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Brookline launches mental health and wellness promotion
Brookline, MA community leaders, Urban Improv, and teen leaders welcomed youth and parents to a wellness workshop on February 28. It provided the launch of the Rotary sponsored Interact club in Brookline to perform community service focused on mental health and wellness promotion.  
Merle Perkins & Nicole Frontero

Urban Improv included the audience in skits on problem solving and coping with life's worries, including awareness of suicidal ideation in oneself or a friend. Peer leaders showed an excerpt from the documentary Break Free From Depression and facilitated small group discussions.  After the workshop, age 12 - 18 participants were invited to sign-up for training as Interact peer leaders.
Wellesley Interact teens help launch Brookline Interact
The February event was hosted by United Parish with volunteers from other congregations, health care providers, the Rotary Club of Brookline, the high school, the Teen Center, and Adolescent Wellness. 

Brookline Bank is a Gold Sponsor of  Rotary projects.  During a March event 
hosted by the Rotary Club of Wellesley, Brookline Bank's manager of the Lower Falls branch, Sasha Liang, heard Noah Stein and Nicole Frontero  explain the impact of that sponsorship,  improving teen knowledge, attitude and behavior around depressio n and suicidal ideation.  In turn, Rotary sponsors Interact clubs  in any community. For example, ask a  local Rotary club   to order the 'Wellness in a Box' resource from the Wellesley club (District 7910)
There is a fun online site for kids in grades 4 and above to learn coping and wellness skills? 

Check out and its the virtual Wellness Center (or  click here to view screens from an example activities log).
Call to action:

At Home, in School, and in the Community 
There is much we can all do to promote mental health and wellness.  Your involvement and actions can have a big impact.  Visit our Q & A kiosks the evening of March 22 to learn what action you can take to promote positive change and wellness.

Nadja Reilly, PhD, is a psychologist specializing in children and families. Dr. Reilly graduated from the University of Miami, Florida, and completed post-graduate training at Children's Hospital Boston, where she worked for 12 years. Dr. Reilly is a Lecturer of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Currently, she is the Associate Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College. Dr. Reilly is also the editor and main author of Preventing Depression: A Toolkit for Schools, and Break Free from Depression curricula, and executive producer of Break Free From Depression documentary. She has presented in numerous local and national conferences, and continues to promote awareness of child and family mental health needs through her teaching, research, and practice.
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