31st Edition | 1st Quarter 2023

Director's Note

A Passion for Excellence

Here at GEL, we are candid in our commitment to our Core Values. We take pride in the principles and standards that guide us through all operations and every task we perform. Among these values is our strong passion for excellence.

Passion for excellence is engrained in our culture and is part of our identity. GEL clients expect greatness and that is what we strive to deliver with every interaction, every project and every deliverable. Our goal is to always bring the best and our team faithfully embraces that challenge. Specifically, we look to these principles to guide us in our pursuit:

  • Use our knowledge and seek to learn.
  • Stay focused in both thought and action.
  • Solve problems proactively and instill confidence in others.
  • Do what it takes to get the job done right.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and learn from our mistakes.

It's been a great start to 2023 and we thank you for putting your trust in our team. Happy Spring!

J. Derek Bradner P.E., PLS


Company News
Our Newest Team Members

Joshua Johnson | CAD Designer

Raleigh, NC

Jane Wiles | Technical Support Specialist

Greensboro, NC

It was great seeing you at these 1st Quarter events!

GEO Week 2023

With our TopoDOT® friends at GEO Week!

Laser Scanning Manager, Jason Lowe, attended GEO Week on February 13-15 in Denver, CO. GEO Week promotes the integration of the built environment, advanced airborne/terrestrial technologies, and 3D technologies. Jason had a great time learning more about the incredible products and solutions that are advancing the industry.

NCSS Conference & Trade Show

GEL Solutions Senior Land Surveyor, Scott Lineberry (middle), won a grill at the event!

Also in February, we had a large group attend the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (NCSS) Conference & Trade Show in Cherokee, NC. It was another great event this year and we enjoyed our time networking and gaining insight about the surveying industry on the local, state and national level. We look forward to returning next year!

Career Opportunities

Your next opportunity is waiting for you!

We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic professionals who share our culture, core values and goals. If you fit that description and would like to be part of a well-respected firm, enhance your skill set, and work with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, we invite you to apply. 

Raleigh, NC

Survey Manager/Project Manager

SUE Technicians I, II, III

Survey Crew Chief

Survey Technician

Charleston, SC

SUE Technicians I, II, III

Visit our careers page for a list of regularly updated postings.

Upcoming Events

GEL Solutions will be attending, presenting, or exhibiting at the following events:

VAS Convention & General Membership Meeting

April 12-15 | Newport News, VA

SAME Charleston Post Industry Day

April 20 | Charleston, SC

We hope to see you there and we'd love to talk with you!
Team Highlights

Walk for Water 2023

Every year, GEL supports the Walk for Water in Charleston, SC. The event is organized by Water Mission, a non-profit organization established in 2001 by GEL founders George and Molly Greene.

Millions of women and children around the globe walk more than 3 miles to collect water each day for their families. Often, the water collected is unsafe to drink. The aim of the Walk for Water is to provide communities, organizations, and companies with a local opportunity to raise awareness of the global water crisis and funds to fight it. The walk was created to simulate the journey women and children make every day to collect water. At the event, participants walk approximately 1.5 miles to a midway point with an empty bucket. There, they fill their bucket with dirty water and carry it another 1.5 miles to the end of the Walk.

This year's Walk for Water in Charleston, held on March 25th, generated a record turnout in event history with over 5,000 people attending. 167 walkers signed up on the GEL team!

For more information on you can support this great cause, visit watermission.org

Subsurface Fun Facts

Ice Age Human Footprints Discovered

Human footprints dating back to the last Ice Age have recently been discovered on the salt flats of the Air Force's Utah Testing and Training Range. Thomas Urban, a Research Scientist at Cornell University's Tree Ring Laboratory, inadvertently made the discovery when he was in route to an archaeological hearth site in the area. Urban was joined by Daron Duke, of Far Western Anthropological Research Group when they observed "ghost tracks," tracks that appear suddenly for a short time when moisture conditions are right, and then disappear again. Urban returned the following day with a group of researchers to begin documenting their findings. More prints were detected using Ground Penetrating Radar along one of the two visible trackways at the site.

Read more about this discovery in the referenced article by Cornell University.

In North Carolina, any engineering and surveying services are performed by GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. from the Greensboro and Raleigh locations.