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In Brookline Sunday afternoon - Interact peer leaders!
Several Brookline community organizations - Urban Improv, Brookline Teen Center, Rotary, congregations  - are partnering to deliver Sunday's Wellness Workshop for teens in grade 7 and older at 2pm.  Click here for workshop details.

Our Interact peer leaders will co-facilitate the event using some of the content from our 'PLDP in a Box' that started shipping this month. The box delivers the materials to launch a Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention  (PLDP) project in any community in collaboration with an area Rotary club. Although Brookline is a short distance from our Wellesley address, other shipments this month went to distant Hubli East in Karnataka, India!

'PLDP in a Box' delivers the materials to launch a Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project in any community.

McLean Hospital is offering free treatment?

The teen study is sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and offers 12 weeks of free therapy for depression at McLean Hospital (1 hour session per week). Email Jessica Leigh Bachetti for details (  The therapy offered is Behavioral Activation (BA) for depression.   Click here for BA description
Description of AWI projects in collaboration with Rotary

Our collaboration with Rotary started in Wellesley, Massachusetts 
Rotary sponsors community Interact clubs for ages 12 - 18.  When the Interact club for Wellesley was launched, it adopted the Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention (PLDP) project. For the first time, the entire freshman grade at Wellesley high school - over 300 students - completed the full curriculum. More than a dozen Interact peer leaders co-facilitated so that small group discussions were possible, allowing each freshman to address healthy stress management and symptoms of depression, including suicidal ideation. Pre-and post-curriculum surveys confirmed very positive outcomes so the program should continue each year.

To fund PLDP, Rotary sells tickets to a family comedy show scheduled for Saturday, March 12. Click here for information on Chicago City Limits show

Interact clubs in Puerto Rico Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention
Over 50 schools use the Boston Children's Hospital Break Free From Depression  curriculum selected by the Interact clubs. The first three schools in Puerto Rico elected to use the peer leader co-facilitation model introduced by the Rotary Clubs of San Juan, El Vigia and Dorado. The outcomes are included in a 'PLDP in a Box' in its project Procedure Manual.

The Rotary club of Brookline is co-sponsoring a teen wellness workshop 
Several community organizations partnered - congregations, Urban Improv, the Brookline Teen Center  - to deliver a Sunday afternoon workshop for youth in g rades 7 and older. Click here for workshop details.  Interact peer leaders from the Wellesley club will co-facilitate the  Brookline workshop and attendees will be invited to launch their  own Inte ract club in  Brookline. 

The program can be replicated anywhere. For more information, contact a local Rotary club and ask about replicating the Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project launched by Interact members in district 7910
Thoughts drive emotions, relationships and behavior
Click image for 2/28 Brookline teen wellness workshop
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