tanks, the cost is $180 and arrangements can be made by contacting Executive Director, Marsha Lustig.
Important YIS COVID Related Announcement

We have created an e-mail address at to make it easier for individuals who have been to shul to self-report COVID-19 cases. The e-mails will only be sent to a small group (including a medical professional) who will then determine appropriate steps to be taken, if any. As always, reports will be kept confidential unless the individual elects to be identified to assist in contact tracing.
YIS Connects
YIS CONNECTS is a database enabling our members to market services and products to other members, and assist members to find employment. The database can be accessed here: Google Doc.
 Several categories are included:
 Services & Products Offerings
Seeking Employment
Job Offerings
Job Placement Assistance
Please continue to respond with your listings for any of the categories. Responses should be sent to If you are “Seeking Employment,” you may request that your identity be kept confidential. The Google Doc will be updated regularly.
Please note that none of the Shul employees or Shul members (other than the parties to a specific YIS CONNECTS engagement) are responsible for payment or quality of work, and each party to a specific engagement agrees that none of the Shul employees or members will be liable for any damages or losses.
Direct link: click: “Join a Meeting,” enter our Meeting ID, 914 636 8686 or Dial by phone: 646-558-8656 enter 914-636-8686 Our password is in our YIS emails.
Our community is honored to have the following young men and women affiliated with YIS families serving as IDF Soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers always: Yaakov Eyal, Cfir Feinberg, Ori Feinberg, Shlomo Fried, Yoni Hill, Dalia Katz, Michael Kesselman, Daniel Mestel, Gabriel Mestel, Eden Shmuel
Weekly gathering of women in our community who recite Tehillim in the merit of people who are in challenging circumstances. 
YIS has had an operational Mikveh for more than 40 years. It is convenient and a strong statement of our commitment to religious ritual. Please support our Mikveh which is open every evening by appointment for women. The Mikveh number is 914-472-0946.
Shiffy Friedman answers womens questions regarding Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha,
family planning and other Intimacy-Related Matters.
YIS Mask Sale Fundraiser
$10.00 each
(including filter)
2 for $18
5 for $36
Navy or White

The blood center is in desperate need of donations. There is much demand for blood due to the increased hospitalizations and low supply because of the inability to conduct drives. We strongly encourage you to donate at the 19 donor centers across NY and NJ. Additional information on donor eligibility and COVID-19 precautions is available here .
"YIS Assists" lends available Sabbath-compliant electric scooter, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.
to shul members.

Established by the Aspis and Bryks families in memory of Israel Friedrich,
Yisroel Meir ben Mordechai and Thelma Herskowitz, Tova Leat bat Yitzchak Tzvi Hacohen 
Donations go to: Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County. All items should be clean and in good condition. Contact Scott Greenbaum: 914.723.1797

May your efforts be a z'chus
for the Refua Shelaimah of 
Aharon ben Henya Hadassah
Meal Pick-Up and Container
Drop-Off at Sinai Free Synagogue. Contact Caron Gelles for more information: 914.668.4350

Please pick up at the shul office.
Courtesy of Sandra and Ira Greenstein.
Will be illuminated every year on the yahrzeit. Cost: $750. Contact Ken Chorzewski: 914.235.0860.
In order to assist with observing a Yahrzeit date in future years, please click below to complete the Yahrzeit form. Alternatively, you can log into your Shul Cloud account.
Community Calendar
Virtual Government and Public Policy Mission to Washington, D.C., 2/1-2/2. Join UJA-Federation and the Jewish Federations of North America for high level meetings with policymakers, political leaders and activists from both sides of the aisle to advocate on behalf of the Jewish community and for strong U.S.-Israel ties. Register at DC Virtual Mission ( For more information, contact Ali Blumberg at