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Club Kef
Boys and Girls, 
N-6th Grade 
  Formal & Fun
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& Educational  
Special Email
Account for our
Mazal Tovs
If you would like to
have your Mazal Tov information
to our weekly Young Israelight  
please email
Please send in your
Mazal Tov information
in no later
than 1:00 pm
        each Thursday .
Please go to your  
app store on your  
phone and download our free YI Scarsdale  
app to be up to date
on shul events.
 YIS Yoetzet
Shiffy Friedman 
Shiffy Friedman  
is available  
at all times to
speak by phone
and email with
 women and answer questions regarding Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha,
 Family Planning
and Other Intimacy
 Related Matters.
As Jews, we very 
 often celebrate  
and commemorate 
 with food and 
 communal spirit.  
If you have an  
upcoming life-cycle 
 event, think about  
sponsoring a Kiddush!

To place an order

and find out pricing  

please contact

Ariella Kleinhaus


Seudah Shlishit Sponsorship
If you are planning 
 to sponsor a  
Seudah Shlishit  
for a yahrzeit or to  
mark some other 
 special occasion,   
please contact   
Stuart Benson, 
Mishebeirach and Tehillim for Cholim
There is a weekly gathering of women in our community who recite 
Tehillim in the merit of people who are in various challenging circumstances.  If there is someone that you know that is in need of a 
refuah, please email the shul office, 
with the name of the person and we will ensure that 
Tehillim will be recited  
on their behalf.

A Dedication is a meaningful way
 to share a simcha, 
memorialize a
 loved one or connect
 with a fellow
 while supporting our Kehillah. 
The following
 opportunities are
 Mazal Tov Card  
$18 (suggested)
Siddur $36 
Chumash $54 
Leaf on the  
Tree of Life $360 
Yahrzeit Plaque $750 
Tree of Life Stone $5,000
Memorial Plaques
A memorial plaque
 takes between
 8 to 10 weeks to
 come back from
 the caster.
To place an order
for a plaque
contact Ken
 Chorzewski at
(914) 235-0860.

Update Yahrzeit Information in Shul Cloud
If you have endured
the loss of a family member and wish to
be notified of the Yahrzeit please
log into ShulCloud
with your username
and password. Once
are in  your account
click on the Yahrzeit
Tab, 3rd tab
from the left  on the
top. Click Add Yahrzeit.
This will take you to Create New Yahrzeit.
For accuracy of the notification, it is important to know
if the loved one
passed away before
or after sundown.
You will then receive
a ShulCloud generated
notice by email or hard copy if no email address is on file from the Synagogue prior to the date that the Yahrzeit
will be observed.
   If you are unable to
log in or need help  to input the information into the system please contact Marsha Lustig who will be happy to help you.
Deliver Kosher
to Homebound Older Adults

The YIS Sisterhood

is looking for  

volunteers to deliver

kosher meals to homebound older


 Meal Pick-Up and

    Container Drop-Off  

 at Sinai Free Synagogue. 

Deliveries will be

made in Southern Westchester.

Please contact
 Caron Gelles for  
more information: 668- 4350
Daf Yomi Resources

links to daf yomi

calendars, information

and on-line


 YU Torah

Daf Yomi Page,  

daf yomi shiur given

by Aryeh Leiboiwtz  

and links to daf yomi shiurim given by  

other Rebbeim

Rabbi Rosner's  

Daf Yomi Shiur,

an in-depth look  

at the daf

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink's
Daf Yomi Shiur,
a fast paced run
 through the daf,
and no prior Gemara experience is
Safety Reflector  
Safety Reflector Vests
Sandra and Ira Greenstein have generously donated Safety Reflector  
Vests and will  
r eplenish as needed. Please
stop by the office to
pick yours up.
If you would like to order a belt from the


Torah Readers
Hirsh Cogan and Russell Mannis 

Kiddush Sponsor
Young Israel of Scarsdale

There is no Seudah Shlishit in Shul this Shabbat

Friday Morning Shiur Sponsors
Marty, Andrew and Alan Beran on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Marty's wife and Andrew and Alan's mother, Phoebe Ellen Beran, Fayga Leah bat Avraham  

Mimi and Sandy Pauker on the 21st yahrzeit of Mimi's mother, Irma Krasna Arond, Adel Yenta bat Yisrael Moshe v'Etel

Early Morning Kiddush Sponsor
Young Israel of Scarsdale

Friday, August 9
6:45am, 8:00am
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat
2nd Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat

Latest Kriat Shema 9:26am  
Shabbat Chazon and Tisha B'Av Schedule
Shabbat Chazon and Tisha B'Av, August 10
Main Shul
Sephardic Minyan
Pirkei Avot Shiur w/Richie Bienenfeld
Fast Begins
Shabbat Ends
Maariv/Eicha 9:10pm
Tisha B'Av Limmud w/ Rabbi Klinger, "Talmudic Tales of the Churban": Lessons We Still Need to Learn
Sunday, August 11, Fast of Tisha B'Av
Shacharit 8:30am
Community Kinot w/Community Members & Rabbis 9:00am
Tisha B'Av Webcast w/ Rabbi Jacob J. Schachter
Pre-Mincha Film: "Who Will Write Our History"
Mincha/Maariv 7:30pm
Fast Ends/Havdalah 8:32pm


