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to Davening
 times and locations
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Bnei Akiva
If you would like to host our Bnei Akiva Shlichot for a Shabbat and/or Yom Tov meal at any point throughout the year, please click here  or contact:
Robyn Shapiro   
Encourage your children and teens to get involved in our Scarsdale  chapter of Bnei Akiva -   

Let the love for Israel and its people come alive in your children through the Zionist spirit of Bnei Akiva! 
Special Email
Account for our
Mazal Tovs
If you would like to
have your Mazal Tov information
added to our
weekly Young Israelight  
please email
Please send in your
Mazal Tov information
no later than
 1:00pm each Thursday.
Please go to your  
app store on your  
phone and download our free YI Scarsdale  
app to be up to date
on shul events.
 YIS Yoetzet
Shiffy Friedman 
Shiffy Friedman  
is available  
at all times to
speak by phone
and email with
 women and answer questions regarding Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha,
 Family Planning
and Other Intimacy
 Related Matters.
As Jews, we very 
 often celebrate  
and commemorate 
 with food and 
 communal spirit.  
If you have an  
upcoming life-cycle 
 event, think about  
sponsoring a Kiddush!

To place an order

and find out pricing  

please contact

Ariella Kleinhaus


Seudah Shlishit Sponsorship
If you are planning 
 to sponsor a  
Seudah Shlishit  
for a yahrzeit or to  
mark some other 
 special occasion,   
please contact   
Stuart Benson, 
Mishebeirach and Tehillim for Cholim
There is a weekly gathering of women in our community who recite 
Tehillim in the merit of people who are in various challenging circumstances.  If there is someone that you know that is in need of a
refuah,  please email the shul office, 
with the name of the person and we will ensure that 
Tehillim will be recited  
on their behalf.
A Dedication is a meaningful way
 to share a simcha, 
memorialize a
 loved one or connect
 with a fellow
 while supporting our Kehillah. 
The following
 opportunities are
 Mazal Tov Card  
$18 (suggested)
Siddur $36 
Chumash $54 
Leaf on the  
Tree of Life $360 
Yahrzeit Plaque $750 
Tree of Life Stone $5,000
Memorial Plaques
A memorial plaque
 takes between
 8 to 10 weeks to
 come back from
 the caster.
To place an order
for a plaque
contact Ken
 Chorzewski at
(914) 235-0860.

Update Yahrzeit Information in Shul Cloud
If you have endured
the loss of a family member and wish to
be notified of the Yahrzeit please
log into ShulCloud
with your username
and password. Once in your account
click on the Yahrzeit
Tab, 3rd tab
from left on top.
Click Add Yahrzeit.
This will take you to Create New Yahrzeit.
For accuracy, it is important to know
if the loved one
passed away before
or after sundown.
You will receive
a ShulCloud generated
notice by email from the Synagogue prior to the Yahrzeit observation date.
   If you are unable to
log in or need help  to input the information into the system please contact Marsha Lustig who will be happy to help you.
Deliver Kosher
to Homebound Older Adults

The YIS Sisterhood

is looking for  

volunteers to deliver

kosher meals to homebound older


 Meal Pick-Up and

    Container Drop-Off  

 at Sinai Free Synagogue. 

Deliveries will be

made in Southern Westchester.

Please contact
 Caron Gelles for  
more information: 668- 4350
Daf Yomi Resources

links to daf yomi

calendars, information

and on-line


 YU Torah

Daf Yomi Page,  

daf yomi shiur given

by Aryeh Leiboiwtz  

and links to daf yomi shiurim given by  

other Rebbeim

Rabbi Rosner's  

Daf Yomi Shiur,

an in-depth look  

at the daf

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink's
Daf Yomi Shiur,
a fast paced run
 through the daf,
and no prior Gemara experience is
Safety Reflector  
Safety Reflector Vests
Sandra and Ira Greenstein have generously donated Safety Reflector  
Vests and will  
r eplenish as needed. Please
stop by the office to
pick yours up.


Wednesday, January 8 at 7:30 pm for "Anti-Semitism: What We Face and How We Fight It" at Temple Israel Center, White Plains.   
Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Westchester District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., and Hindy Poupko of UJA-Federation will discuss the sharp rise in hate crimes against Jews here and abroad.  The event is free of charge.  Registration is required at www.ujafedny.org/event/view/wc-anti-semitism .  The event is presented by UJA-Federation and Westchester Jewish Council. 
    Torah Reader    
Dr. Barry Weintraub 
Kiddush Sponsors  
Our Chattanim:
Chatan Torah: Nissim and Leticia Amar
Chatan Bereshit: Brian and Ariella Kleinhaus
Chatan Maftir: Elon and Judy Zapinsky

