E-Newsletter | August 2019
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We have some exciting news to share about a just-published ACC&D manuscript, as well as upcoming conferences, events, and journal publications. Read on to learn more! 
New Study Shows High Intensity TNR Most Effective for Population Control and Saving Outdoor Cats’ Lives Combined
ACC&D's study,  A Long-Term Lens: Cumulative Impacts of Free-Roaming Cat Management Strategy and Intensity on Preventable Cat Mortalities , was just published in peer-reviewed Frontiers in Veterinary Science . It is a must-read for those interested in both reducing the numbers of free-roaming cats and what happens to cats in the process.

Modeling in this study revealed that, of seven scenarios evaluated, high-intensity sterilization reduces cat populations with the least number of preventable deaths, and sterilizing a high percentage of cats early on is critical to both reducing populations and saving lives. And, kitten mortality can be a major contributor to total preventable deaths.

ACC&D has convened a diverse group of experts in cats, wildlife, and modeling to use sophisticated computer technology to model population dynamics of free-roaming cats. We are developing benchmarks against which non-surgical contraceptives and sterilants can be compared. More broadly, we want to identify and empower humane interventions to effectively accomplish goals of reducing outdoor cats at the population level.

Learn more about our modeling work and this publication on our website , and be sure to check out our Story Map for a visual summary of the study results that is great for sharing!
  Animals Special Issue on Non-Surgical Sterilization
Manuscripts are being accepted through October 31, 2019 for a Special Issue of Animals titled “New Approaches to Non-Surgical Sterilization for Dogs and Cats." The objective is to gather the most recent scientific findings on the topic of non-surgical sterilization. A team of researchers from Italy’s University of Bari Aldo Moro will guest edit the issue. More information is available on the Animals website .
Congratulations to Board Member Dr. Linda Rhodes
Longtime ACC&D Board member extraordinaire, Dr. Linda Rhodes, will be honored with the Iron Paw Award later this month. She’s part of an elite group of professionals chosen for their significant impact on or contribution to the global animal health industry. She is described as having an “extraordinary legacy of passion, dedication, and contribution to advancing the industry and pioneering change.” Congratulations!
World Rabies Day is Approaching
Mark your calendar for September 28th.
World Rabies day
The countdown has begun for World Rabies Day 2019, organized by our friends at the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) . Each year, hundreds of events take place across the globe on or around September 28 th . They bring us closer to eliminating this fatal virus for both dogs and humans, with children being particularly at risk in communities with a high rabies burden. This year’s theme is Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate .

If your organization is hosting an event in late September to combat rabies, be it an educational activity, a rabies vaccination clinic, or something else entirely, please register it here to reach a much broader worldwide audience. GARC offers an Event Toolkit , free educational online courses , general awareness-raising resources in multiple languages and for diverse audiences, and more on its website .
Upcoming Conferences: All About Dogs
The 3 rd International Humane Dog Population Management Conference will take place September 18-20, 2019, in Mombasa, Kenya. Presented by the International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) Coalition , this conference is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from people across the globe who are doing innovative work to improve the well-being of dogs and the communities in which they live.

We are excited that ACC&D Board Chair, Dr. Elly Hiby, is an organizer and will be sharing her knowledge on selecting and measuring indicators of dog population management impact. ACC&D will be presenting, via video, about non-surgical fertility control and a special ethics project (more on that in our next E-Newsletter!). Be sure to check out the event website to learn more about this unique conference.
Call for Papers:
Rethinking Canid-Human Relations
November 21-22, 2019
Brock University, St. Catharines
Ontario, Canada

This conference will focus on wild and domesticated canids and their relationships and interactions with humans. Registration is free. Abstracts related to the conference topic areas are being accepted until September 30, 2019. More information can be found at this website .
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