Laws and Customs of Tisha B'Av

Shabbat Chazon: Laws and Customs
The Shabbat preceding Fast of The Ninth of Av is traditionally called Shabbat Chazon, The Shabbat of the Vision. This year Shabbat Chazon falls out on the 9th of Av and the Tisha B'Av Fast is pushed to the 10th, on Saturday night and Sunday. This term "Chazon" is based on the Haftarah of Isaiah which we read on that Shabbat. This Haftarah is read as a prelude to the commemoration of that tragic day of destruction and exile in Jewish history- the day upon which the Temple was destroyed and the Jewish Commonwealth was decimated.

The verse: "How can I alone bear your troubles, your burdens, and your quarrels" (Deuteronomy 1:12), that is found in the weekly Torah portion read on this Shabbat, as well as a number of passages in the Haftorah, are chanted with the sorrowful melody of Megillat Eichah. Lecha Dodi at Kabbalat Shabbat is also chanted in a special tune on this Shabbat.

While Shabbat Chazon does have a certain solemn character, nevertheless, it is still treated as every other Shabbat where we eat meat and drink wine along with all of our meals.

*Shabbat Erev Tisha B'Av
* A special circumstance this year is when Shabbat coincides with Erev Tisha B'Av. Since the fast falls out on Saturday night/Sunday this year there are unique guidelines that must be followed. Mincha on Shabbat will be convened earlier than usual, in order to have ample time to eat, and finish, Shalosh Seudot, the 3rd meal before sunset, which is at 8:01PM.

Seudah Shlishit should be eaten at home with one's family, and there should be no symbols of the traditional mourner's meal that one generally eats prior to Tisha B'Av. Care should be taken, however, to finish eating by sunset, and not to perform any preparations for the upcoming Tisha B'Av Evening service until 8:46PM, when Shabbat concludes.

At that point, (since the fast has already begun and we cannot make Havdala by consuming wine or the like) everyone should recite the formula: "Baruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh L'Chol - Blessed is He who has distinguished the Holy from the Ordinary"; thereby officially ending Shabbat, thus allowing Melacha - work to be performed. One should then change into his/her Tisha B'Av attire, non-leather shoes etc. and head to Synagogue for Maariv and the recitation of Eicha. The Blessing of Borei Meorei Ha'eish will be recited on a Havdalah candle following the Maariv service.

Tisha B'Av Laws & Customs
The Fast of Av takes on the unique features of being both a day of mourning and a day of atonement. The national mourning and fasting are meant to transform us and initiate redemptive advances in life. The fast is long and hard but every 'adult' is required to fast.

Because the Fast of Tisha B'Av takes on practices of both mourning and atonement we do not eat and drink, wash, anoint ourselves, wear leather shoes, nor engage in intimate relations.

Acting as mourners we refrain from greeting others on the Ninth of Av. Should one be greeted by a friend one is to respond so as not to cause bad feelings. After all, we are taught that the Temple was destroyed because of senseless hatred between Jews and we want to avoid any hard feelings on such an awesome day.

The atmosphere that prevails in the synagogue is somber. People are to internalize the gravity of the day and maintain a quiet tone. After Ma'ariv, the lights in the sanctuary are dimmed, a single light is lit at the pulpit, and the parochet is moved from the ark.

People sit on the floor, as mourners, to hear the sorrowful chanting of Megillat Eichah - Lamentations. When - Hashivenu the second to last verse is chanted, the congregation repeats the verse followed by the reader.

One who is in mourning and sitting shivah should go to the synagogue for the reading of Eichah and for the recital of Kinot.

One does not study Torah on the Ninth of Av. For it is written "the statutes of G-d are upright, they rejoice the heart" (Psalms 19:9), and one who is mourning is forbidden to rejoice. The custom is to study only those texts and laws that deal with the history of the temple's destruction or with the laws of mourning.

Because Tefillin are referred to as being our "glory" and on the Ninth of Av the glory of our worship is absent, we do not put on tefillin at shacharit. They are worn instead at Mincha.

In the Amidah prayer, the chazzan inserts Anenu between the blessings of Go'el Yisrael and Refa'enu as is done on every fast day. Those who follow the Sephardic rite, recite the Anenu in the silent Shemoneh Esreh in the berachah of Shema Kolenu. Tachanun is not said on the Ninth of Av since the day is referred to as being a mo'ed - a holiday. Birkat Kohanim [the priestly blessing] is omitted during Shacharit but is recited at Mincha. The psalm of the day is omitted at the end of Shacharit. This prayer is said before putting on Tefillin at Mincha.

After the Torah and Haftarah reading, people are seated on the floors and recite Kinot for as long as time and energy allow. Some have a custom of visiting the cemetery on the Ninth of Av.

