April 10, 2017, Florida Cultural Alliance Statewide Conference Call Agenda and Materials
April 10, 2017, Statewide Conference Call
Agenda and Materials


Who is participating on this morning's statewide advocacy call?

Go here for a list of call participants.


Goals for Today's Call:

1.   State Budget and Florida Legislative Updates:  review status of the
     development of Florida's FY 2017-2018 budget as it relates to the
     appropriations needed to fund the recommended 2017-2018 Florida
     Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants AND the status of 2017 Florida
     Legislative bills of interest to our industry.

2.   Important Data on Arts & Culture:  learn about the U.S. Bureau of
     Economic Analysis (BEA) Arts & Culture Satellite Account, and how to
     access and use this valuable data in our advocacy efforts to support our
     arts and culture industries.

3.   State and Federal Advocacy Action Steps to Take Now:  review and
     discuss the action steps you and others must take to help 
secure the
     highest state appropriations possible to fund all DCA 
recommended 2017-
     2018 grants AND save and secure funding for the National Endowment for
     the Arts (NEA) for this Fiscal Year 2017 and in the future.

4.   Other Issues to Know About and Engage In:  FCA encourages you to
     participate in the annual Florida Alliance for Arts Education 
      Summit June 22 through 24 in Daytona Beach AND learn about and
     engage in the Partnership for Revising Florida's Constitution, which is
     related to the work going on now with the Florida Constitution  Revision
     Commission work. 

Agenda letters

Number 1

Guest Speaker is Paul Kern

Paul Kern
Paul Kern is with the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis ( BEA) and is an expert on the Arts & Cultural Production Satellite Account that generates a tremendous amount of economic data on our industry.  He will inform us about this important BEA account and how we can access and use this information in our advocacy efforts.  

The updated data will be released on April 19; so, Paul will get us ready to access this new data by reviewing how this account works and highlights from previous reports:

BEA Arts & Cultural Production Satellite Account Press Release --
February 16, 2016

YouTube Presentation by Paul About the Arts & Cultural Production Satellite Account -- May 22, 2015

Number 2

Florida Legislative Session Update and Discussion:

State Budget As It Relates to DCA Grants

                 2017 Legislative Bills of Interest to Our Industry 

Dr. Jim Zingale
Dr. Jim Zingale
Dr. Jim Zingale, a state budget expert with years of experience working on state budget issues, will give us an overview on the  (1) status of the development of the FY 2017-2018 state budget and what the appropriation recommendations are, to date, to fund the 2017-2018 DCA grants; (2) results of the Budget Revenue Estimating Conference held on March 17;   (3) and how we all must engage now and throughout this year's legislative session to secure the highest appropriations possible to fund the recommended Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants.

References Sherron and Jim will use during this review and discussion related to 2017 Florida Legislative Session:

2.a.   Side-by-side appropriation recommendations made by the Florida House
        and Senate Appropriations Committees as of 4-6-17 to fund 2017-2018
        Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants -- not final and subject
        to change. 

        Florida Senate FY 2017-2018 Budget Bill ( SB 2500)
        DCA on pages 390-392

        Florida House FY 2017-2018 Budget Bill ( HB 5001)
        DCA on pages 371-372 

2.b.   Side-by-side of   what the Cultural and Museum Grants might be at
        four different appropriation recommendations as of 4-6-17. 

2.c.  2017 Legislative Project Requests (Excel file):

          In the Florida House:

          1,205 project bills that total $2,579,567,292 requested state funds.

          In the Florida Senate: 

          1,131 project bills that total $2,674,799,362 in requested state funds.

2.d.     2017 Legislative bills of interest  (Excel file)-- quickly review the status of
         a few key bills of interest to our industry.  Please email FCA at
         info@FLCA.net if any of these bills will directly or indirectly impact issues
         that matter to you 
OR if we have left off some bills that you believe
         should be added.


Number 3

Why It Is So Important For All Of Us To Pay Attention To These Issues And Follow Through On Action Alerts:

Like You, Policy Makers Are Busy and Overwhelmed:  Just from quickly reviewing the information under agenda item number 2 above

-- the FY 2017-2018 proposed state budgets,
-- all the legislative bills, and
-- the legislative projects  --

you can quickly understand that our state policy makers have many issues they must learn about and take action on in a short period of time.

They also respond to their constituents, especially if they hear from a number of them on issues that matter.  Building stronger understanding with them about the value that Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grant investments have on their constituents and their communities matter.  Your relationship and your board members' and community arts and culture advocates' relationships with them matter.

We have to pay attention and communicate with them on a regular basis:  Why should we expect our state and federal policy makers to pay attention to our asks and issues if we are not paying attention, learning a few facts to share with them, and taking the necessary advocacy steps that can make a difference to their understanding of and support for our issues.

Since our last call, we sincerely hope you and other advocates followed through  on these two action alerts -- thank you so much if you did:

NOW, we all must continue to advocate throughout this year's Florida Legislative Session to secure the highest possible state appropriations to fund the 2017-2018 recommended DCA grants.

Here are the Advocacy Steps We Suggest You and Others Take NOW -- please follow through this week:  

PLEASE send specific emails based upon which Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grant program/s impact your organization and/or county.   Here are three suggested emails that you can review, edit, and cut for your specific organization and/or county, and send to the following legislators and copy their legislative assistants -- make sure you're also specific in the subject box of each email:

Key Legislative Leadership who can decide on final DCA appropriation recommendations to fund 2017-2018 DCA grants -- there are 6 of them.