Friday Morning Shiur Sponsor
Lloyd Green on the occasion of the yahrzeit of his father,  
Jack Green, Yaakov ben Moshe
Seudah Shlishit Sponsor 
Young Israel of Scarsdale   
Early Morning Kiddush Sponsors
Tammy and Ricky Shatz on the occasion of the  
yahrzeit of Tammy's mother, Lea bas Mastisyahu Tsvi
Josephia and Jacobo Futran on the occasion of
 the yahrzeit of Jacobo's mother, Chaya bat Shlomo Zalman
Friday, December 6 
6:45am, 8:00am
Kabbalat Shabbat
Shabbat, December 7     
Main Shul
Sephardic Minyan
Tot Shabbat
Shmuel Alef Shiur
Tot Puppet Show
Shabbat Ends
Musical Havdalah
Latest Kriyat Shema

Teen Laining
Sam Lukashok, Ayden Morgenstern, Gabi Tropper, David Smigel
On the passing of  our longtime member Baila Gabin, wife of
 Glenn Gabin and mother of Sharon, Becky, Ari, Miriam, Dassi, Shoshi, Naomi, Bracha and Leah. 
Mazel Tov
 Rachel Heisler & Joel Sheinfeld on the engagement of their son, Nate, to Arielle Ellis, daughter of Limore & Israel Ellis of Toronto, Canada.
Denise and Alan Wildes on the engagement of their son, Duvi to Gayil Jungreis, daughter of Ruthy and Aaron Jungreis of Lawrence, NY.  
Hakarat Hatov -Special Dedications
As part of our community Shabbat we are privileged to dedicate our beautiful new Bima in memory of Gary Perl, Ze'ev ben Eliezer Halevi dedicated by Gisela & Michael Perl.
We are also privileged to dedicate our new Torah Holders on the Bima in memory of Arthur K. Fried
dedicated by Goldy Fried, Robin and Steven, Martin, Abigail and Gillian Fried.
YIS Academy of Jewish Studies
YIS Community Shabbat
Charlie Harary

Prospective New Member Shabbaton - Special Youth Events for Families with Young Children

Sisterhood Chanukah Boutique
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Volunteers Needed!
Payments are made directly to vendor.
Please bring cash or multiple checks.
Questions: email:
  or akleinhaus@yahoo.com 
YIS Academy of Jewish Studies
Fall Seminar Series 
w/Rabbi Hoffman
Rabbi Hoffman's class will not meet December 11th.
Next session is Wednesday, December 18th @
Bringing It Home...With The Guys:
A Men's Learning Program
Thursday, December 12, 2019

AIPAC Shabbaton
December 13-14, 2019
Featuring Jonathan Kessler
DATE CHANGE: December 17th
Change of Date: December 17th @ 8:00pm
"Machines Like Me" by Ian McEwan
Sisterhood Presents
Shuli Taubes, Judaic Studies Teacher,
SAR High School
Tuesday, December 17th

Upcoming Youth Events

 Summer 2020 Itinerary
A Journey to Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar
Trip Information Meeting December 10th
 8:00pm in the Greene Gallery.
Join us as we travel back in time, with Rabbi Morgenstern and JRoots ( www.jroots.org), to learn about a thriving Jewish culture that molded a rich Sephardic heritage and influenced Jewry throughout the world. Jews arrived in Spain over 2,000 years ago. Spain and its surrounding provinces were once home to the largest, most prosperous and cultivated, Jewish communities in the world. We will encounter the roots of some of our most important thinkers and Jewish leaders like the Rambam, Rav Yehuda HaLevi, Isaac Abarbanel and others. We will also interface with local centuries-old communities of Marranos/Crypto-Jews, who adhere to a "hidden" Jewish identity and culture to this day - concluding with a special Shabbat in the beautiful modern Jewish community of Gibraltar. We will also, of course, visit world heritage sites and places of historic importance and beauty throughout our journey through Portugal, Southern Spain and Gibraltar. It promises to be an unforgettable experience.
Couples and Adults welcome.

Dates: Sunday, August 2nd - Sunday August 9th
Price: Approx. $2500/person (includes all ground costs)
Not including flights into Lisbon and Malaga
Stay tuned for further details and full trip itinerary. If you are interested or have questions please contact Stu Zisholtz, stu@zzllp.com
Sunday, December 8   
6:45am, 8:30am
Teen Minyan 9:00am
M, Th 
6:35am, 8:00am
T,W, F 
6:45am, 8:00am

Late Maariv
Halachic Note:
Tonight, December 5th  at Maariv we begin saying  
V'tein tal U'Matar
Misheberach for our Chayalim 

Our community is  
honored to have the following young men and women affiliated with YIS families serving as IDF Soldiers. Please keep them in your prayers always.
Cfir Feinberg
Ori Feinberg 
Yoni Hill
Dalia Katz 
 Michael Kesselman
Jake Mannis
Benny Mestel
  Daf HaShavuah 
7:30am with
Rabbi Jared Rosenfeld

