Monday, November 27, 2017, Florida Cultural Alliance Statewide Advocacy and Information-to-Use Conference Call Agenda and Materials
Monday, November 27, 2017, Statewide Conference Call Scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST

Agenda and Materials Below 


Who is participating
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Agenda letters

Number 1
Guest Speakers are   Jamie Tucker and Allison Grayson from Independent Sector

Jamie Tucker
Allison Grayson
Topic Question:  How will certain proposed tax reform policies potentially harm nonprofits?

What can you and I do now to take immediate action on this issue?

The links below are to talking points and summaries that currently live on Independent Sector's website. Jamie and Allison will reference these during their review and discussion with those on Monday's statewide call:

1.e.   Independent Sector encourages people to reach out to their senators and send a message using its advocacy center to remind senators what's at stake for the nonprofit sector in tax reform:


Number 2
What is the status of the Florida Legislature and impact on arts, arts education, and culture leading up to the 2018 Florida Legislative Session?

Tallahassee Old New Capitols
2.a.  When are members of the Florida Legislature meeting in Tallahassee?

Legislative Committee Meetings are scheduled for
October 9 through October 13 (completed)
October 23 through October 27 ( completed)
November 6 through November 9 ( completed)
November 13 through November 17 ( completed)
December 4 through December 8

What are the dates for the 2018 Florida Legislative Session?
January 9 through March 9

Reminder post it note

2.b.  What can I and other advocates do before the end of this year regarding advocacy?   

Here is the  Suggested-Advocacy-Action Calendar with three simple and easy action steps we suggested you take each month from August through December -- have you taken these steps? A new action calendar that takes us through the 2018 will be provided to you in December 2017.

2.c.  What is the status of the 2018-2019 ranked lists of recommended DCA grants?

The Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' (DCA) grant-review panels are now over.  They have reviewed and ranked all the DCA 2018-2019 applications. The  Florida Council on Arts and Culture met via conference call on November 16 and approved all the panels' recommendations for 2018-2019 DCA grants.  The Council's recommendations were forwarded to Secretary of State Ken Detzner for his review and approval.  

2.d.  What are the  preliminary 2018-2019 DCA ranked grant lists as approved by the Florida Council on Arts & Culture on November 16?
Please note that these DCA grant recommendations linked below must be approved by the Secretary of State before they become finalized:

2018-2019 County-by-County List of Recommended DCA Grants for All Four DCA Grant Categories

2018-2019 Quick Look at DCA Recommended Grants by Categories and Counties

The approved and ranked 2018-2019 recommended DCA grant lists, along with the DOS 2018-2019 Grants Lists Book , should be available soon from the Florida Department of State.  As soon as the Secretary of State releases the approved and ranked grant lists for 2018-2019, we can finalize our 2018 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture.

Senate President Joe Negron with Sherron Long and Lois Benson and Dr. Jim Zingale
2.e. What were the Florida Cultural Alliance's face-to-face advocacy efforts in Tallahassee during November?

Dr. Jim Zingale and Sherron Long met with approximately forty legislators and their staff members, along with the directors of both the Senate and House Appropriations Committees to review and discuss the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants' programs.  The following materials were tailored to each of the legislators and/or staff members they met with between November 6 and 17 in the Capitol.  One day, The Honorable Lois Benson, immediate past chair of the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, drove over from Pensacola to join them for a whole day of legislative meetings, which included meetings with Senate President Joe Negron and Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran.

Tailor-made packets for each of the legislators we met with included the following:

Cover for individual informational packets for legislators/staff

Informational Sheet About the DCA Grants' Programs and Impact

Quick Four-Year Look at DCA appropriations for Grants

AFTA 2017 Creative Industry Report/s for Their Respective County/Counties and the Creative Industry Report for Florida

Impact of 2017-2018 DCA Grants Awarded and Not Awarded for Their Respective County/Counties

Tourism Impact and Interest in Arts and Culture  -- copied and shared page 26 of this presentation from one of FCA statewide call

2.f.   Are the number of recommended grants growing each year for DCA grants? 
Yes.  The demand for these DCA grants has grown substantially over the last few years and continues to increase each year; however, the total appropriations to fund them have decreased, especially for the Cultural and Museum Grants.

  Legislative Project Requests for 2018-2019 Are Now Over $1,153,406,421 and Counting:

As you know, we encourage the Florida Legislature to honor and fund the ranked lists of vetted and recommended grants from the Florida Department of State before they fund local legislative projects.  To date, over 700 legislative project requests have been filed; and it goes up every day.

  Have you written your thank you letters?   Have you mailed your thank you letters to your Florida Senator and Representative AND to those key Florida House and Senate legislators AND others who helped secure state 2017-2018 appropriations for these DCA grants?  

Please write these thank you letters on personal and/or organizational stationery and mail them to their district offices this month.  

2.i.  Goals of Thank You Campaign:  
  a re a few goals for our statewide thank you campaign -- please add some of your own personal, organizational, and community goals.

