Normalizing the conversation on mental health and wellness with the Boys and Girls Clubs
Call to Action
AWI facilitates prevention of anxiety and depression in collaboration with several organizations. In the past, I detailed resources and providers but going forward I will also highlight some of the organizations helping families and communities implement the depression awareness and prevention exercises so that you might volunteer time  or send them a check.

Most recently, I drove peer leaders from Wellesley to help plan peer leadership programs sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs.  Their Teen Directors, Jeremy Schwartz in Newton and Jules LeBlanc in Watham,  are committed to mental health and wellness promotion with their Torch club (for middle school ages) and Keystone club (for high school ages). 

Jules at the Waltham club invited us to brainstorm with Torch and Keystone members on their projects for this Fall. The group identified violence prevention as their immediate goal.  They will promote:
  • building safe and respectful relationships
  • identifying people to trust
  • telling others about potential or actual violence
  • developing coping skills including asking for help
  • taking personal responsibility for the teen community

The teens also hope to organize a theme festival in Waltham; I very  much look forward to seeing this develop! 

You can follow the WAY?  

The WAY (Wellness Alliance for Youth) is a multi-state collaboration led in Massachusetts by Todd Anderson of the Josh Anderson Foundation to prevent depression and suicide. Many organizations, including Adolescent Wellness, are participating but missing are individual school and community leaders - all PTO and school leaders will be generously welcomed!
Why introduce your son or daughter to the virtual Wellness Center?

One case of depression is prevented for every twenty-two youth practicing better problem solving and coping skills. The exercises are fun and they also develop  better people skills. 

The exercises are best started at age 10 because symptoms of anxiety and depression most often develop in middle school.  You may view the Whyville activity set and related information through this link The latter half of the document contains comments from youth who exercised the creative problem solving activity - they are compelling.
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Your  gifts to AWI are greatly appreciated.  AWI leverages every dollar effectively, providing curricula and facilitation training to teen leaders.  The web link goes to credit card processing; checks may be made  payable to Adolescent Wellness, Inc. and mailed to 103 Old Colony Road, Wellesley, MA 02481.

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AWI Volunteers

The people who make it happen!
  • Bob Anthony - President
  • Chip Douglas - Director
  • Calvin Place - Director
  • Lisa Siegel - Director
  • Penny wells - Director
  • Frank Hays - Marketing
  • Cindy Hurley - Wellesley HS counselor
  • Teddy Sevilla - Youth Advisory
  • Noah Stein - Youth Advisory
  • Matthew Tom - Youth Advisory
  • Roberta Boylen - Spring Awakening
  • Nancy Place - Spring Awakening 
  • Nelda Siemion - Development 

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