Youngsheen A. Jhe


June 4-27, 2021
First Friday Reception: June 4 , 6-8pm

Youngsheen A. Jhe, "Nonetheless II", Oil on Canvas, 36 x 26 inches, 2020

"What kind of world do we live in? As the COVID19 pandemic pushes us to a disconnected life, every one of us is seemingly stuck in our own world although humans are social animals. We are forced to walk this path alone and with our faces covered. An invisible glass film (and sometimes visible) blocks us from another. Solitude and loneliness were forced upon our lives and all we can do is to walk this lonely road without a companion. 
My starting desire was to depict the reality of human beings through the inanimate mannequins, helplessly stuck in their own solitary world.

From this series, I started to describe living fashion models instead of mannequins. They walk away from other models with expressionless and inanimate faces, but nonetheless their steps are always confident and they walk on a bright path full of light, not bleak hopelessness. It seems to be the image of us living in a pandemic. We have to walk with social distancing, but there is always a bright light for us." -Youngsheen A. Jhe

Youngsheen A. Jhe, "A Marathon of Life", Oil on Wood, 10 x 8 inches, 2021

Youngsheen A. Jhe, "Nonetheless I", Oil on Canvas, 36 x 26 inches, 2021

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