The goal of the Surgeon General is to reduce the incidence of depression by 10% by 2018.

Upcoming Events

MetroWest, December 3
Ask your school principal to attend this workshop to address key indicators of mental health. The three hour session this Thursday morning is hosted by the Metrowest Health Foundation and EDC; it is titled,  Adolescent Mental Health: Learning from Data and Each Other.

The MetroWest Health Foundation workshop this week delivers new information and resources for elementary, middle and high school principals to use  in the current school year with:
  • families
  • students
  • faculty
TABLE - The  MetroWest middle schools trend in Key Indicators of Mental Health is shown for the past eight years. The Surgeon General has called for a 10% reduction in the incidence of depression by 2018. 
News & Updates
Curricula promoted by AWI have been exercised by over 35,000 youth.

Roughly half of this number have used the grade 8-12 resource Break Free From Depression from Boston Children's Hospital. Another 17,000 have exercised the grade 4-8 virtual Wellness Center activities (designed by William James College) within

AWI delivers curricula and related training to peer mentors who co-facilitate the content with schools and youth groups.  It also distributes textbooks for educators and assists with community-based projects around emotional wellness.  For example, the Rotary sponsored Rotaract club at the University of Richmond completed training in November and will co-facilitate Break Free From Depression with schools around Richmond.
Service Spotlight

Rotary-sponsored Interact teen leaders routinely co-facilitate small group discussions.  In the photo, they are working with middle school ages. The small groups make it easier to engage each participant and to  normalize  the conversation around self-awareness and how to help oneself or a friend. They also introduce activities to build problem solving and coping skills.  The impact of their work is measured as changes in pre- and post-curriculum surveys of student Knowledge, Attitude, and Confidence in help-seeking. 

For more information, contact a local Rotary club and ask about replicating the Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project launched by Interact members in district 7910

 McLean Hospital research is offering  free treatment

A new study underway by McLean Hospital provides free treatment for depressed teens age 13-18; click here for the overview and contact information for Christian Webb, PhD. Compensation is provided for participants in this and other studies, including a study of healthy teens, age 12 and older.  Click here for overview of study with healthy teens.

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