22nd Edition | 4th Quarter 2020
Our Core Values

A Passion for Excellence
Quality Service
Responsiveness and Flexibility
A Stimulating and Stable Work Environment
Commitment to the Fundamentals of our Faith:

Ethical Standards
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In North Carolina, any engineering and surveying services are performed by GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. from the Greensboro and Raleigh locations. GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. also offers surveying services from the Asheville location.
Director's Note
The Importance of Adaptability

To stay competitive in our modern world, businesses face many new challenges. In most markets today, businesses must continually adapt to meet increasing and ever-changing demands in order to compete and endure. Outside circumstances can also impact business, requiring us to shift gears to maintain success. Weather impacts, current events, politics and other circumstances can present obstacles that we may not anticipate. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a harsh reminder of this and we have witnessed how so many businesses around the globe are adapting to survive.

Being that our industry is heavily driven by advancements in technology, GEL Solutions is no stranger to adapting to changes and continual evolution. We thrive on implementing innovative instrumentation and enhancing our services to stay ahead of the curve. As one of our most well-known pursuits, our exploration with 3D deliverables which began in the early 2000's, has been well rewarded as the demand for 3D data grows. We have also faced our fair share of outside circumstances that have tested our ability to adapt and adjust with creative solutions. Though overcoming some of these obstacles can be arduous, the hurdles make us more versatile and resilient. Over the years we have learned to expect the unexpected, learn from challenges and do our best to prepare for what might be around the corner.

As we wrap up 2020, we wish you all the best!
Scott D. Carney, P.E.
Company News
SUE Manager Steps Up to Lead Raleigh Office
We are very excited to announce that former SUE Operations Manager, Richard Ringler will be taking on a new role as Raleigh Operations Manager. During Richard’s 5+ years with GEL Solutions, he has risen quickly to running the SUE group and we look forward to even greater things in his expanded role.  Congratulations, Richard!
New SUE Manager Named in Raleigh
Tony Mangum has stepped up to fill the SUE Manager position in our Raleigh, NC office. With his experience on numerous SUE investigations including municipal, transportation, power plants, and water/stormwater projects, Tony has been instrumental in the success of our SUE program in NC. Congratulations, Tony!

GEL Solutions Principal Celebrates 35 Years
On August 27th we celebrated Scott Smith's 35th anniversary at GEL! He has been a tremendous asset to our team and we are grateful for his many years of service and dedication. Congratulations, Scott! Time flies.

Article: A New Dawn for 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Arrays
We encourage you to check out this article by GEL Solutions' Jorgen Bergstrom, P.Gp., from the September issue of xyHt magazine, illustrating the evolution of 3D GPR arrays. As a 25 year pioneer in the field of near surface geophysics and an expert with geophysical methods and instruments, Jorgen shares his personal history and experience with the advancement of 3D GPR arrays and his insight on the bright future ahead.

Career Opportunities
Your next opportunity is waiting for you!
We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic professionals who share our culture, core values and goals. If you fit that description and would like to be part of a well-respected firm, enhance your skill set, and work with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in our industry, we invite you to apply. 
Visit our careers page for a list of regularly updated postings.
Upcoming Events
All events have been cancelled, postponed or rescheduled as organizers monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

We miss seeing our friends and industry peers during this challenging time. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Employee Spotlight
July 2020

Jason Lowe | Laser Scanning Manager 
Greensboro, North Carolina

Jason came on board in February of 2019. He learned LiDAR scanning and BIM technologies from the ground up and continues to excel in their applications. His expertise has been invaluable on recent DOT projects requiring a high level of skill with LiDAR technology and deliverables. Jason is an “out of the box” thinker who is always looking for a better way. He is a pleasure to work with and truly an asset to GEL Solutions. We thank Jason for pushing the boundaries and his commitment to our team!
August 2020

Jeff Tallent | Director of Western NC Operations
Asheville, North Carolina

Jeff came on board in September of 2011 and has conducted an impressive range of subsurface investigations throughout his tenure, primarily involving subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and geophysical services. Additionally, Jeff leads our Technology Advancement Group (TAG) and has been integral in our push into cutting edge instrumentation and deliverables. He is also regularly involved in Business Development initiatives and as yet another bonus, he provides valuable IT support for our team. We thank Jeff for his incredible commitment and dedication to GEL Solutions!
September 2020

