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October 18, 2018
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ATIXA Releases Position Statement on  Cross-Examining the Urge to Transform College Conduct Proceedings Into Courtrooms  

Since the early 1960s, American courts have wisely and successfully resisted the urge to transform college and school conduct proceedings into mini criminal courtrooms. While mandating basic due process elements, courts have not considered formal due process protections such as cross-examination a necessity. Until now. 

Starting in 2017, some courts have become more interventionist with respect to cases involving campus conduct proceedings, especially sexual misconduct resolutions conducted pursuant to Title IX. Since then, the Sixth Circuit, state courts in California, and federal courts in Pennsylvania have continued to expand the due process required by public universities and have started to mandate some form of cross-examination as part of campus conduct proceedings. 

ATIXA issues this  position statement to encourage these courts to reassess their due process demands, and to similarly encourage other courts to avoid sliding down a slippery slope that will turn college hearings into quasi-criminal courts. Requiring direct, live cross-examination is antithetical to the administrative and educational nature of college disciplinary proceedings. It is also unnecessary and of unknown efficacy. While the Sixth Circuit has referenced the Wigmore quote that "cross-examination is beyond any doubt the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth," Wigmore made this pronouncement in reference to the 6th Amendment right to confrontation in criminal proceedings, not in the context of campus disciplinary proceedings. 
ATIXA Also Releases Position Statement on  Equitable Appeals Best Practices

In light of the Office for Civil Rights' 2017 interim guidance document and the leaked draft Title IX regulations, ATIXA issues this  position statement supporting equitable appeal rights for the parties to campus and school sexual misconduct resolutions and other allegations of discrimination. 

Despite indications that OCR will propose regulations that permit inequitable appeals, ATIXA believes that equitable appeals are both an industry standard and best practice that should be preserved by schools and colleges, irrespective of the floor set by OCR. 

This  position statement differentiates between equity of appeal opportunity and equity of appeal participation; ATIXA supports equity of both. Language proposed at this point suggests that OCR will permit recipients to deny equity of appeal opportunity, meaning that only the responding party will have the ability to appeal an adverse finding, and a reporting party will not. Whether a reporting party will have the equitable right to participate in that appeal once an appeal is requested by the responding party is unclear from current OCR publications. 
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Register today for  ATIXA's 2019 Title IX Training & Certification Courses  in Or lando, Florida, January 21st through January 25th at the  Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista - Disney Springs. Visit our website  for full event details!

Training Course Schedule
Monday, January 21st, 2019
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  • Civil Rights Investigator Training & Certification Level One Course 
Thursday, January 24th & Friday, January 25th, 2019
  • Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Training & Certification Level Three Course - Compliance
  • Civil Rights Investigator Training & Certification Level Two Course
  • Civil Rights Investigator Training & Certification Level Four Course - Due Process
Tip of the Week

Recognizing Sexual Violence as a Problem is a Pivotal First Step in Enacting Meaningful Change
By Chloe Grace Hart, Graduate Student, Stanford University

This week's Tip summarizes the theory behind and the findings of an ATIXA research award sponsored project conducted by Chloe Grace Hart of Stanford University.

Click here to read more. 
Summary of   Just Released  ATIXA Member Survey Results

The results of the 2018 Member Survey are now complete. We thank the 500 plus members of AT IXA that participated. Please find a four-page  synopsis for you to use and share. We think it will be very helpful on a number of fronts, including budgeting proposals ,  Title IX   team reporting structure ,  and department location on campus.
Last   week, ATIXA's Vice President, Daniel Swinton, and Executive Director, Ryan McDavis, presented a concurrent session at the Annual Conference to discuss the full results and their implications. The synopsis is intended as a public document, but the full results will remain a member-only benefit.
We intend the survey to be a recurring member benefit and look forward to your input on future survey questions you would like to see asked. 
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Member Library New Resources

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Introducing a New Final-Eyes Promotion!
The NCHERM Group announces new incentives toward subscribing to  Final-Eyes Off-Site Investigation Services ! You've been trained to investigate civil rights violations. You have experience investigating sexual misconduct complaints. You've been through every detail, twice. Yet, some cases still leave you feeling uneasy. Have you asked every question? Is there anything you're missing? 

This flat-fee, off-site support and review service is offered at two levels and priced based on your investigation report volume. Final-Eyes is the reassurance you need when there is zero margin for error on campus sexual misconduct cases. Have the confidence that one of the nation's foremost experts on Title IX has laid final eyes on your findings, sanctions, and/or remedies and thinks you are on the right track.

Final-Eyes Includes:
  • Initial investigation report review (Standard Level)
  • Phone/email consultation with the Coordinator/Investigators to roadmap an investigation from inception (Plus Level)
  • Consultation with the Coordinator on gatekeeping decisions (Plus Level)
  • Light support for Investigators during the investigation as needed (Plus Level)
  • Second-round review of revised reports (Plus Level)
Purchase Final-Eyes service by December 31st and receive the following promotional items:
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PreK-12 Title IX Administrator Training & Certification Course
Should your campus/school/organization look to host an on-campus Training Event, ATIXA is currently collecting  Requests for Proposals  for campus host sites for the 2019 calendar year. 

For more information on our CCC Program , see our FAQs  or consult with our CCC Team .
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