19th Edition | 1st Quarter 2020
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In North Carolina, any engineering and surveying services are performed by GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. from the Greensboro and Raleigh locations. GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. also offers surveying services from the Asheville location.
Director's Note
Our Foundation

At GEL Solutions, our core values exist far beyond the framed list on the wall. They are embedded into the grain of our corporate culture and define the focus of our organization. It is the foundation of who we are, directing our path before the boots hit the ground, they guide every step of the services we provide.

How do we keep our finger on the pulse? We talk about it. We discuss our conduct, examine our delivery and recognize examples of exemplary service, or shortcomings, on a regular basis. In order to maintain integrity as a company, secure the safety of our employees and the public, and provide the best possible quality for our clients, we must analyze our services and practices continually . There will always be challenges to test our character but when we habitually live our core values, we are rewarded with satisfied clients, dedicated employees, a safe and positive work environment and a product that we can be proud of.

"Our values motivate and inspire us and guide every client engagement. GEL was conceived with strong values — founders George and Molly Greene instilled their passion for excellence and their dedication to responsive service, flexibility and expert project management into the very DNA of the company."*

*Excerpt from the GEL Group corporate website.

We wish you a blessed and Happy New Year!

Scott D. Carney, P.E.
Company News
GEL Solutions Welcomes New Director of Business Development
Tom Rock
Director of Business Development
We are proud to announce that on December 2nd, Tom Rock joined our team as Director of Business Development. Tom has a 28-year career in the SUE and survey industry. He served most recently as President with his previous firm after many years in the role of Director of Business Development. Tom will be bringing many of his industry connections and experiences to help grow and improve our company. Welcome, Tom!
New Fleet of GPRs!
GEL Solutions recently acquired 5 new PinPointR GPRs by Impulse Radar. These units are extremely versatile and we look forward to putting them to the test for our clients!
Our Newest Team Members
Tom Rock | Director of Business Development

Jan Mees | Geophysics Specialist
Career Opportunities
Your next opportunity is waiting for you!
We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic professionals who share our culture, core values and goals. If you fit that description and would like to be part of a well-respected firm, enhance your skill set, and work with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, we invite you to apply.
Visit our careers page for a list of regularly updated postings.
Upcoming Events
GEL Solutions will be attending, presenting, or exhibiting...
...and we'd love to talk with you.

February 6-8| Charlotte, North Carolina

February 26-28| Columbia, South Carolina

Employee Spotlight

Natalie Boone | Survey Crew Chief
Asheville, North Carolina

Natalie has the knowledge and experience of surveying in the mountains which is crucial for projects in the western NC region.  She has also brought a fresh perspective on modern surveying practices such as drones, 3D scanning, and GIS. She was awarded our company MVP in June 2019 for her role on a project in Blairsville, GA where she contributed tremendous efforts for several weeks. Since joining us in October 2018, Natalie has been an integral member of our team and we applaud her for the quality she delivers to our clients.

Nathan Honea | Survey Technician
Greensboro, North Carolina

Nathan joined GEL Solutions in May 2019. With no prior surveying experience, he has become proficient in running the Total Station, DiNi level, and even the terrestrial scanner in a very short time frame. Nathan is very dependable and an extremely quick learner. He is truly an asset to the Greensboro office and GEL Solutions as a whole. We thank Nathan for his efforts and commitment to our team!

Sam Short | Survey Technician
Raleigh, North Carolina

Sam came on board in July 2017. Prior to joining GEL, Sam served as an Engineer Technician where he gained valuable experience working on NCDOT construction projects. As a surveyor, Sam has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, a passion for his role and a consistently positive attitude. More recently, he has proven his leadership abilities while serving as Survey Crew Leader on multiple projects. We thank Sam for his efforts and for the quality work that he provides for our clients on every project!
Service Highlight
We can navigate the complex challenges of identifying utility conflicts and resolutions early and throughout your project’s duration.
In today's world, avoiding costly delays related to utility conflicts on a project is imperative. GEL Solutions offers utility coordination (UC) services to assist you throughout the life cycle of your project. We accomplish this through cohesive engagement with utility owners/operators, designers, contractors and other stakeholders. Our goal, operating on your behalf, is uncovering and resolving issues early in the project delivery process, identifying the most efficient, cost-effective solutions. Simply stated, GEL Solutions works to ensure your project’s greatest success.
Our team has the experience and expertise you can trust.
GEL Solutions' UC services offer great value to any project when potential utility conflicts are involved. Our team has a broad understanding of regulatory requirements and statutes and are adept at developing relocation and coordination strategies including the removal, relocation and modifications of utility facilities impacted by highway improvement projects, site development and facilities upgrades or changes. We maintain a safety-first, underground facilities damage prevention philosophy with ongoing professional commitments to local, state and national damage prevention/safety stakeholder groups. To summarize, GEL Solutions is well-prepared to take on and resolve complex issues involving utility conflicts so your team can focus on other project priorities, saving you valuable time and cost.
Visit our website for more details on Utility Coordination and find out how our services can benefit your project!
GSET Safety Hero
Vigilant Field Technician Protects His Partner
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller and Fred Horne were locating utilities on a hospital property when a near miss occurred. Due to access issues to the E.R., they were not able to park their vehicle in the ideal location on the street. So they positioned it on a nearby curb with strobes flashing, alerting pedestrians of work in the area.

When Fred was focused on a vault in the road, a car came speeding up towards him. Thankfully, Kevin remained observant to their surroundings and got the attention of the driver, directing him to slow down. The vehicle decelerated and went around the work area without incident. The driver appeared to be distracted on his phone and did not initially notice the men working in the area.

Hats off to Kevin for recognizing the potential danger and staying alert for the protection of his crew!
Subsurface Fun Facts
Answers May Be Found Deep Within
Two bodies of solid rock located almost 2,000 miles beneath the earth's surface, could hold answers to the formation of the Earth. These masses, one located under Africa and the other under the Pacific Ocean, were discovered long ago but the seismic data that revealed them at the time provided little detail.

Originally, these structures were assumed to be ocean plates that had been shoved under a competing plate. But recent evidence has brought a new theory to light. Researchers state (the masses) "may have been formed from an ancient magma ocean that solidified during the beginning of Earth's formation." Furthermore, these giant rock structures may have survived the impact that tore off part of the Earth, ultimately creating the moon. Thus indicating the masses could be as old as the planet itself.

Read many details about this compelling discovery in this article published by phys.org