  Legislators Who Represent Your County:  Download contact information now for all the Florida legislators who represent your county in the 2018 Florida Legislative Session.  Just click on the Excel file below where your county is listed (alphabetized); find your county worksheet at the bottom and download.  Make sure you know who your Florida Senator, Representative, and U.S. Representative are for this ye ar.

Always check for legislative staff and address changes by
going to the legislators' linked websites on your downloaded Excel file.  Updated lists will be provided to you in December 2017.

Teddy Bear

2.k.  TED Appropriations Subcommittees:  There are changes in legislative membership in 2018 for both the Florida House and Senate TED appropriations' subcommittees.  

As you know, the two appropriations  subcommittees that deal with appropriation discussions and recommendations for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' grants programs are the

 Quick Review of Changes in TED Appropriations' Subcommittees. Please see if any of these legislators represent your county in the Florida Legislature.

2.m.   Florida 2018 Legislative Leadership in   Senate and   House .  Do you or any of your board members know any of these legislative leaders?


Number 3

Arts & Culture Day 2018
January 24 at State Capitol

3.a.    Information on Arts & Culture Day 2018 -- tentative schedule,
        reasons to participate, hotel information, registration, etc.  

3.b.  Register early to ensure you have a seat on January 24.

3.c.  Attention:  Florida Local Arts Agencies -- we're re-establishing
        our  annual dinner networking meeting for Florida's local arts
        agencies the evening before Arts & Culture 
Day.  So, please plan
        to join your LAA colleagues for networking, drinks, dinner, and
        sharing from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on January 23 at a restaurant
        right behind the Quality Inn where we have a group rate.  Details
        will be emailed to the local arts agencies next week. 


Number 4

Are you using the latest AEP5 information
in your advocacy efforts?

4.b.  Quick Access to Highlights of All 41
Florida AEP5 Studies:  Access a two-page document that is an overview of the economic arts and culture impact and also the revenue generated for local and state government treasuries as documented in the forty-one Florida AEP5 Studies by participating cities, counties, and regions .

4.d.  Here are some  highlights from the Florida AEP5 Study :

Florida's nonprofit arts and culture sector

     --  is a $4.68 billion industry;
     --  supports 132,366 full-time equivalent jobs;
     --  generates $492.3 million in local and state government revenue; 
     --  attracts tourists; 
           46.1 percent of the nonresident survey respondents were asked about the
           purpose of their trip and they indicated that the primary purpose of their visit
           to the State of Florida was "specifically to attend this arts/cultural event."
     --  and retains local dollars.
           44.8 percent of resident attendees said they would have "traveled to a different
           community to attend a similar cultural event."

4.e. Calculate your own organization's economic impact using the  Americans for the Arts' Arts & Economic Prosperity Calculator

Number 5

Federal Arts & Culture Updates 
and Action Requests

DC Capitol
 Status of Florida's Members of Congress:

Know who in Congress  represents your county and if they are members of the arts or cultural or STEAM caucuses. 

Check. Thank. Ask.

Thank them if they are members of any of these caucuses.  If they are not, please ask them to please join and send them the appropriate form to easily join:  

Form to Join Congressional Arts Caucus for U.S. House Members

Form to Join Cultural Caucus for U.S. Senate Members

Form to Join STEAM Caucus for U.S. House Members

NEA Art Works Logo
Status of National Endowment for the Arts ( NEA) funding for FY 2017-2018.  

Urge Florida Congressional Members to Cosponsor the CREATE Act .


5.d.   Communicate NOW to Florida's U.S. Senators regarding the harm that its proposed tax reform policies will have on charitable giving.  

5.e.    Have you joined the Americans for the Arts' Arts Action Fund yet?

If so, thank you; if not, please quickly and easily join now -- it's free.

Number 6
What are the final numbers regarding facility damages to Florida's arts and cultural organizations?

6.a.  Go here to quickly review the final numbers regarding damages caused by Hurricane Irma to Florida's arts and cultural organizations.

Many thanks to the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs and to those of you who completed this important statewide hurricane-damage assessment survey.


Arts Education Updates and News to Use

7.a.  Florida Department of Education ESSA website page

7.b.   Florida's ESSA Plan (fine arts mentioned on page 14)  

7.c.  Florida Department of Education Fine Arts Portal

7.d.  Florida Department of Education Fine Arts Web Resources

7.e.  Americans for the Arts State Policy Pilot Program

7.f.   Florida Alliance for Arts Education Arts4All Planning Document

7.g.  Education Week Articles on Arts Education

7.i.    Call for the Required Data Collection for Fine Arts Report Oct. 2017 

7.j.    On November 4, the Florida Alliance for Arts Education is partnering
        with Bay Arts Alliance and Gulf Coast State College to host a 
        workshop designed to inspire and guide middle and high school
        students in the 
pursuit of creative careers .

7.k.  Infographic that shows the enrollment in fine arts courses in Florida
        public schools from 2011 through 2017 -- enrollment is declining.


Other News You Should Know About:

Arts & Culture Day Graphic

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January 24, 2018 -- Arts & Culture Day in Tallahassee

March 12 & 13, 2018 -- Arts Days in  Washington, DC

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