Nick Jackson | SUE Technician 
Raleigh, North Carolina

Nick celebrated three years with GEL Solutions in August. Throughout his tenure here, he has gained a lot of respect and admiration from his colleagues. Nick’s primary expertise is in the SUE world but he is often involved on geophysical and surveying projects as well. We can always count on Nick to do whatever is requested and get the job done without hesitation. He consistently produces quality work for our clients and has been a great asset to our company. We thank Nick for his efforts and dedication!
Service Highlight
GEL Solutions employs licensed and registered professional land surveyors with the knowledge necessary to provide accurate and reliable geospatial information. Our personnel have ample experience performing a broad range of surveying services and we use this experience to provide technical accuracy to every surveying project. Our survey teams have completed hundreds of complex surveying projects throughout Georgia and North Carolina for various clients including departments of transportation, municipalities, and private firms. GEL Solutions offers a full range of surveying services and maintains a comprehensive list of the latest equipment and drafting/mapping software. By performing surveying services outlined in your scope of work using our licensed professional surveyors, your data will be reliable, accurate, and defensible. We have the right people, with the right skills and proper equipment, all at an affordable hourly rate.

Our Surveying Services Include:
ALTA / ACSM Surveys
Utility As-Built Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Tree Location Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Route Location Surveys
Construction Staking
GPS Surveying (Static & RTK)
Settlement Surveys
Volumetric Surveys
Wetland Surveys
Property Survey Condemnation Maps
Residential / Commercial Subdivisions
Flood Insurance Certificates
Photogrammetric Ground Control
GIS Mapping
LiDAR Scanning
Visit our website for more details about our surveying services.
Project Highlight
Bedrock Mapping Using Seismic Refraction
In Support of Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
During preliminary engineering for upgrades to a water treatment plant, our client discovered shallow bedrock in geotechnical borings within the footprint of the proposed facilities. They were hoping to find a location with more overburden to avoid blasting and removing rock. Seismic refraction was used along five profiles to model subsurface seismic velocity and determine bedrock elevations in the area of concern. Results were used to produce a contour map of bedrock elevation which helped us clearly identify areas with elevated and suppressed bedrock. 3D models help illustrate the agreement between our five seismic models and data from geotechnical borings.
GEL Solutions has extensive experience providing geophysical services in support of environmental and engineering projects.

More information about these services can be found here.
Common Risk Factors We Face
With the work we do, our crews anticipate a wide variety of risks on virtually every job we do. Having plans and procedures in place and maintaining adherence is critical. Below are three of the most common risks we face and how we try to mitigate them.

Road Work Safety

Preparation and focus are imperative for safety
  • Plan ahead to schedule traffic control, night work, or times with less traffic
  • Work facing traffic when possible
  • Use signage and strobes for visibility; use vehicle as a barricade if practical
  • Look out for one another
  • Wear appropriate PPE
Heat Stress

Be smart when working outdoors in extreme heat
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade or air conditioned vehicle.
  • Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes
  • Don't overexert yourself
  • Watch out for your co-workers
  • If you or your co-workers show signs of heat stress, take action!
Defensive Driving

Driving is one of the riskiest aspects of our job
  • Remain alert and pay attention to your surroundings at all times
  • Maintain space cushion
  • Do not speed
  • Drive confidently, not aggressively
  • Never drive impaired or fatigued
  • Always buckle your seatbelt

Subsurface Fun Facts
More evidence of liquid water recently discovered on Mars
Based on data collected between 2012-2019 by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft, the presence of a large lake beneath a thick layer of ice at the planet's south pole has been recently confirmed. The research team states, “The possibility of extended hypersaline water bodies on Mars is particularly exciting because of the potential for the existence of microbial life. Future missions to Mars should target this region to acquire experimental data in relation to the basal hydrologic system, its chemistry, and traces of astrobiological activity.”

Read the full article published by News Landed here.