Your Florida Senator and Representative -- there are 2 of them -- ask them to speak to the 3 legislative leaders linked above in their respective
         chambers, either Senate or House leadership.

If needed, click on the image below to access these resources for your use:

2017 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture

Florida Department of State Grant Lists and Information 2017-2018 
Hands and Money

Economic Impact Studies
for Florida and Various Counties 

Creative Industries                        County-by-County                            Some 2017
Reports for Florida                         List of Recommended                      Florida Legislative
Counties                                       2017-2018 DCA Grants                    Resources


Time to pay attention

Please continue to pay attention and 
follow through on action alerts in a timely manner.  State funding and other issues that impact our industry are still in play.
     Issues move through the legislative process quickly, and all of us must pay attention throughout this process.  Please make sure that info@FLCA.net is an acceptable email address in your address books. When you receive an alert, please take the time to follow the steps in a timely manner -- it does make a difference.

     Thank you for all of your advocacy efforts.


Number 4

You and Other Florida Advocates Are Taking Action to Save and Fund the NEA -- thank you.

We must continue to communicate with Florida members of Congress regarding the importance of the NEA to Florida and to our country.

You did it, Florida arts and culture advocates went from 2,683 signatures to 9,487 at the close of signing the petition to save and invest in the NEA.

Are you curious to see how many final signatures were received from
individuals living in your county? Go   here.

3,543 Florida arts and culture advocates have sent emails, as of 4-7-2017, to their Florida members of Congress to save and invest in the NEA.  

Are you curious to see how many advocates, as of 4-7-2017, 
living in your county sent emails?   Go  here .

NEA funding for this Fiscal Year and in the future is still in jeopardy.

On March 24, 2017, the White House released a list of proposed budget reductions for
FY 2017 to Congress --  the Fiscal Year we are in now. It is a list of $18 billion in suggested cuts to make funds available to immediately increase national security spending. 

These proposed cuts include a $15 million reduction each in National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grants  funding and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for this FY 2017, as well as numerous reductions to domestic discretionary programs,  including the Departments of Education, Agriculture, and Justice; and the National Institutes of Health and others. 

Because of NEA grant-cycle schedules, any cuts to the NEA's remaining FY2017 grants budget has a negative impact on state arts  agencies (our own DCA) and those organizations that receive FY 2017 NEA grants. 

Please communicate now with Florida U.S. Senators and your member of the U.S. House.  Please ask them to keep the NEA at its current funding level at $148 million for the balance of FY 2017.  Cutting $15 million in the middle of NEA grants' cycles will have a negative impact on programs throughout the state.

Let's Increase Those Numbers of Florida Advocates Speaking Up for the NEA for this Fiscal Year and in the Future:

It's not too late to send your emails of support, and please get others to do the same. Thank you.

Some resources for you regarding Florida Members of Congress and Impact of NEA funding on Florida:

          1.  Which organizations in Florida have received NEA grants over the
               last three years -- 2014 through 2017?  Go here.
          2.  How did Florida DCA use its annual NEA State Partnership Block
               FY 2016 grant?  Go   here to see how its FY 2015-2016 grant was used.

          3.  Do a   search to see which organizations in your city have received
               NEA  grants for a specific year?

          4.  Speeches on U.S. House floor in support of NEA.

          5.  2017 NEA Guide

          6.  Use 
 Americans for the Arts Mobilization Center --   access here .

   How are Florida Members of Congress doing in their support of NEA:

          1.  List of all by Washington, DC, office buildings; links to their websites;
               if they are members of the Congressional Arts or Cultural Caucuses,
               and if they signed the "Dear Colleague" letter in the Senate or the
                House in support of the NEA. 

          2.  Members of Congress are back in their districts until April 25.  Now is
               a good time to reach out to them to thank them if they are members
               of the Congressional Arts Caucus or STEAM Caucus in the U.S.
               House and if they signed the "Dear Colleague" Letter of support for the
               NEA. Go here to check status and access their websites.

               If your U.S. Member of Congress is not a member of the U.S.
               Congressional Arts OR STEAM Caucus AND Florida's U.S. Senate
               members are not members of the Senate Cultural Caucus, please
               quickly send them an email to request they join:

                Form to join the U.S. House Congressional Arts Caucus
                Form to join the U.S. House STEAM Caucus
                Form to join the U.S. Senate Cultural Caucus 

           3.   Excel file of Florida members of Congress, along with their Twitter
                handles and names and emails of their arts staffers. 

Number 5

Many, many thanks to all of you who traveled to Tallahassee or Washington, D.C. to participate in either Florida's Arts & Culture Day or National Arts Advocacy Day last month.  Both events were great successes due to each of you who participated and to the wonderful and informative speakers who shared their expertise with all of us and for the wonderful and inspiring performances in Tallahassee or Washington, D.C.


Three-Page Document Shared in Washington,D.C.
with Florida's Members of Congress 


Number 6
Other Issues and Opportunities You Should Know About:

Changing Florida's Constitution:  It's important that you learn about and engage in the work going on right now with the Florida Constitution Revision Commission  and the Partnerships for Revising Florida's Constitution's helpful  website to learn more and to engage in this important and limited opportunity to make positive changes in Florida's constitution. 

Attend the Annual Florida Alliance for Arts Education Leadership Summit June 22 through 24 in Daytona Beach -- the only statewide annual arts education conference for all arts education and local arts and culture organization professionals.  Click on the image below to access details and registration:

Other Announcements You Want To Share That Impact Our Industry?


What are future dates for FCA Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Calls?

Please mark your calendars and plan to participate.

All Calls are on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST:

May 8
June 19 

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