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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
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GEL Solutions’ subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and surveying services in North Carolina are performed by its affiliate, GEL Engineering of NC, Inc., DBA GEL Solutions .
Director's Note
Maintaining Focus On Good Communication

Spring is upon us and with nicer weather comes a busy time of year. Having good communication is vital in any successful relationship. As our schedules fill up, we strive to stay focused on maintaining good communication with our clients and colleagues.
Responsiveness plays a crucial role in our business relationships. It is imperative to be available and reliable to preserve trust, loyalty and to effectively execute the services we provide. Choosing the right communication methods are also important. These days we are blessed with convenient technologies, offering various channels to contact each other electronically. However, in some cases having a verbal phone conversation or meeting in person may be the most effective way to resolve an issue or make a good impression.
Feedback can be an invaluable communication tool. Evaluations from clients and employees can help gauge the strengths of your business as well as uncover opportunities for improvement. Whether positive or negative, these observations can bring information to light that other statistics may not always detect. As an added bonus, having these discussions may offer opportunities to further explain issues that were not understood or acknowledge where you fell short. Mistakes will happen but how we address them is often the real test.
Happy Spring!
Scott D. Carney, P.E.
Our Newest Team Members
David Rogers | Survey Technician I
Brian Boone | Survey Technician II

Jason Lowe | Senior Land Surveyor
Andy Smith, PLS | Senior Land Surveyor

Jesse Ayscue | Survey Technician I
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GEL Solutions  is hiring for the positions listed below. We are looking for highly motivated, energetic professionals who share our culture, core values and goals. If you fit that description and would like to be part of a well-respected firm, enhance your skill set, and work with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, we invite you to apply online using the links below.
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Recent Project/Contract Awards
  • Town of Cary Water Resources Department On-call SUE Contract

  • Town of Cary Transportation and Facilities Department On-call Survey Contract

  • 2019-2020 NCDOT L&S On-call SUE/Survey Contract
Employee Spotlight

Jeremy Willoughby | Director of Florida Operations
Jacksonville, Florida

Jeremy is a nationally recognized trainer for utility location technology.  On top of running our Florida office, he has been a mentor to all junior locating staff at GEL Solutions. He also has been instrumental in providing support on various projects including two large 3D utility project initiatives in California. Jeremy’s expertise in utility locating assured the projects were conducted on time and with the highest degree of quality. 

Jeremy embraces the variety in his role at GEL Solutions. He states, "I enjoy the job as a whole. I know that is a generic answer, but it’s truthful. I like working outside; I like working inside. I like the interaction with clients; I like being on a site by myself. I enjoy learning from others and I enjoy teaching others." We thank him and are proud of his accomplishments!

Travis Conn | Survey Crew Chief
Raleigh, North Carolina

Travis joined GEL Solutions in 2016, bringing with him many years of surveying knowledge and experience.  He has gained a reputation for doing quality work and has made an obvious impact over the past 2.5 years.

Travis comments about challenges on the job. "Every day is a challenge. Whether I'm running DiNi levels for elevation, collecting data for hydrographic surveys, in the woods, or any task for that matter. Every day is a learning process and a challenge at GEL." We thank Travis for what he brings to the table every day and the positive influence he has on our group .
MARCH 2019

Beth Axson | Marketing Manager
Charleston, South Carolina

When Beth walked into our office for the first time in January 2014 it was probably hard to imagine the impact she would make. Her reach extends far beyond her Marketing role as she has also been heavily involved in client support and proposal processes, administrative duties, invoicing, training, and field work. Beth also leads our GSET Safety program, she is a liaison for industry partners including the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) and the Lowcountry Utility Coordinating Committee (LUCC), and she has been pivotal in our Deltek system migration. Beth is a gifted problem solver and is known for being our “go to” person, lending support to our entire management team and staff .  

When asked about her proudest moment at GEL Solutions, Beth responds, " I could never narrow it down to one. We encounter unexpected challenges all the time, particularly as we continue to grow. My proud moments come from working as a part of this amazing team to find solutions that keep us on our track of success."
Service Highlight
Seismic Methods
Seismic methods involve the generation and recording of sound waves for detecting subsurface properties and measuring seismic velocity variations with depth, using geophones and a seismograph. Common applications include depth to bedrock profiling, rock quality rippability, rock and soil moduli evaluation, karst and void detection, groundwater exploration and mapping aggregates such as sand, clay, and gravel. The GEL team can make preliminary interpretations in the field, then download data onto a laptop for further processing and analysis. The final deliverable includes detailed, cross-sectional images of the investigation area(s).

Seismic methods include seismic refraction, reflection and multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW).  All methods utilize a seismic source such as a hammer or explosive charge to generate seismic energy which is recorded from a series of vertical geophones along a line or traverse over the area of interest. Variations in soil and bedrock density directly control the velocity of the seismic wave and therefore, the overall layering or composition of the subsurface is modeled.

These techniques offer a non-destructive option to obtain comprehensive subsurface data which can be applied in a variety of environments. GEL Solutions has the tools, experience and resources necessary to deliver precise, high-quality data using seismic methods.

Project Highlight
3D Subsurface Mapping – Spokane, WA

A large power company serving the downtown corridor of Spokane planned to relocate a major substation to facilitate future needs of the community. A primary distribution line needed to be re-routed and installed from the existing plant to the new off-site substation through the downtown environment where utilities are dense throughout. Using the Raptor array technology in conjunction with all available standard utility designating methods, our team mapped more than one mile of streetscape in 3D. The project resulted in the identification of several unknown utilities and other features, giving design engineers information needed to establish the most risk averse passageway.
GSET Safety Heroes
Jason Pratt
T.J. Rodriguez
Roadway Accident Response

Jason Pratt and T.J. Rodriguez responded to a potentially fatal car accident in which one of the vehicles was leaking fluids, had a dangling battery, and the driver could not get out. They positioned their truck as a barricade, put on their flashers, and proceeded to assist getting the driver out of the car from the passenger side. Emergency responders showed up moments after. We tip our hats to these two for stepping up without hesitation during a critical situation.
Subsurface Fun Facts
Ground Penetrating Radar Used to Reveal Alcatraz History
Alcatraz is mostly known for its history as a maximum security prison from 1934 to 1963. However, the first structure on the island was a military fortress, built in 1850 to protect San Francisco Bay. When the new prison was constructed in the early 1900's, much of the original structure was destroyed. However, archaeologists have recently found that some of the buried structure is more intact than originally thought. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was utilized during the investigation to help uncover these findings.

Read the s ource for more interesting facts and details about this discovery.