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Having just visited the Reebok warehouse, we can't wait to share with you the new collection. We are eagerly awaiting our new uniform in the next couple of months and as usual,  our instructors will be sporting the latest trend in fitness gear and will test it all out for you. 

Remember, you can purchase Reebok equipment (large and small), apparel and shoes with a great discount when going through Urban Energy. 

Ask your instructors for information.

Running club in full swing!
Better late than never ! Congratulations to the entire Dubai Today and Women's Health & Fitness running team who all finished the 10km standard chartered run.  It was a first race for many, a personal best for most and just great fun !

Congratulations to those who completed the half Marathons in Dubai and RAK. Louise, Maite & Robyn (first ever half), Gabrielle (PB).  Here's to many more runs together !  Congrats to Aindrea who run her first half Marathon (the Hills) in an incredible 2hours! Our run club will continue throughout the summer so make sure to come and join us !

New partner for Urban Energy: Gulf for Good  

 We've always like the great work that Gulf for Good do for children around the world.  And what better way to do good around you, whilst enjoying life changing experiences?  Amazing treks and adventures, wonderful friendships, priceless memories....  Effective immediately, Urban Energy will offer free classes to all members registered for a 2012 challenge.  Ask the team at Gulf for Good for terms & conditions and information.   Looking forward to getting you fit for your challenges !   

We are very grateful to those of you who put down in words the Urban Energy feel good factor !

Our Testimonial page on our website is packed full of good feedback on our work ! Keep them coming !

If you think we do a good job, please put a word on our website and let the world know about it ! There's nothing better than getting recommendations from people who have experienced our classes or personal training.

Great partner for Urban Energy: Baby steps 

Baby Steps been helping Expat Families in the GCC for the last five years during their time of need.

The Baby Steps Service consists of: obtaining the UAE Birth Certificates (Arabic and English), all required Attestations needed and Visa application for your new born. They also assist with the passport forms required.

They collect all documentation from your home and can deliver it back within 24 hours if required.   


contact them on 

Urban Prenatal in full swing !




It's been a busy time for our urban prenatal participants.   


We've recently welcomed twin girls  Zoe and Mya,
baby girl, Courtney Louise, and baby girl Helena.  


Congratulations to Sumi on the birth of her boy and we are expecting imminent announcement of the birth of 'Lenny the lentil' who will surely get a more appropriate blue or pink name on arrival !  


We wish you ladies the best for the next few weeks and can't wait to welcome you back with your lil' bundles to our Urban postnatal classes !    


If you want to know more about our Urban Prenatal class, have a look on the attached video and contact us on 


Urban Prenatal Video 


Issue: # 24      April 2012
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

Laurence & AmyWe absolutely love the beginning of the year in Dubai!  The entire city turns healthy and sporty and it's one great week after another !  Sporting events, outdoor living & exploring, days on the beach and plenty of outdoor exercising ... Yes, we've had an awesome first quarter.  As it slowly gets warmer, we continue to enjoy lovely evenings and cool mornings but we all feel the summer coming upon us !

It has been a busy time for us all. Our evening classes are busy, our run club has been incredible and our prenatal classes are in full bloom !

We have welcomed plenty of new team members, with Chelsee in January and most recently Heidi.  We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Vicky at the end of this month.

Lots of new babies as well, all of them healthy and well, we can't wait to welcome them and their mums back to our storkfit classes.

We have a few new programs in stock for you all and hope you will continue to enjoy the cool (and sometimes sandy)weather with us for the next few months !



Laurence & Amy
Confessions of a hopeful runner ! 

It's a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. And usually you don't change camp. I changed camp. I used to hate running. Now I like it. Or rather, I think I do.  I like the sound of me saying " I'm a runner". I like the look of admiration on people's face when I say, rather detachedly, " yeah, I am running a � marathon - Again ". That last word, as small as it is, actually says a lot. It tells the world I am a seasoned runner. Experienced. A fighter. A real sports enthusiast.


Little do they know.


I started running with the best intentions the world. A 10k in less than 50 min, a half in less 2 hours, and who knows, why not a Marathon ? Seems like the logical steps, right ? Right. 4 years into my running efforts and I would rather have paper cuts in my eyes, than run more than the 21.195 km of a Half. I have ordered my husband to break my kneecaps if I ever mention running a marathon and frankly you couldn't pay me enough to run more than 3 or 4 races a year. So, why do I call myself a runner ? The short answer is that it makes me feel good. It shows character and discipline. It puts me firmly in the camp of people who can.


I had fantasies. Me, crossing the finish line pushing one of these fancy running prams with a newborn in it.  People looking at me in awe, on the podium, receiving a prize check along with obligatory bunch of flowers.


