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January 31, 2019
ATIXA Releases Comments on the U.S. Department of Education's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX

ATIXA's  Comments on the U.S. Department of Education's (ED) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX (Title IX NPRM) are now available here . ATIXA's Board of Advisors and 3,000 members collaborated with ATIXA's Leadership to produce this document. ATIXA encourages its members and fellow Title IX practitioners to review and use these comments as a template for individual additional comments. For more information on submitting comments, please visit   here
ATIXA has long advocated for fair, impartial, and transparent procedures for resolving allegations of sex-based discrimination in educational programs and activities. ATIXA has already developed and promulgated model policies and procedures that encompass many of the proposed regulations' provisions as best practices in the field, including providing timely notice of charges, an equitable opportunity to review and rebut relevant evidence, equity of participation in the investigation process, opportunity to review and comment on a detailed and comprehensive investigation report, notice of outcomes and rationales, and equitable opportunities to appeal. ATIXA appreciates ED's efforts designed to increase and ensure transparency within Title IX grievance procedures through the proposed regulations, but also raises significant questions about the authority, legality, and effectiveness of much of what is proposed.
Once implemented, ED's proposed regulations will mark a new era in Title IX implementation and enforcement as they carry the full force of the law and go well beyond previously published sub-regulatory guidance. The proposed rules seek to change fundamental paradigms of Title IX compliance that have guided most recipients since 2011, and many since 2001. Regulating Title IX in such an extensive and detailed manner presents significant potential challenges as funding recipients are subject not only to OCR's mandates, but also to Title IX and due process case law that is currently evolving at an unprecedented pace.
ATIXA respectfully submits comments, questions, and recommendations based on the Title IX NPRM. We have included proposals for rule modifications to align the regulations with established industry practices and relevant court decisions. Our comments are organized as follows: a) thematic categories (e.g. terminology, institutional response, investigative procedures) (pp. 2-10); b) direct responses to the proposed regulation sections (pp. 11-40); and c) comments on existing regulation sections (pp. 41-42). 
ATIXA appreciates ED's commitment to respond to each of ATIXA's comments, as well as those submitted by the thousands of other concerned stakeholders who have taken the time to submit comments.
Tip of the Week

Credibility Assessment
By Brett A. Sokolow, J.D., President, ATIXA

For those institutions who do not have a single investigator model, at what point do you conduct a credibility assessment? Does your investigator do it? Does your hearing officer/panel do it? Both? Is there a best practice in this regard?

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Resource Spotlight

We are pleased to provide the following resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Violence Prevention in Practice is focused on taking action to select and implement the strategies that represent the best available evidence to help prevent or reduce violence.
This implementation guide is designed to support state and local health agencies and others who have a role in planning, implementing and evaluating violence prevention efforts. The guide focuses on planning, partnerships, policy efforts, strategies and approaches, adaptation, implementation, and evaluation.
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