June 19, 2017, Florida Cultural Alliance Statewide Conference Call Agenda and Materials
June 19, 2017, Statewide Conference Call Scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST

Agenda and Materials Below 


Who is participating on this morning's statewide advocacy call?

Go here for a list of call participants.


Agenda letters

Sunil Iyengar
Sunil Iyengar
Number 1
Guest Speaker Sunil Iyengar
is Director of Research and Analysis for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  He will review the latest U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Arts & Culture Satellite Account  data
as it relates to Florida's arts and culture industry.  

He will review how to best access and use the data linked below and highlight points useful to Florida arts and culture advocates:

After Washington, Florida is one of five states with the fastest growth in arts and cultural employment:  gr in arts and 

Arts and cultural economic activity nationwide grew an inflation-adjusted 1.9 percent in 2014, according to new statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That compares with a 2.4 percent increase in real value added from all arts and culture industries for 2013 (table 1). Arts and cultural economic activity accounted for 4.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), or $729.6 billion, in 2014 (table 2).

For the first time, the Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account includes state-level estimates of employment and compensation.


1.a.   Florida data (click on Florida to access)  from National Assembly of State Arts Agencies' Website

takes you to a graphic that you can use to select from a drop-down list of arts and cultural industries to learn how much value and growth they added to the U.S. GDP from the 2014 findings.

takes you to an interactive state map that illustrates the number of workers employed by arts and cultural industries;  it also shows the compensation (earnings and benefits) paid to these workers. To permit comparisons, 
the graphic relates arts and cultural employment as a share of the total workforce in each state.  This state-wide concentration of arts and cultural workers is indexed to a national rate (1.0).

1.f.   Infographic


Number 2
Guest Speakers Sandy Shaughnessy ,

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Director, and Curtis Young, arts consultant with the DCA,  will share the latest statewide arts economic impact numbers as reflected in the  Florida Arts & Economic Prosperity V Study  released by Americans for the Arts (AFTA) this week.  It's been ten years since
Florida's statewide arts economic impact study has been updated.  

Number 3

A Quick Look at the Final Analysis 
Culture Builds Florida Logo
of Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 2017-2018 Grants Organized
                 by Organizations and Counties

3.a.   List of All 2017-2018 DCA Qualified, Funded, Partially Funded, and  Not Funded Grant Amounts Organized by Applicants and Counties

3.b.  Quick Look at Final Analysis of 2017-2018 DCA Grants by Counties

3.c.  We'll launch our annual thank you campaign in a couple of weeks after we compile some talking points from this latest data for you and other arts and culture advocates to use in your thank you letters to legislators.  We want to use this statewide thank you campaign as an opportunity to not only thank our Florida legislators for their support of DCA grants, but share some of these key updated facts about our industry with them.   


Number 4

President Trump's Proposed  FY 2018 Federal  Budget  Recommends Eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and Other Federal Cultural Agencies

Have you shared your voice to
save the National Endowment for the Arts?

Your advocacy efforts saved the NEA from budget cuts for this fiscal year when the  bipartisan Omnibus Appropriations Bill that passed  increased
NEA by $2 million for FY 2017.

Key Federally Funded Arts & Culture Agencies/Programs
FY 2016 Enacted Appropriations
(in millions)
FY 2017 Omnibus Proposal
(in millions)
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
National Endowment for Humanities (NEH)
Assistance for Arts Education through U.S. Department of Education
New ESSA Well-Rounded Education grants
Corp for Public Broadcasting (forward funded)
Office of Museum Services
Smithsonian Institution
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
U.S. Commission of Fine Arts
Nat'l Capital Arts & Cultural Affairs Program
National Gallery of Art

Three other issues you can take action on now at Americans for the Arts' Action Center:

1.  Urge Florida Congressional Members to Cosponsor the CREATE Act.

2.  Urge Florida Members of Congress to support charitable giving as it
     begins tax reform policy discussions. 

3.   Communicate with local press on the value to support the arts.

Resources for you regarding Florida Members of Congress and Impact of NEA funding on Florida:

          1.  Which organizations in Florida have received NEA grants over the
               last three years -- 2014 through 2017?  Go here.
          2.  How did Florida DCA use its annual NEA State Partnership Block
               FY 2016 grant?  Go  here.

          3.  Do a   search to see which organizations in your city have received
               NEA  grants for a specific year?

          4.  Speeches on U.S. House floor in support of NEA.

          5.  2017 NEA Guide

          6.  Use 
 Americans for the Arts Mobilization Center --   access here .

How are Florida Members of Congress doing in their support of NEA:

          1.  List of all by Washington, DC, office buildings; links to their websites;
               if they are members of the Congressional Arts or Cultural Caucuses,
               and if they signed the "Dear Colleague" letter in the Senate or the
                House in support of the NEA. 

          2.  Members of Congress are back in their districts until April 25.  Now is
               a good time to reach out to them to thank them if they are members
               of the Congressional Arts Caucus or STEAM Caucus in the U.S.
               House and if they signed the "Dear Colleague" Letter of support for the
               NEA. Go here to check status and access their websites.

               If your U.S. Member of Congress is not a member of the U.S.
               Congressional Arts OR STEAM Caucus AND Florida's U.S. Senate
               members are not members of the Senate Cultural Caucus, please
               quickly send them an email to request they join:

                Form to join the U.S. House Congressional Arts Caucus
                Form to join the U.S. House STEAM Caucus
                Form to join the U.S. Senate Cultural Caucus 

           3.   Excel file of Florida members of Congress, along with their Twitter
                handles and names and emails of their arts staffers. 

Check out the 2016 Congressional Arts Report Card to see how Florida's members of Congress acted on key issues.

Number 5
Other Issues and Opportunities You Should Know About:

5.a.  Quick ESSA UPDATE:  

Florida Department of Education 
(FLDOE) will release its DRAFT of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Accountability Plan this summer for one more round of public input.  If you remember, we encouraged you
  last summer to take action
when the FLDOE first requested public input.

PLEASE pay attention to alerts this summer to take action on ESSA when you hear from us regarding this very important issue.  We all must advocate for inclusion of these arts education policies
in Florida's ESSA Accountability Plan.

Here is a document that outlines the sections of ESSA and where and how arts education can be incorporated into state plans, along with some examples of what other states have included.

Arts Education Partnership -- AEP ESSA Resources

5.b.  Changing Florida's Constitution: 

It's important you learn about and engage in the work going on right now with the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.   Go to Partnerships for Revising Florida's Constitution helpful  website to learn more and to engage in this important and limited opportunity to make positive changes in Florida's constitution. 

5.c.  Attend the Annual Florida Alliance for Arts Education Leadership Summit June 22 through 24 in Daytona Beach -- the only statewide annual arts education conference for all arts education and local arts and culture organization professionals.  Click on the image below to access details and registration:

5.d.  Other Announcements You Want To Share That Impact Our Industry?


Number 6
What are future dates for FCA Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Calls?

Please mark your calendars and plan to participate.

All calls are on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST:

July 17
August 21
September 18

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