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On Organizational Laws

Prime laws are all around us. They are laws that govern life... like the laws of nature and the laws of science, like Bournulie's gas law (that's for us physics geeks... look it up!). They are both permanent and indivisible... fundamental principles that were true yesterday, are true today, and will continue to be true through all our tomorrow's. Prime laws govern how our world works.

Consider too that most of our life (and success) revolves around organizations... family, work, church, community, sports teams... you get the picture. Wouldn't it make sense to understand the laws that govern any and all of those organizations, and the people of which they are comprised?

Over the last four decades we have distilled The Eight Prime Laws of Organizations into simple, self-explanatory statements. They have proven invaluable for us and for the people we work with.

I encourage you to print a copy... read the laws, post them, meditate on them, internalize them, and find ways to apply them to your situation. And please let us know how they have changed the way you think and behave... we love real life success stories!

On Connecting With People

So why is it that you find it easy to connect with some individuals, while with others you feel like ships in the night? It might just be as simple as the two of you speaking a different language... not foreign, just different...

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