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Resources piloted by AWI have been exercised by 38,000!
AWI was founded, in part, to help reduce the ten year delay that is typical before schools begin to teach new medical information. What was achieved?

In its first nine years, AWI piloted curricula used by 38,000 youth. The activities exercised significantly improved Knowledge, Help-seeking and Attitude. Other resources introduced through AWI reduced the stigma through teen mentors providing art exhibits, video clips, blog articles, and workshops. Many AWI mentors have continued their leadership in college and beyond.

Thank you for making it possible, and Happy New Year!
Dr DeMaso visits teen mentors in Community Q&A kiosk
Teen mentors with Dr. David DeMaso,  Psychiatrist in Chief at Boston Children's Hospital and featured speaker for last year's celebration.
Action Items
Description of AWI pilot projects

Our first pilot project in 2006 was to deliver Train-the-Trainer workshops to help educators become comfortable implementing depression awareness curricula. Cooperating organizations, especially Boston Children's Hospital, have seen their Break Free From Depression curriculum completed by over 18,000 students in 120 schools.

AWI also piloted a resource for children to access on their own. In 2012, AWI spent $15,000 to determine whether a child playing in a virtual game environment would notice whether an avatar appeared distressed and, if so, whether he or she would care to improve the avatar's mood. After the positive results from our pilot, others contributed to expand the activities. It is now a virtual wellness center within, the web based learning tool. To date, over 20,000 individuals have successfully completed games 61,000 times to help the distressed avatar and to better understand problem solving and coping skills, grief, social anxiety, bullying, depression, and eating disorders. The youth also viewed related tip sheets 90,000 times.

Most recently, your support helped AWI go international. Last year we spent $14,000 in a pilot project with the Rotary Club of Wellesley. In response, the Rotary Foundation added $35,000 to expand our collaboration into a Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention (PLDP) project; it is innovative in that teens co-facilitate the curriculum. Project outcomes from the freshmen grade show over 70% improvement in Knowledge, Help-seeking and Attitudes. The project is designed for replication by other Rotary clubs and it is now being used by 3 schools in Puerto Rico.
Service Spotlight

Rotary-sponsored Interact teen leaders routinely co-facilitate curricula to  normalize  the conversation around self-awareness and how to help oneself or a friend. They also introduce activities to build problem solving and coping skills.  The impact of their work is measured as changes in pre- and post-curriculum surveys of student Knowledge, Attitude, and Confidence in help-seeking. 

For more information, contact a local Rotary club and ask about replicating the Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project launched by Interact members in district 7910
Mass General is offering  free treatment?

A new study underway by Mass General Hospital provides free treatment for ages 14 and under. Click here for the overview and contact information for Dikla Eshtainian, PhD. Compensation of parking, etc. is also provided for participants.
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AWI Volunteers

The people who make it happen!
  • Bob Anthony - President
  • Anthony Schweizer - Board Chairman
  • Chip Douglas - Director
  • Calvin Place - Director
  • Lisa Siegel - Director
  • Penny wells - Director
  • Frank Hays - Marketing
  • Cindy Hurley - Wellesley HS counselor
  • Teddy Sevilla - Youth Advisory
  • Noah Stein - Youth Advisory
  • Matthew Tom - Youth Advisory
  • Roberta Boylen - Spring Awakening
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