Needless to say, the only podium I ever made was when I was giving the prize to a runner as a sponsor of the race. I've also never actually managed to run more than 100 meters with my baby pram.


But I am a runner. Yes. I am. I read running mags. I have the kit. The fancy watch. I remember my PB. I even have running injuries stories for dinner parties. That makes me a runner. And you know what ? No one ever asks me about my PB, or talks to me about my next race. Runners accepts other runners whatever their history. I started calling myself a runner when I completed my first 3km without stopping.  


That's when I changed camp. For good.


Our run club is just awesome. Great people, great achievements and great fun.  Join us. Become a runner.  

Updates on Classes !

boost team   

We have added a few classes to our schedule for your convenience :  


Urban Boost class in Safa Park at 10am on Fridays...  


Our evening Urban Kick and Urban Boost classes are now in Umm Suquiem Park.  Sorry lads, that means it's now a ladies only class !   


Our Sunday evening Arabian Ranches Running club will meet at the Alvorada Car Park until the end of April.  


We now have 5 weekly Urban Prenatal & Postnatal classes in Umm Suqueim Park and Safa Park 2. 


We hope to see you all soon in our classes.  All details are on our schedule


Women's Health and Fitness April issue !

We hope you are enjoying your monthly read of WH&F.  Here are some of the topics in this month's issue of WH&F :    

YOUR SEXY BACK Get tank-top ready with this quick 10-minute plan.  

A speedy workout to tone up your midsection in a matter of weeks.


KNOW YOUR BODY could your thyroid be the culprit of your weight gain?


Train early to boost your fit day.

Fit tips for moms and moms-to-be.

How you can reap the benefits of working out at work!.  


If you wish to follow WH&F, get their tips, and stay abreast of all things fitness in the UAE,  click 'like' on their   WH&F Facebook page.

Make sure you get your complimentary copy from your instructor over the next couple of weeks ! Happy reading ! 
Focus on: Elete hydration

With the summer coming upon us, we've been looking for better hydration solutions than the usual sugar ladden sports drink you can find in the supermarket.  We love this new Electrolyte product!  It is simply a concentrated source of naturally derived  electrolytes that you can readily mix with water or any drink  to tailor make their own sports drink.  it's great value and available through Urban Energy retail line !  


- Elete is completely natural. As well as supplying the major electrolytes of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride it also includes over 70 other trace and ultra-trace elements.
- Elete contains no colourings, flavourings or preservatives - nothing artificial 


- Elete contains no calories 


- Elete does not have a strong unpleasant taste 


- Elete readily dissolves in water


- Elete is easy to use - a 25ml 'pocket' bottle is sufficient to provide 10 litres of electrolyte drink -  


Contact us if you wish to purchase a small 'try-it' size bottle or ask your instructor who will happily give you more information and prices.   

A false sense of security ?    
There have been reports of 3 recent attacks on female runners in Dubai over the last few months.  The guidelines below were sent to us and we thought we needed to share them with you.  We often think that, living in Dubai, we are immune to such attacks, but as usual, it is best to be prepared for such eventualities.

Below is a summary of a few precautionary measures to consider...

- Be aware of your surroundings
- Run with a partner if possible or tell someone what route you plan to run, time, etc.
- Be vigilant whilst running and DO NOT run with an ipod on full blast
- If you have long hair wear it up under a cap if possible so there's nothing for a potential attacker to grab and control you
- Wear appropriate clothing i.e. long running pants to appear like a more difficult potential to an opportunist attacker
- Carry a mobile phone with a speed dial so you can call someone quickly if you feel that someone is following you
- If you are running alone, carry a small Deep Heat  spray so use like pepper spray, get it in your attackers eyes to disable him enough to make your escape
- If you are being followed make the point of looking at them in the face, or ask them a question so they know you've seen their face and could recognise them in a 'line up' - you will lose appeal as a target.
- If someone is coming towards you (and you feel threatened) hold out your hands and yell STOP or STAY BACK. Most rapists would leave a woman alone if she yelled or showed signs that she would put up a fight.
- If you are grabbed from behind - pinch the attacker either under the arm (between the elbow and the armpit) or in the inner thigh very, very hard.
- Back kick them in the shins, grab the groin and squeeze hard and twist.
- ALWAYS go for the groin, this will disable your attacker for sure.

Remember! Most attackers are looking for an easy target. If you see any odd behaviour don't dismiss it, go with your instincts.

We advocate group running mainly for social reasons. One good side benefit is that it will protect you from any unwanted attention... let us know if you are looking for running partners and we will put you in touch....