27th Edition | 1st Quarter 2022
Director's Note
Quality Service Never Compromised

In the dawn of each new year, we at GEL Solutions along with most other businesses, direct our focus on plans for success in the year ahead. As we set out with adjustments made and new objectives in mind, we remain firm in our commitment to providing great service for our clients.

Since the beginning, GEL's success has been largely built upon earning the trust of clients and we aim to uphold that high level of assurance year after year. Skill, experience, advanced technologies and other qualities may impress but if good service is lacking, relationships will likely suffer. In team discussions, we have routinely examined how it is often simple efforts, or lack thereof, that make a significant impact. Some of the specific measures we encourage are setting clear and achievable expectations, being responsive, and always being honest with those we serve. Challenges and complexities are to be expected on almost every project but when we operate with integrity and are attentive to our clients needs, we earn their trust and quite simply it is the right thing to do.

2022 has been good to us so far and it's been a pleasure serving you. Spring is just around the corner!
J. Derek Bradner P.E., PLS
Company News
Our Newest Team Members
James Morris | SUE Technician III
Charleston, SC

Sterling McKinney | Survey Technician I
Greensboro, NC
Career Opportunities
Your next opportunity is waiting for you!
We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic professionals who share our culture, core values and goals. If you fit that description and would like to be part of a well-respected firm, enhance your skill set, and work with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, we invite you to apply. 
Visit our careers page for a list of regularly updated postings.
Upcoming Events

GEL Solutions will be attending, presenting, or exhibiting at the following events:

March 20-23 | Charlotte, North Carolina

April 13-15 | Charleston, South Carolina

April 6-9 | Virginia Beach, VA
We hope to see you there and we'd love to talk with you!
Team Highlights
Recognized Employees from 4th quarter 2021
October 2021

Michael Green | Survey Crew Chief
Raleigh, North Carolina

Mike came on board in April 2016 and has been a key component on a vast range of projects throughout his tenure. With his years of experience, proven dedication and impressive work ethic, he has earned his role as a respected leader in our Survey Group. Mike’s responsibilities involve coordinating and supervising field crews, training survey staff as well as managing equipment, vehicles & supplies. He has also served as a Signage/Safety Coordinator with NCDOT and other private firms. Additionally, Mike has spent a lot of time working in tandem with our SUE team over the years and is well known for providing trusted support on their projects.  Simply stated, he delivers exceptional service to his co-workers and to our clients. We appreciate Mike for his continual ambition and for the high level of commitment he brings every day.
November 2021

Patrick O'Barr | SUE Project Manager
Raleigh, North Carolina

Patrick originally joined us in April 2016, departed for a brief stint in June 2020, then returned in April 2021. Patrick has served out of multiple locations throughout his time at GEL, including Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh where he has spent the majority of his tenure. With the experience he has attained over the years along with his involvement on a wide spectrum of projects, he has earned a significant role within our SUE Group and with GEL Solutions as a whole. Over the past several months, Patrick has assisted our Charleston office, providing field support for our SUE clients in SC. He has also been intensely committed week after week in support of substantial SUE projects in Augusta and Greenville this year, amidst rigorous travel assignments and unconventional challenges. We admire Patrick for his outstanding efforts and the positive attitude he brings every day.
December 2021

Brent Clauser | SUE Technician
Charleston, South Carolina

Brent originally joined us in January 2020, left briefly in June 2021, and returned in September 2021. Brent has embraced his role since the start, always willing to learn more and take on new responsibilities.  With nearly two years of field experience and a growing list of SUE projects on his resume, Brent has developed his skills significantly and rapidly, earning him much respect among his peers. When Brent returned to our team in the fall, he immediately hit the road to assist on multiple project sites across the Carolinas.  He has been especially integral on a major SUE project in Greenville, SC which has required many weeks of travel and commitment. If you’ve ever met Brent, you can probably imagine that he’d be a great guy to work with and you’d be right. We appreciate Brent for his dedication and for the positive energy he brings to our group.
Raleigh SUE Technician Steps up as Crew Chief
C.J. Howell
Since his arrival in 2018, C.J. Howell has worked tremendously hard in the field, earning his stripes as an experienced and trusted leader on our SUE services team. He has recently stepped up to take on the role of crew chief on several large-scale SUE projects in North and South Carolina. He has made a notable impact in his new endeavor, displaying exceptional organizational skills and professionalism. We applaud C.J. for embracing this opportunity and for his continued growth as a leader in our group.
Service Highlight
GEL Solutions performs hydrographic surveying services to map under water environments, structures and shorelines. We can operate in a range of water bodies including ponds, lakes, rivers, waterways, and oceans. Hydrographic survey data can be beneficial for marine construction, marine structure inspections, dredging operations, flood plain mapping, pipeline inspections, environmental and habitat monitoring.

Contact us or visit our website for more information about our surveying services.

In North Carolina, any engineering and surveying services are performed by GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. from the Greensboro and Raleigh locations.
Subsurface Fun Facts
Construction of High-Speed Train Network Reveals New Details about Ancient Roman Life
With activities being conducted to construct the high speed HS2 train network in England, researchers and archaeologists have unearthed numerous Roman artifacts on sites along its route. Some of the findings include coins, pottery, cutlery, gaming dice, bells, lead weights and even a rare and well-preserved humanlike wood carving. They also recently discovered the remains of over 400 individuals. Shockingly among those were 40 decapitated skeletons, likely to have been executed criminals.

The discoveries have offered a treasure trove of information, shedding light on what life was like in the region over 2000 years ago.

Read more details in the referenced articles found at livescience.com and nbcnews.com
In North Carolina, any engineering and surveying services are performed by GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. from the Greensboro and Raleigh locations.