Gentlemen's Kollel
Sundays, 9:00am
Women's Tehillim   
 Mondays, 9:30am
at the home of
Vicki Bienenfeld

 Sefer HaChinuch 
Monday Morning
 following services  
Rabbi Klinger 

Livin' on a Prayer
Mondays 8:00pm
Rabbi Nuri Klinger

Mishnah in the
Masechet Moed  
Tuesday morning
following services
 Hersh Wolf   
Jewish Lifecycles  
& Ritual Texts 
Tuesday 8:00pm
Steve Gelles 
Talmud Themes
Tuesdays, 9:15pm
 Rabbi Froimowitz

Prayer, Jewish Life  
& Jewish Soul
Wednesday Morning
 following services
Rabbi  Morgenstern
  Living By The Code
Of Jewish Law
Thursday morning
following services
Rabbi Klinger   
Next Class Dec 5th.

"This Week's Parsha"
with the Rabbi 
Friday morning
following services,
w/bagels, lox &
full breakfast
Rabbi  Morgenstern 
Nov 29 - 9:15am

Mishnah Berurah
Shabbat following the  
Hashkama minyan
Dr. Steven Keller 
Parashat HaShavua  
Shabbat following the  
  Hashkama Minyan
Shmuel Alef Shiur   
  Shabbat 40 minutes 
before Mincha 
Richard Bienenfeld   
Chesed Corner
Do you have guests  
for Shabbat or  
Yom Tov 
 who can't walk to
 on their own?
Is someone in your
family recovering  
 an accident?
offers to lend the following items to YIS families:  
Sabbath-compliant electric scooter, wheelchairs, transporter chairs, commodes, walkers, canes, shower chairs
 and a Hoyer Lift. 
Please contact the
shul office to borrow
 any item or contact
 Howie Bryks
 (bryksh at aol.com)  
if you have
 questions or would
like to donate  
additional items.
YIS Assists established
 by Chanie and Howie Bryks
 in memory of
Chanie's mother,
 Thelma Herskowitz,
Tova Leah
Yitzchak Tzvi Hacohen
and by  
Sharon & Harold Aspis
 in memory of
 Sharon's father,
  Israel Friedrich,  
Yisroel Meir ben Mordechai.
If you would like to get rid of:
* All clothing
* Linens
 Get rid of the mess
and get a mitzvah!
In addition to a
 you will receive a 
tax deduction as well!
We are collecting these items for : 
All items should be
 and in good shape,
 clothing should be
up-to-date and
 still fashionable.
Remember: you are
giving these things to
 a 'close relative,' and it
costs the organization
 money to sort
and dispose of poor
Please contact Scott if you are able to help: 
914-723-1797 ;
Please drop off at the home of Scott Greenbaum.
May your efforts  
be a z'chus
 for the
Refua Shelaimah of  
Aharon ben Henya Hadassah
Riverdale Psychology  
SOCIAL ANXIETY & SOCIAL SKILLS Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy. 
For Children and
Teens Ages 5 - 19.
Groups Separated By Age.
3736 Henry Hudson Parkway, Bronx NY 
 Sunday, December 8, 
2:00pm-3:30 pm,
at UJA-Federation's
annual Gift
of Hanukkah
at Kittay House in the Bronx.  Kittay House is an independent senior living facility run by the New Jewish Home, a UJA nonprofit partner.  Play bingo, do crafts and share sufganyiot with more than 150 seniors. 
$36 per family.
Event chairs are Jill Goldfein, Audi Abraham Schub and Anya Rackman Wiebke. RSVP at: glicks@ujafedny.org or 914.385.2120.
Bronx Jewish Community Council
Project HOPE
December 8, March 29
It only takes an  hour and half of your Sunday morning to deliver holiday food packages to lonely homebound Jewish elderly, and share some of the joy of your holidays!
Whether or not you are able to come, help us by sponsoring a package for only $25 at www.bjcconline.org
To reserve delivery to a particular senior, or for volunteer groups please contact Niti Minkove, Director of Volunteers at nminkove@bjcconline.org.
Cell 917.693.3084

789 Coop City Blvd
or 95 Gale Place
Fleetwood Synagogue's second annual Comedy Night featuring Comedian Eli Lebowicz on Motzei Shabbas, December 7th at 8:00 (doors open at 7:30). Tickets are $35 each if purchased before November 30th, and $40.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Sunday, December 15th from 10am-11:30am @ Hilton
New York JFK Airport
Join Nefesh B'Nefesh and Real estate attorney,  
Debbie Rosen Solow, who will walk you through the ins, outs and pitfalls of renting or purchasing a home in Israel: lease agreements, hidden costs and fees, financing and transferring funds, and differences between the US and Israel.
Please register in advance at WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/FALL2019