The day is spent in reflection on our long and difficult history. To this day, many duplicate the past practice of the elders of Jerusalem who used to walk around the walls of the city so as to awaken a sense of pain by seeing the ruins of the city. Jerusalem continues to be a city that mourns the glory of the past and Israel continues to contend with an arduous struggle for peace and security.

Mincha is conducted with tallit and tefillin. We read the Torah portion of Vayi'chal (Shemot 32) followed by the Haftarah of Dirshu Hashem (Yeshayahu 55:6 - 56:8). In the Shemoneh Esreh the Nachem prayer is added to the blessing of Boneh Yerushalayim and Anenu is added to the blessing of Shome'a Tefillah.
Kiddush Levanah [the sanctification of the new moon] is recited immediately after Ma'ariv.

Pre Mincha Tisha B'Av Film
"Who Will Write Our History"
"Who Will Write Our History"
In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars, and community leaders decided to fight back. Led by historian Emanuel Ringelblum and known by the code name Oyneg Shabes, this clandestine group vowed to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda not with guns or fists but with the ultimate weapon: the truth.

To view a trailer of the movie click here

Board of Trustees Meeting 
Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday, August 14th 
The Clingman Social Hall

Special Congregational Meeting
Special Congregational Meeting
Wednesday, August 14th 
 The Clingman Social Hall

YIS Book Club
YIS Book Club will meet on 
Tuesday, August 27, 
at 8:00pm in The Greene Gallery.  
The book for the evening's discussion will be 
"A Tale of Love and Darkness"   
by Amos Oz. 
Come join u s!

YIS on WhatsApp

To stay up to date with any changes to  
Davening times and locations please join  
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YIS Daily Minyan  


 See Tisha B'Av Schedule

     M, Th 6:35am, 8:00 am
   T, W, F(Tu B'Av) 6:45am, 8:00 am
Mincha/Maariv 7:40pm
Misheberach for our Chayalim 

Our community is  
honored to have the following young men and women affiliated with YIS families serving as IDF Soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers always.
Cfir Feinberg
Ori Feinberg 
Abby Fried  
Yoni Hill
 Michael Kesselman
Jake Mannis
Benny Mestel
  Daf HaShavuah 
7:30 am with
Rabbi Jared Rosenfeld

Gentlemen's Kollel
Sundays, 9:00am
Women's Tehillim   
 Mondays, 9:30 am
at the home of
Vicki Bienenfeld

 Sefer HaChinuch 
Monday Morning
following services  
Rabbi Klinger 

Talmud Themes
Mondays, 8:00 pm
Mishnah in the
Masechet Moed  
Tuesday morning
following services
 Hersh Wolf  
Gemara B'Iyun
Wednesday Morning
 following services
Rabbi  Morgenstern
  Living By The Code
Of Jewish Law
Thursday morning
following services
Rabbi Klinger   

"This Week's Parsha"
with the Rabbi 
Friday morning
following services,
w/bagels, lox &
full breakfast
Rabbi  Morgenstern 

Mishnah Berurah
Shabbat following the  
Hashkama minyan
Dr. Steven Keller 
Parashat HaShavua  
Shabbat following the  
  Hashkama Minyan
Pirkei Avot 
  Shabbat 40 minutes 
before Mincha 
Richard Bienenfeld   
Chesed Corner
Do you have guests  
for Shabbat or  
Yom Tov 
 who can't walk to
 on their own?
Is someone in your
family recovering  
 an accident?
offers to lend the following items to YIS families:  
Sabbath-compliant electric scooter, wheelchairs, transporter chairs, commodes, walkers, canes, shower chairs
 and a Hoyer Lift. 
Please contact the
shul office to borrow
 any item or contact
 Howie Bryks
 (bryksh at aol.com)  
if you have
 questions or would
like to donate  
additional items.
YIS Assists established
 by Chanie and Howie Bryks
 in memory of
Chanie's mother,
 Thelma Herskowitz,
Tova Leah
Yitzchak Tzvi Hacohen
and by  
Sharon & Harold Aspis
 in memory of
 Sharon's father,
  Israel Friedrich,  
Yisroel Meir ben Mordechai.
DOROT is looking for
 volunteers of all ages
to visit socially isolated
seniors in Westchester.
Volunteers are matched
 with seniors based on
common interests and
 availability. If interested,
 please contact
Monica Aboodi
at 914-450-2165 or mgaboodi@yahoo.com.  
If you would like to get rid of:
* All clothing
* Linens
 Get rid of the mess
and get a mitzvah!
In addition to a
 you will receive a 
tax deduction as well!
We are collecting these items for : 
All items should be
 and in good shape,
 clothing should be
up-to-date and
 still fashionable.
Remember: you are
giving these things to
 a 'close relative,' and it
costs the organization
 money to sort
and dispose of poor
Please contact Scott if you are able to help: 
914-723-1797 ;
Please drop off at the home of Scott Greenbaum.
May your efforts  
be a z'chus
 for the
Refua Shelaimah of  
Aharon ben Henya Hadassah