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Young Man Suffers a Shallow Water Blackout While on Vacation

On July 3rd, 2020, we were on a family vacation on an island in North Carolina. Myself, my Dad and Chandler were all swimming in the resort pool, playing the familiar game of seeing how far we could swim from one end of the pool to the other without taking a breath. Read it.
17 Simple Ways to Relieve Worry, Stress, and Anxiety

Worry, stress and anxiety can trigger a host of health problems, but there are things we can do to overcome the feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety. Here are 17 simple ways to relieve worry, stress, and anxiety. Read it.
New Manikin allows start to finish Lifeguard Training

The Ruth Lee Pool Rescue manikin is already transforming lifeguard training around the world. It allows a trainee to complete a simulated rescue, from start to finish, without needing to switch between different equipment and live volunteer casualties. Perfect for post-COVID training!  From deep-water recovery and towing, to assisted lifts and using a rescue board, the Pool Rescue manikin allows a trainee to learn essential skills while minimizing person-to-person contact. Read it.
Life Jackets and Swim Lesson Grants

The Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) is now taking applications for a new grant program to help aid aquatic facilities in their drowning prevention efforts. The AOAP drowning prevention grant offers funding opportunities for organizations to provide education and awareness of life jacket safety through swim lesson programs. Read it.
Swim Toward Success: Growing Innovative Aquatic Programs

In recent years, many professionals in the aquatics industry—and other outside organizations—have been touting the importance of learn-to-swim programs, as early childhood swim lessons have been proven to reduce childhood drowning risk by 88 percent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, more pools are closing as well, which means fewer opportunities for lessons in many locations. Read it.

Teams Work Better When Employees Care About Each Other

When employees work in groups, they are best served by focusing more on how they can benefit others and not just themselves, research has shown. When team members are motivated to help others, even at the expense of their own performance, their teams perform better, according to a study published in the journal Academy of Management. Read it.
He Needed to Train. David Duchovny's Pool Was Out There

Along with the rest of the world, athletes have had their careers upended by the coronavirus pandemic. They are giving The New York Times an intimate look at their journeys in periodic installments through the rest of the year. Read it.
Aquatic Pros Talk Equipment: Aquatic Systems & Mechanical Design Considerations

Much like the wizard behind the curtain who controls the fabulous city of Oz, the equipment that makes aquatic areas fun, safe and energy-efficient is hidden while it creates the magic enjoyed by so many. Read it.
Coming Back to Aquatics - Lessons, Rentals, New Programs Help Facilities Stay Afloat

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the aquatic world into disarray, leading to temporary pool closures across the country. It has also spurred reflection on how to incorporate more social distancing, new surface-cleaning protocols and other safety measures into aquatic programming. Read it.
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