Janine Capobiango Martins (Brazil) is a clinical oncologist. Since 2018, she has been working in Oncology, focusing in Geriatric Oncology. She is currently working at the Prevent Senior, Brazil (BR), leading a Geriatric Oncology Service at her institution.
Her academic background and training were accomplished in Clinical Oncology at ABC College of Medicine, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and due to her interest in geriatric oncology, she enrolled in the Academic Visitor & Scholars Program at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida, USA, in 2017 under the guidance of Dr. Martine Extermann and Dr. Lodovico Balducci.
At the same year, she enrolled the Academic Observership Program at the Nacional Cancer Institute of Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the guidance of Dr. Theodora Karnakis.